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Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Rei, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Rei Greeter | 私は

    So I've decided to come back to the forum only to find that it's completely dead :sad: But then I found that many members have migrated to so I made a new account there hoping to reconnect with people I once knew and so on. Unfortunately after I registered and checked my email for the confirmation message I didn't receive any confirmation? I tired to resend the message multiple times but nothing changed, my account is still null and waiting for confirmation... Did anyone else experience this problem? And can anyone help me fix this? :snaps:

    EDIT: Also I have checked my spam and trash folders and that I have entered the right email address so I know these weren't the issues.
  2. SoVen Bolt tower

    Try to check your email address if it's correct. Or make a new email account and register again.

    This happen to me before when I used to join other anime forums. It's good to see you Rei :D
  3. Misuzu Super Usagi | Clan Co-Boss - TKL | Site Staff

    Real late, but is it still giving you shit? If so, tell me your username on there and I'll manually approve you.
  4. SoVen Bolt tower

    Um, Misuzu you already did the the manual confirmation to Rei. :)
  5. Misuzu Super Usagi | Clan Co-Boss - TKL | Site Staff

    Yeah I realized after I posted, lol.

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  6. Leon Wishing Lamp Wielder

    I also haven't received a confirmation email. Username - Leon

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