Phoenix Genesis: Revalation

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    Phoenix Genesis: Revelation

    Phoenix Genesis: Table of contents.
    Main Characters:
    Dius: Guardian of Wind, Twin Short Swords
    Julia: Former Chaos General, Dual Pistols
    Luna: Envoy of Omni the Creator., Multy Weapon
    Kayam: Guardian in training. Twin Swords
    Kairi: Guardian of Light, Dual Shape Shifting Pistols
    Arthur: Guardian in training. Gauntlets
    Silex: Guardian of Earth, Gauntlets
    Desino: God of the Dark Anima, Blade of End
    Irene: Envoy to Desino, Chakra Disk
    Lyssa: Envoy to Desino, Pole Arm
    Oria: Priestess of the Dark Realm
    Gemma: Guardian of the Infinity Keys
    Jess: Deity of the Cross Roads: Daggers
    Chaos: Oblivion incarnate, Sword
    Thanatos: Chaos General, Scythe
    Erida: Chaos General, Trident
    Ares: Chaos General, Sword
    Ashur: Envoy of Chaos, Sword
    Avarice: Chaos General, Hammer

    Sub Characters:
    Apollo: King of Solisian
    Diana: Queen of Solisian
    Mitsuki: Guardian in training.
    Samantha: Guardian in training.
    Abbi: Guardian in training.
    Izzy: Guardian in training.
    Boreas: Guardian of Lightning
    Bianca: Guardian of Ice and Water
    Kasai: Guardian of Fire.

    Key Planets:
    Planet Solisian
    Planet Igneus
    Planet Unda
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    Chapter One: Cross Roads

    Long ago the universe was created by a single powerful entity know to many as "The Light.". Out of the many races that came from its birth two were considered the most powerful, the Lunarians and Solisians who battled for supremacy. Out of the great war came a new enemy that would threaten the universe itself. He would come to be known as Chaos and on that faithful day the two kings would work together to seal him away along with there creator Omni also known as "The Light." After that day peace reigned until the second great war. During the battles two of Solisians great generals vanished never to be seen and a baby was found in a hidden room under Solisian Castle. The young man was given the name Solaris and he would one day become king. But fate had other plans as his life took a turn for the worse as several fights and battles eventually led to his death and the resurrection of Chaos. In that final battle Solaris saved his friends and family as well as a revived member of the family who had become a Chaos General. They all knew what they had to do and that was defeat Chaos before he could destroy everything in creation. Dius was the most effected by the events as she had finally realized her true feelings for Solaris who she found out wasn't her real brother. Determined to find a way to bring him back she begged Luna to train her and to help her. She was not alone as everyone wanted to do the same. Thus a new journey had started, one where the existence of everything was on the line. Would they find victory within the dimension of shadows or would they fail.
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    " Dia when i become king you wanna be my queen." Solaris said sticking his tongue out at her. Dius smiled giggling to herself as they laid down in the garden within the castle." That would be awesome but you know you cant marry family silly but i will be your greatest general ever." Dius said getting up. The two laughed and played until they heard an explosion near the entrance of the castle. Worried about there parents both of them ran to the front entrance but Solaris was faster and was soon out of sight before Dius got to the front. When she arrived she was horrified to see that all her siblings ,who were in there adult form, were laying across the ground beaten and bloody with Solaris at the entrance of the door. Dius watched as he turned to face her and transform into his older self. Lightning crashed against the castle roof shattering it as the wind picked up and scattered the rubble all over. Dius looked into the sky and saw that black clouds had now covered the skies and screams could be heard in the distance as fire blanketed there home." Solaris what do we do i cant find mama or papa anywhere. I'm scared what do i do." Dius said crying and sitting on the floor." Have hope." Solaris said smiling at her as a sword fell from the sky and impaled Solaris through the chest. Dius screamed as Chaos floated down hovering above Solaris and laughed as several other blades appeared and stabbed the young prince. Crying out Dius watched as darkness consumed everything and Solaris vanished from her site.

