Lowlight of Your Day

Discussion in 'Personal Forum' started by Lasci, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Jess Admin

    i set myself up for this perpetual feeling every time
  2. Zombie Girl Super Undead | Debate Champ | Editor

    When you floss for the first time in ages after being neglectful, and everything is blood and you feel like you've ruined your teeth forever and are doomed to gum disease
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  3. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL

    It's 12:46 and I only just woke up 5 minutes ago. I really really really hate it when I sleep this late and lose so many hours of the day.
  4. Misty Fortune Teller

    non-confrontational pansy me: sending emails to people 13 feet away from me to avoid human contact
  5. Roxanne Site Leader|Co-Badass GoddamnGhostbuster

    Why does everything hurt so late at night?
  6. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL

    You tell us, why does everything hurt so late at night? :simba:

    My lowlight is having a test in a couple hours that is going to be f-ing hard no matter how prepared I am.
  7. Roxanne Site Leader|Co-Badass GoddamnGhostbuster

    Getting rid of you.

    after all of these years...
  8. kyo Wyvern

    For the second time someone inquired about the textbook I just can't seem to sell only to have the chance torn from my hands YET AGAIN
  9. Roxanne Site Leader|Co-Badass GoddamnGhostbuster

  10. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    Sigh, why do I feel like someone's out to get me? -___-'

    First my email account was hacked into, now my Twitter was hacked in the same week...

    It sucks because I've been using two passwords since I started using the internet, so it's weird to change it all of a sudden.

    And I wish I knew how they got my password in the first place. It is so difficult to crack. I DON'T UNDERSTANDDD. :(

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