Microsoft's sorry?(Review on Xbox One)

Discussion in 'XBox' started by Razgriz, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Razgriz Wishing Lamp Wielder

    Well if anyone has heard, Microsoft has decided to retract a couple of things from the Xbox One such as:

    Must be connected online to play- this would ensure that Microsoft would be able to track game play and make sure no one was trading disk games. In all if you unplugged your Xbox from the internet you would have 24 hours to plug it back in or the Xbox would lock down and not allow you to play games..

    If you buy it it's yours for life- This entailed the fact of a no trading policy with the leeway of one time only. The disk based games would serve as a license and you would only be able to hand that copy away once.. once done though it was gone forever. no take backs or trading to another person.

    This was presented at the E3 convention and it got a super negative response to a point that a Microsoft official responded by saying in front of a crowd "If you don't want to play online and trade with your friends, we have a system for that. go by an XBOX 360". WHAT????. did he really just tell the consumers to go F*** off? And since in light Sony has been bombing on consumer satisfaction by stating free reign on your system for PS4.

    Well enough of that. A week later now Microsoft is trying to recover from E3 by doing a "180" and now allowing the free gaming that Xbox 360 and PS4 are allowing for the Xbox One. but here's the kicker, NO APOLOGY. The measly stated "Oh we listened and thanked all the feedback that we are going to change it so you guys will like it again". Wheres the sorry for giving a big Middle finger to you guys at E3? Instead they are being all coi about it and are saying the're just going to change because the gamer spoke? Well thanks Sony for teaching Microsoft to never try and control us like Apple did. I guess you guys need to teach Microsoft manners as well.

    In truth pre-sales have been tanking for Xbox One and Sony has been dominating in that sector. Nintedo ds systems have been getting fired up and so has the Wii system. So In all I just think they are doing this to get customer satisfaction back and not tank because of this E3 stunt. If it is it's a big shocker to some but Microsoft will do just about anything just to not tank. I guess we will have to see the latest outcome once we start hitting the holiday seasons.

    I am Razgriz And I approve this Review.
  2. RoxasorSora Sorcerer

    I read this as well and I agree. But people will still buy it because there will be people who never knew that drm existed in the first place

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