    Dius then woke up in a cold sweat her night gown soaked in her tears as she sat up in her bed. It had been over three months since the battle with Chaos ended and no one was sure what there next move was but train for the possible fights to come. She got up and fixed herself up before heading down to the main hall where her parents were speaking. She had not spoken much to them as she blamed them both for not being there in time to save Solaris. Apollo and Diana knew this and hoped that she would forgive them one day. Dius walked down several halls before reaching the castle gardens. She laid down letting her long sky blue hair spread out under her as she watched the sky above. As she laid there Kairi walked and sat down beside her as well as Luna." It's not there fault you know. Mom and dad tried everything they could to keep him safe." Kairi said moving part of her blond hair from her face. " That's right as powerful as they were, there was no stopping what happened. Omni knew this but hoped he could stop it." Luna said. Kairi and Dius both looked at each other then Luna who for the first time spoke about the one sealed away inside Solaris.
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    " Who is this Omni anyway. Luna you haven't told us much about your origins either." Kairi said looking at Luna. Dius however already knew some of the story behind her and sat down quietly remembering the day she and Solaris journeyed into the past."Omni was the creator of everything in the universe and my brother although he created me. He created every living creature and planets as well as personally creating those who would become the guardians of the universe. At least in this dimension anyway. We had special permission from Astra to make up the two races that would protect everything." Luna explained. She continued to tell them about the first great war and how she and Omni fought to seal away the gate and Chaos away. Neither she or Omni know how they ended up in Solaris but she had vowed to stay by his side. Kairi and Dius watched as Luna began to tear up putting her face in her knees. Dius knew all to well what she was going through, they both lost someone they truly cared about." Wait you said the gate but planet Eos was just a normal planet even the people there didn't have much power if i remember from the history books. Then again the books never mentioned Omni or you fighting." Kairi said confused. Luna nodded and told them that she modified the survivors memory before they got back that's why there was peace for so long." What is the gate anyway?" Dius asked." The gate leads to the cross roads, a sort of bridge between dimensions its the only way to get to the Realm of Darkness, the Realm of Light, the Realm of Twilight and the Realm of Nothingness." Luna said. She told them the dimension they were in now was the Twilight Realm and that planet Eos was the gate to the cross roads as well as to a special place. After there conversations Dius asked Luna if there was a way to talk to Astra and she said there was but it would take sometime. Agreeing to wait they all left to the communications room where several of the guardians were waiting as well as the trainees.
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    " It looks like everyone is here already. So does anyone know what were doing next." Borea said sitting in one of the chairs. Everyone except the king and queen were there. Dius walked and sat at her seat and sighed." According to Luna there are two other dimensions that are in danger. They each contain a very powerful crystal that sustains the dimension itself and were pretty sure Chaos is aiming to either destroy or absorb them." Kairi said. Luna then stepped up and told everyone about Omni and the Dimension Crystals as well as the three gods that created Omni who was inside Solaris."Then why didn't they come save him when that monster was on the verge of being revived. I don't get it at all they could of prevented this couldn't they and where is this Astra person if she rules this dimension why the hell did she just watch!" Bianca said slamming her fist into the table trembling and freezing a section of it. Kasai walked over to her and gave her a hug as she began to sob. Everyone now felt the same as she did after hearing this information. Why didn't Astra come down to help in there time of need, wasn't Omni in many ways her son so why let him die. They all had questions but it would get them no where without talking to her directly and Luna assured them that they would but she needed a few days to prepare. Seeing no other option they all went there separate ways into the castle. Luna and Dius headed to Solaris room and sat down together on the bed. Luna's silver hair spread out under her as she laid down her grey eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. Dius looked down at the necklace she made from the residual energy of Solaris and her own. She used a part of her teal hair and wind energy to create a crystal that housed the small amount of light from her brother. She began to tear up and held it close to her chest as Luna sat up to comfort her." Don't worry Dia my brother is still alive and if we rescue him we may be able to bring your brother back." Luna said smiling toward her. Dius wiped her face and nodded hoping that what she said would one day come true.
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    In one of the main halls Kairi and Kasai were looking out into the city." Its going to be tough to wait and I'm sure she's taking it the hardest. Do you think we stand a chance if we go after that monster." Kasai said as he brushed away his short red hair from his face revealing the crimson in his eyes. Kairi sighed feeling a breeze go through her long blond hair." Who knows but we can't give up not after Sol risked everything to help us escape." Kairi said the sunlight making the gold in her eyes sparkle. Neither one of them spoke for sometime as they walked down the castle hall. They passed by Solaris room to see Dius crying with Luna holding her close. Gritting his teeth Kasai hurried off to the training hall with Kairi following behind him. Before Kasai and Kairi got there Borea and Bianca were already inside taking a break from there training."I'm so angry i don't know what to do with myself. I don't know whether to hate that woman known as Astra or myself for being so weak. Why couldn't we save him sis i thought we trained for something like that." Bianca said wiping her faces and untying her light blue hair and letting it fall down her back. Her blue eyes looked at the ground as she thought about the events of that day and Borea could tell what she was thinking." We trained to protect the universe from threats we knew about. As long as we have lived and all the knowledge we have nothing could of prepared us for something like Chaos who even the creator of everything could not kill." Borea said putting a towel over her short pink hair. As she thought about it her white eyes changed color with how she felt about the situation. Seeing nothing else to do ,as they had finished training, they both decided it was time for food something they both enjoyed after a good workout.

