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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' started by Tyler Durden, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. heck i wish i am legend would be disney-owned


    there's still hope... I think men in black is disney owned...
  2. half the worlds u just said i suggested. meaning i like. and Midgar would be the perfect FF world to appear. I like Deep Jungle. one of my favs in KH1 and its sad it wasn't in KH2 or KHCoM. its already confirmed for Agrabah and Port Royal, i believe. and i missed Destiny Islands in KH2.
  3. SwordKing Creeper

    I've got another one.

    Mardi Gras(The Princess and the Frog)
    Party Member: None
    1st Boss: Alligator Heartless
    Second Boss: Dr. Facilier + Voodoo Mask Heartless
  4. Mog Shadow

    I wanna see..
    Hunchback Of Notre Dam
    Brother Bear
    Toy Story
    A Bugs life
  5. onionknight Shadow

    I'd like:

    Princess and the Frog
    Emperor's New Groove
    Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)
  6. SwordKing Creeper

    Unfortunately Disney no longer has the rights to Narnia.
  7. Definitely:
    Castle Oblivion--for those of you who've seen Blank Points.
    Realm of Darkness/End of the World--see above
    Dive to the Heart(aka Awakening)(sora and/or roxas)--also see above
    Radient Garden--no point in providing a reason, it'll be there, trust me.
    Olympus Colesium/Mirage Arena--what's KH w/o arena challenges?
    Mysterious Tower--Yen Sid's probably going to have something to say about Sora's new quest...
    Agrabah--there's one last movie
    Port Royal--2 movies
    100 Acre Wood--It's been in just about all the other games...
    Space Paranoids--Maybe they're waiting for the new movie to come out...? Besides, Tron's going to notify SOMEONE about Xemnas's intrusion, right? Bam, found the Chamber of Sleep(or is it Awakening...?)!
    Twilight Town--Maybe DiZ left something.... Besides, Blank Points movie, for those of you who've watched it.
    Neverland--I enjoy flying...and Peter Pan as a summon in KH2 was really annoying...
    Keyblade Graveyard--Gotta go get Terra's lingering sentiment, now don't we?
    Destiny Islands--why the heck not??
    Disney Town/Castle--Have to go pick up the king, now don't we? Besides, great mini-game area. And access to Data World...
    Traverse Town--Just cause it was my fav world in KH1, and I'd really make a non-3D comeback
    Atlantica--Though I hope not
    Halloween Town--My fav disney world
    Treasure Planet--Deep Space proved mundane people can travel through interspace
    Princess and the Frog--new movie appeals to larger audience? Psh, IDK.
    Hunchback of Notre Dame--Surprised this hasn't been done yet, actually
    Spira/Midgar/etc.--But why sponsor an already successful franchise?
    Alice in Wonderland(Tim Burton)--I doubt it, but when I use AR, playing as the White Queen will be worth a few laughs...
    Enchanted Domain }
    Dwarf Woodlands }}Been there, done that
    Castle of Dreams }
    Beat's Castle }
    Land of Dragons }
    Wonderland (original)}
    Deep Jungle--above, and I think they need yet another copyright thing in order to do it. Otherwise I would've been surprised if they didn't jump at the opportunity in BBS
    Pride Land--time frame doesn't fit
    Deep Space/Hawaii--see above
    Bambi--No. Just no. Summon was bad enough.
    TWTNW--Got eaten up by the darkness
    Marvel--(RAGE)Oh, come on! Please? Disney may have bought Marvel, but that doesn't mean jack squat. Jack Kirby's got copyright, and he's been using it to keep disney from screwing marvel over. No, best thing disney can do with that is sell it back to Stan Lee, or whoever else owns the bloody company.(END RAGE)

    All I can think of right now...
  8. SwordKing Creeper

    The Grid(TRON Legacy)
    Party Member: Quorra
    First Boss: Abraxas
    Second Boss: Clu

    St. Canard(Darkwing Duck)
    Party Member: Darkwing Duck
    First Boss: Gizmosuit Heartless
    Second Boss: Nega Duck
  9. Thunder Ninja of Epicness

    FF world (I'd like Zanarkand)
  10. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    WHAT!!!!???? Disney doesn't own Narnia and owns MARVEL!!!!!????? WTC (What the crud)!!!!???? But Stan Lee is like, ...... YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? Disney Y!? Why take Marvel! You already own the world! next you'll want DC Comics! :(

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