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    This world has many wonders in it. Space, time, and the most wonderful beings on this planet: Pokémon. Since the beginning of time, Pokémon and man have lived side-by-side. Working together to create a world where humans and Pokémon live together without conflict and tragedy. However, due to the humans lust for power. They began fighting amongst themselves and in the end used their own Pokémon to fight their wars for them. To control these creatures, the humans created a brain washing machine called “Pokeballs.” Many humans and Pokémon lost their lives in the many wars and because of this. Humans almost brought the Pokémon population to the very break of extinction. In the end, before the whole Pokémon race was wiped out, the human race created a treaty to protect the Pokémon so none of this would ever happen again.

    This, in turn helped the Pokémon population flourish after almost being wiped out. The humans however still couldn’t come to terms with one another. They feared that if the fighting between the humans doesn’t stop, they would resort back to using Pokémon to fight their battles. To keep from that future, the humans devised a plan to keep the warring powers from resorting back to Pokémon. This resulted in what is called Pokémon battles, where officials monitored each battle which was between two warriors who commanded their Pokémon to fight one another. Once one Pokémon had fainted or deemed unable to battle, the battle was over. These warriors where then called Pokémon trainers and the battles soon became known as Pokémon battles.

    These Pokémon battles soon became more of a spectator sport and because of this many companies started to sponsor Pokémon trainers and because of this, the Pokémon battles soon became a national sport where every two years a massive battle in sued where Pokémon trainers from across the land battled one another to enter the grand tournament known as “Pokémon Royal.” Where the winner was crowned the greatest title in the world: “Pokémon Master,” for years the Pokémon Royal has gone on without a hitch. Until now, when two secret organizations have risen to bright their grand plan into actions. “The Pokémon Rights Activist,” are an organization that believe that Pokémon are free creatures like humans and that the Pokémon Royal is nothing more than humans making Pokémon fight one another for their own amusement like gladiators did for the romans. Their grand plan is to infiltrate the Pokémon Royal and release all Pokémon from their trainers and destroy all Pokeballs so no more Pokémon can be brain washed by the humans.

    “The Pokémon Research Society,” are the exact opposite, they feel that Pokémon are nothing more than incomplete weapons and are devoted to capture all Pokémon to genetically test them to create what they call, “The Perfect Weapon.” So fare all attempts to create it have failed, but with the next Pokémon Royal right around the corner, they can take as many specimens as they please to finally reach their goal of a perfect Pokémon weapon for war.
    Character sheet:
    Pokémon and their attacks: (Limit is Six Pokémon and for each the limit is four attacks. You can only have two fully evolved Pokémon(Must have three stages of evolution). Also, you may have one legendary, but if you chose one. It can’t be in a pokeball. You are allowed to call it and it will come to you. But do not abuse this!)
    Pokémon card: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/trainercard/
    My Character:
    Name: Seth Rush
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Pokémon and their attacks:

    Dragon Rage
    Iron Tail
    Flare Blitz

    Pin Missile
    Poison Jab
    Double Team

    Metal Claw
    Stone Edge
    Fury Swipes

    Iron Tail

    Double Team
    Metal Claw
    Hyper Beam

    Shadow Ball

    Hyper Beam
    Dragon Claw
    Ancient Power

    Bio: Seth was always a fan of the Pokémon Royal since he was a kid. When he first set out on his journey he wanted to win the tournament but when his mother fell ill he had to quit his journey to take care of her. She felt horrible that she was keeping him from his dream but he reassured her that he would rather be with her then at some tournament. It was his mother and him all his life. His father died in a car crash when he was young so he had to make sure he stuck up for his mother. Before she was taken to the other side she told Seth that she wanted to see him win the Pokémon Royal. She told him she would watch from heaven with his father. When she took her last breath Seth promised her that he would do everything in his power to win. No matter what the case. He then went back on his journey to find the strongest Pokémon on the planet and soon ran into a very temperamental Rayquaza who destroyed all his Pokémon. The Rayquaza suddenly had a change of heart before striking the final blow to Seth and from then on he could call upon it to fight with him. He knew he could use Rayquaza for the Pokémon Royal but he would only use him as a last resort.
    Pokémon card:
  2. RXS Designing Queen

    Name: Willow Rosenberg
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Pokémon and their attacks:

    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball

    Giga Drain
    Sludge Bomb
    Leaf Storm
    Sleep Powder

    Ice Beam

    Aerial Ace
    Ancient Power

    Night Daze
    Dark Pulse

    Legendary: Giratina
    Aura Sphere
    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball
    Dragon Pulse

    Bio: Willow grew up in the Unova Region in Opelucid City, an old rustic city that although it had old customs, housed the regions strongest trainers. Here, she trained with the Gym Leader, Iris, who showed her the true power of Dragon Pokemon, as well as their natural beauty. In an exhibition match one day, Iris called upon an ancient power from her city and brought forth an entity from a region far, far away. Giratina appeared before the two women in a dimension ripple and chastised Iris for playing with forces she knew nothing about. Willow had studied old wiccan and pagan lore from the town's elders and knew how to qualm the giant Pokemon, showing great wiccan promise that day. Giratina bowed to Willow and promised to help her in the Pokemon Royal, an event that Willow had been training for her whole life.

    Ever since that day, Willow vowed never to use another Dragon Pokemon besides Giratina, and instead traveled to Hoenn, where she had heard strong Psychic and Dark pokemon lived, and then to Sinnoh, where she intended to learn more about Giratina. With her innate wiccan prowess and her psychic pokemon by her side, not to mention the promise of Giratina's aid, she sets out to win the Pokemon Royal.

    Pokémon Card:


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    Awesome, when do we start
  5. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    when we get either one or two more people. hopefully after that more will want to join.
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    This looks super cool and I really want to join, but I don't trust myself with activity in mostly any RPG. IDK GUYS IDK IT'S SO TEMPTING.
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    if RXS and anyone else is up for it I usually don't press on unless everyone has posted. so if RXS and anyone else who joins is ok with it. I'll work with you so you're not lost in the RPG
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    Wait so do you mean you can only have two pokemon in the 3rd stage of evolution I am slightly confused :C
  10. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    It just means out of the six (Not including your Legendary, if you chose to have one) you're only allowed two fully evolved Pokémon. You can choose to have no fully evolved Pokémon or you can have Pokémon that don't evolve. I hope that clears things up.

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