    As Bianca and Borea walked out and the training room warped and reset itself, Kairi and Kasai arrived to greet and chat for a short before heading into the room to train. Within the healing room of the castle, Silex and Julia were talking. Since she came back to them Silex had been asking her many questions about the war and about how she felt now that she was no longer being controlled by Chaos." Its not easy returning home after so long. I feel horrible that out of five generals from the great war I'm the only one to return. In a way i guess i was saved by that monster. But this time I'm going to do everything i can to destroy him for turning Shinrai against us and making me his puppet." Julia said her orange and yellow hair flaring up as flames began to appear on the surface of the water. Her red eyes glowed with the anger she had for Chaos." I know how you feel aunty J. I had to fight him when he was still a normal guardian and tried to convince him to come back but he had fully betrayed us and we had no choice the first time and the second." Silex said resting against a rock in the room his dark green hair covering his brown eyes. Everyone was thinking the same thing at this point and time. They wanted revenge, they wanted to protect everything Solaris held dear and they wanted to save those who would become victims of the monster known as Chaos.
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    The next day as Luna was walking through the castle she met up with Dius and Bianca when her chest suddenly tightened and she collapsed to the ground. Dius and Bianca hurried to her and asked what was wrong but all she could hear was her name being called."" Said the voice from within her head but the pain was almost unbearable and she fainted. When she awoke everyone had gathered around her to ask what was wrong." C..Chrona i mean Jess is in trouble we have to go now." Luna said getting up quickly only to be held back down." Who is Jess and what do you mean shes in trouble." Borea said. Luna explained and told her after she was born and the four dimensions were established that Omni created another person to guard the cross roads leading to each dimension. Chrona was just as powerful as Luna and could harness all the power from the infinity crystals within the dimensions."Wait what are infinity crystals and i thought you called her Jess." Sam said." Jess is the name she picked out after she found out from me where Omni was sealed. She was watching us on Earth and picked up that name. She told me to call her that from now on. The infinity crystals are what Omni created to keep the dimensions stable and if Chaos destroys one or absorbs its power then the realm itself would collapse in on itself and cease to exist. " Luna said rubbing her head and slowly getting up.

    On that same day within the cross road dimension stood Jess watching through her dimension window at the other planets. behind her stood three paths and at the end three doors each unique in shape and color. The cross road dimension was different from many places mostly due to its sky that was split in three. On the path that led to the dark realm it was night, on the path that led to the light realm it was day and the path to the twilight realm was a mix of both but the most odd was the single path that led to nothingness. The sky above as well as the ground was blank but showed outlines of things such as the grass and trees that was within the dimension as if they were sketches yet to be filled in." I haven't heard from Luna in over four centuries i hope shes alright." Jess said sighing and standing up.She moved her dimension window down the path to twilight and tried to view what was behind the door but saw nothing but black. As she thought about the reason behind why there was nothing a sudden explosion rocked the dimension. She turned around summoning her Katars to her side and looked up at the gaping hole that was in the sky." So it seems your here to block our path, pathetic child of Omni ill crush you and get to the realm of darkness." Chaos said descending down into the crossroads his jet black hair floating with him. Following behind him came Ashur and three others who looked just as dangerous." Since i doubt you know what has happened ill explain. My father Chaos has been revived and Omni is no more as well as his old vessel Solaris. These four with us are the new generals of my father. Thanatos, Erida, Ares and Avarice." Ashur said with a smile. Jess watched them all land on the ground and was furious at what she had just heard. She was now determined to do her duty as guardian and obliterate the ones who took her father away.
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    " You five handle her I'm going to rip open the door to darkness." Chaos said warping out of site to the massive door to the left of the cross roads. Jess turned to give chase but Ashur and the others surrounded her." Get out of my way you bastards. Dragon Path: Paradise Cyclone!" Jess yelled spinning in place as a seal opened up under her and a whirlwind of light burst out. The five jumped back flying in the air dodging the shock wave and summoned there weapons. Thanatos swung his large scythe and slashed at the cyclone causing it to burst. Jess flew into the air, her four wings spread out and began gathering energy." Looks like this little girl thinks she can fight us on her own what do you think Ares." Thanatos said brushing his black hair from his face revealing his crimson eyes. Ares floated down beside him and gave a small hmph while pointing his sword at Jess his black hair tied in a ponytail behind him. It seemed that all four generals had the same trait of black hair and red eyes and only there facial features differed. Thanatos laughed holding his scythe to his chest." That's not a very nice thing to say but it fits her perfectly don't you agree Erida." Avarice said holding his giant hammer with the head down at his feet. " Let's remedy that then by stopping her breathing for good." Erida said dashing at Jess.

