Phantom Weapons (RPG Idea)

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    Just an Idea and would like feedback and only feedback.
    5000 years ago, the human race was visited by an alien race calling themselves the Phantoms. Instead of showing the human race their real forms, they changed into other forms like normal humans or animals, but soon the human race saw what their true intentions where for not revealing their original forms. The Phantoms secretly spied on the humans until they gathered enough date to start their master plan of colonizing earth and mining its natural recourses. For years the phantoms ruled over the human race. Each continent was ruled over by a general of the massive Phantom army. It looked like the human race would be the victim of their own idea of colonizing a lesser nation. Soon a monk appeared. It seemed he came from thin air and told the human race he could stop the colonization of the earth from the Phantoms. Without a word, the monk set off to each continent and one by one defeated one of the general after another and bound their soul into a weapon. By the time he reached the final general, his energy was weakening and it took all his effort to bind the final general, but he was so powerful. The monk had no choice but to bind the general’s soul into two weapons. With the last bit of energy he had left he teleported the weapons to different parts of the earth so the Phantoms couldn’t find them and with that last effort, the monk died. Even with the monks sacrifice, the Phantoms still had their grip on earth and still colonized the earth. They now still search for the weapons to release their fallen brethren while a rebel force also seeks to find the weapons. Unknown to both, the weapons have fallen into hands of the chosen ones, spoken by the monk. Telling of a group of warriors who will one day destroy the Phantoms and free earth from its alien captors. With the earth almost ravaged by the Phantoms, it’s only a matter of time before earth will become like the Phantoms home world. Desolate and inhabitable.

    Phantom Weapons:

    Element: Fire


    Element: Sand

    Element: Illusions

    Element: Wind

    Element: Shadows

    Element: Water

    Element: Ice

    Character Sheet:
    Phantom Weapon: (Only one...ONE)
    Melee Weapon: (One and if you chose to have one)
    Range Weapon: (Two and if you chose to have one)

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