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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' started by Tyler Durden, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. wow. alot of u people didn't like the idea of high school i went along the way of progression, the idea faded away and i soon got rid of it. i too agree that it would've been a seriously retarded world. i hope Sora never meets Zac Effron in any form and any world.
  2. Ojex XIII Guest

    the next day Square Enix and Disney announced a live action Kingdom Hearts movie staring Zac Effron as Sora

  3. :eek:! No! I woulo seriously ... just ... die
  4. in the movie, i dont mind. as Sora...THAT'S TOO FAR DAMMIT!!!!!!!
  5. No, No Zac Effron! That would kill the movie ...
  6. disney pixar worlds

    so far, I have not seen any disney-pixar worlds. in my view, at least.Either disney's having a hard time convincing pixar, or they just forgot.
    my first choices:

    1. wall-e
    2. monsters inc (don't know about this one)
    3. toy story
    4. finding nemo (somehow)
    5. ant's life (somehow)

    they're mainly stupid, all I want is wall-e :)
  7. Prince Ali Shadow

    You mean a bug's life.

    But how can wall-e fit? How would Sora use the Keyblade?
  8. heck i forgot... ant's life sounds so stupid. as for wall-e, I mean that Sora's just human form.
  9. Prince Ali Shadow

    Oh okay.
    Monster's Inc. isn't a bad idea though.
  10. DIMD Guest

    Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    I dont know if tis been posted here or not, im brand new, 10seconds ago, and ive been wanting to discuss this for a long time. Im not going to post a list of worlds that should be KH3, its just my ideas for new ones, and updates.

    Personally, heres what I think.

    (DIsney bought Pixar, so MAYBE) Toy Story
    Treasure Planet (Could be amazing)
    Chron. of Narnia (IS disney, would be interesting)
    (alot of people want, if done correctly MAYBE) Sword in the Stone
    (Alot want Junglebook, but Id say ummm, Deep Jungle much? so NO)
    A true FF world, forget HB/RG being the "throw all homeless here" world

    Deep Jungle
    Agrabah(Big time, I think ALadins Father arc sould do amazing in Kingdom Hearts)
    Port Royal
    Destiny Islands

    What does anyone think? And whatelse could mesh well?

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