    As she got closer she could hear Jess chanting something and her wings grew even brighter then before."Dragon Path: Excalibur's Light." Jess said firing off a barrage of light toward Erida and the others. Erida dodged the lights as did the others and slammed her trident down on Jess. She blocked it and countered slashing at Erida as Ashur came and attacked from behind. Jess quickly blocked his attack with her wings and pushed him back. " So i guess your not just all talk then are you. " Ashur said regaining his balance. The five chaos warrior got into formation in front of Jess in the shape of a star." Chaotic Dark Star." They all said in unison as a dark energy connected all five of them and created a giant mass of dark energy. Jess jumped back and arched her wings in front of her placing both hands out gathering energy."Begone into the abyss." Thanatos said as the energy ball fired toward Jess." Your a million years to young to be fighting with me, Dragon Path: Yata no Kagami." Jess said as a massive shield of light appeared with white flames surrounding it. The dark energy slammed into the shield distorting the space around it but moments later it began to suddenly change and turned into a ball of light." Be cleansed in the light of hope. Eight Hands of Judgment!" Jess yelled firing the blast back at them. Ashur and the others prepared to dodge but just as they did Jess snapped her fingers causing the attack to suddenly explode and engulf them all. From the light the five hurtled toward the ground but vanished just before impact." Not bad girly but you'll have to do better. Shiva's Wrath!" Erida shouted sending her trident hurtling toward Jess as it rotated at light-speed and became engulfed in dark flames. Jess flew away from the impact area but the trident suddenly made a sharp turn and gave chase to Jess. She flew around the area dodging the trident and warped to the ground just before it almost hit but when she did Thanatos was waiting with his scythe raised." Death Waltz." Said Thanatos slashing down.

    Jess jumped back thinking she had dodged it when she suddenly felt blood on her chest and her shirt rip. Shocked she looked back up as he came at her again slashing at her from all directions. Jess dodged each one but every time she did a new cut appeared on her cloths and body. Not knowing how he was doing it she warped as far as she could from him and fixed her cloths." Damn how is he doing that it looks familiar though like..." Jess thought as she realized where she saw that technique. It was used by Shinrai a guardian from the twilight realm and was known as Deaths shadow because the real threat was an invisible scythe that attacked after the first swing." So i see you've figured it out but that wont save you against my attacks from here on out." Thanatos said smiling. Jess gritted her teeth when a shadow appeared above her growing to giant proportions. She looked up to see a massive hammer coming down on her. She quickly warped backwards as it hit the ground creating a violent shock-wave that split the dimensional ground. " Dont forget me now guardian i will take your life if you do." Avarice said as his hammer returned to its normal size. Jess returned to her battle stance and flew at Avarice and slashed at him but before she made contact a sword cam and almost slashed her head off if she hadn't dodged it in time.

