Announcement Newspaper Issue 1!

Discussion in 'Forum Newspaper' started by Master Author, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I looks like it, but really Great job on the Design
  2. Misuzu Super Usagi | Clan Co-Boss - TKL | Site Staff

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback, guys! 8D
  3. John Review Team Co-Leader

  4. Freelance Fox KG's Imagineer | Forum Counselor

    Good job kiddos
    keep it up
  5. Jess Admin

    Really wonderful edition, well done. Beautiful & well written.

    * Just one thing, when you do big pieces like the Harry Potter Reflection, make sure those are in columns too, they're easier to read, less daunting :3
  6. Larxene Clan Empress - NP

    Oh my gosh, it turned out beautifully. 8D
  7. Murf Organization XIII Annihilator

  8. Roxanne Site Leader|Co-Badass GoddamnGhostbuster

    Let us take a minute to praise the lawd for this non-triflin piece of ingenuity.


  9. Dion Clan God - Serenity Kingdom

    Y'all are too kind.
  10. Xatyrn SK Shepherd | KH3 Remnant

    Thank you guys; we're all grateful for this lovely feedback. :'D And thank you to those of you who read our work. x3

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