    Ares had joined the battle and mouth something that appeared in writing as dark ancient letters reading." Chaotic Abyss." Jess watched as everything turned dark and black around her with the only light coming from her resonating wings. She suddenly felt the sharp edge of the scythe that came from Thanatos hit her wings and sent her tumbling across the ground. Jess quickly got up and flew into the sky only to be met the trident that slammed down sending her to the ground and exploding in a burst of dark energy that suddenly froze her in place. Struggling to get free Jess heard the crackle of lightning and the sudden impact of something that felt almost the size of a giant mountain hit her. The attack shattered the black ice as Jess coughed up blood and looked into the distance as Ares mouthed more words." Final Judgment." It read as the darkness around her suddenly vanished and collected at one point in the sky then fired down on her exploding with immense force that broke up the ground and created cracks all over the dimensional sky. When the dust cleared Jess was covered in blood but still standing, her wings covering most of her body. In a glow of light her body was healed and the blood was gone but she was still breathing heavy." I wont give up just yet ill wipe you all out at once. Cross roads lend me your power, Path of the Nine Dragons: Universal Roar!" Jess yelled as nine symbols appeared around the five warriors suddenly binding them as Jess chanted below. Her dagger floated around her until she opened her eyes and they vanished into the sky firing a laser toward each other that grew larger and larger as the dagger rotated around it until they couldn't be seen." Go to paradise." Jess said making a cross motion with her hands that made the now moon sized sphere explode engulfing everything in side within the circle of the four doors and high into the air. When the light finally dissipated the Chaos warriors were in a giant crater beaten and unable to move. Jess sighed in relief but it was short lived as a fist slammed into her face sending her rocketing toward the Twilight Gate. As she tumbled through the ground and air several dark energy blast and slashes slammed into her just as she impacted the Twilight Gate and exploded. Unable to move Chaos smirked and walked back toward his generals filling them with energy as he passed by. They all got up fully restored and followed him." What about her father." Ashur said looking behind him almost feeling no energy coming from Jess." She will die here shortly but we have more important business to take care of let us go to the Realm of Darkness and obtain the crystal." Chaos said laughing as they all flew into a hole in front of the gate that seemed to be a tear in the dimension itself leading to the dark realm. Jess coughed and tried to move placing her hand on the Twilight Date." me..." Jess said as she lost conciseness.
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    Back on Solisian everyone was getting ready to depart for the cross roads dimension. Bianca and a few others decided to stay and find out more about the infinity crystals and the gate that would allow them access to it. " Alright the crossroads realm is basically just a big open field with four roads leading to the gates to the four dimensions. Jess is in trouble so we need to find her first before heading anywhere else." Luna said standing in the throne room with the others who she selected for the trip. Even though everyone wanted to go they knew some had to stay behind in case of an attack as well as helping to rebuild planet Lunaris. They had discovered after the battle that the king and queen of Lunaris were also held in a dimensional prison along with many of it citizens. With there home destroyed, King Apollo offered his help in finding or creating a new home for them. King Arma agreed and offered to help protect the worlds that would be left vacant by the guardians that were leaving with Luna. With this everything was set and Luna took out her weapon piercing the dimensional wall.After chanting a symbol appeared that summoned a giant door."Wow so this is the true dimensional gate of this world." Apollo said standing beside his wife." Good luck my children and remember don't give up no matter what happens. Its what Solaris would have said and I'm sure he's watching over you." Diana said her eyes watering up.

    Dius gave her one last hug as the gate began to open telling her that she would find a way to bring him back. After everyone said there good byes they all entered through the gate. Upon reaching the other side everyone noticed the sky above the massive gate behind them. Half was night and half was day and as they looked out into the open area they could see three other doors with one big one at the center. Luna began to frantically search for Jess as she flew into the air. From above she could see the dimension repairing itself from the recent battle that took place, she looked around then finally noticed a blood trail leading to a rock close to the center gate." Jess!" Luna yelled warping down to the unconscious Jess and immediately put up a field of light around her. As the light steadily healed Jess she began to also wake up."Don't move I'm not finished healing you. What happened here there is no way a regular warrior got the better of you when your power is on the same level as mine." Luna said helping Jess sit up. The others spread out and flew to each of the doors with Dius staying behind to help Luna." Chaos and his generals came and broke through the Gate to Darkness. I couldn't believe how powerful they were even though i managed to hurt the generals, Chaos took me out without much effort and i could tell he wasnt even using five percent of his power it was much less." Jess said as her wings disappeared.
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    They all walked around looking at each of the roads and how each door looked. Of course only one had a hole in front of it caused by Chaos but had begun to steadily return to normal." This place seems so empty how could you stay in this place alone how could any guardian live this way?" Arthur asked noticing the lack of life and remembering that Solaris had been around since the start of Earth."This place is special you could say its the gate way to what you refer to on Earth as Heaven and Hell. The realm of light is devoid of darkness and in itself its own universe with planets and people like the Dark Realm and Twilight Realm. But for the most part they are all very peaceful places to live." Jess said sitting up as her energy returned to her. Arthur and Kayam as well as the other guardians were confused on how the realm of darkness could be peaceful. Luna explained that darkness is not bad but good as is light,what made something bad or good was dependent on the persons heart and whether or not they allowed evil to influence them and there choices. Seeing that they were all confused she then explained that like elemental energy, evil was also an energy that was around since the birth of everything and that everyone including the gods could fall victim to it if there hearts were weak." When a persons dies in a realm there life force comes here then travels to another realm to be reborn based on the balance within them or it goes back to the source of all life the crystals." Jess said getting up slowly with Luna. With that they walked to the door to darkness wondering what they would meet up with since Chaos had already begun his search for the infinity crystal.

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