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    Welcome to the Literature Forum

    Before you start creating threads & handing out critique, there are some guidelines & rules specific to this subforum. All main rules apply here, unless an exception is discussed within this thread.
    If you have any questions, feel free to approach myself or any other member of staff. To remind yourself of this forum's general rules, click here.

    Rules & guidelines

    1. Do not make multiple threads for individual subjects; whether this be a new chapter for your own prose or a starting a new discussion thread with a pre-existing subject.

    You may make multiple threads only when:
    • You're posting a literary work that is yours (or has been credited to its rightful owner and has been put up simply for discussion)
    • The literary work has little to no relation to any other literary works (i.e. You may post a new thread for each poem, but not a new thread per chapter for your fanfic. Same applies to journals and diaries)
    2. You are exempt from the double posting rule when:
    • You're the author of the literary work
    • You're posting new material (i.e. new chapter) or have reached a character limit
    • If you can, delete your previous post and create a new post containing the previous & new information.
    3. You are allowed to necropost / bump a thread when:
    • You're the author of the literary work (see previous)
    • You're continuing a discussion on a previously created thread. Your reply must contribute to the topic.
      Do not necropost continually. However, instead of creating duplicates, you may bump pre-existing threads — duplicated threads will likely be merged, & repeated offenses may well result in consequence.
    4. Do not spam. This includes:
    • Any post that does not relate to the literary work posted.
    • Any post that does not contain a reasonable and well-balanced criticism / discussion of the literary work. See below for examples of correct critique [specific to user created content].
    5. You can edit your own posts in the FanFiction & Prose section. You can edit when:
    • You are the author of the literary work & feel the need to amend your work.
    • You are editing a spelling mistake or adding something more to your analysis / comment on somebody's work. It'd be helpful to somehow show you have edited your own post (add an "Edited at [time]" stamp, etc).
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    How to Critique
    Do not do the following — this gives no source of improvement and ultimately insults and discourages the writer.
    Aim for an encouraging, but overall honest response.
    When posting in a thread discussing work by an author (outside of the user generated content), ensure you are contributing to the topic at hand in a cohesive, coherent manner. Although analysis is not necessary, do ensure you are continuing conversation and discussion rather than stating a vague opinion (i.e. "I like this novel.")

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    Where should I post?
    There are three main sections within the Literature Forum — each subforum has their own specific job in cataloguing threads.

    · · Main section {Literature} this area is for general discussions on literary works or authors, as well as organised tournaments & events (such as WoTM). Threads that can be found & posted here often consist of discussions of other writer's work. Do not post your own works here (unless otherwise specified in thread), and ensure everything is properly referenced.

    · · · · FanFiction & Prose for prose of any kind. Furthermore, any & all fan-work should be posted here, regardless of form (e.g. prose, poetry, plays, etc). This is also where any narratives based on the community itself should be placed. Any original prose can be posted here too. Also, you are able to edit your posts in this forum an unlimited amount of time, due to people wanting to amend their prose.

    · · · · Poetry this is the area for everything that encompasses poetry, including lyrics — feedback can be received here. Some prose may be displayed here under the writer's discretion.

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    Censorship, Content & Prefixes
    As a forum dedicated to a children's game series, it is our preference that content in Literature be kept to a 12A/PG-13 level as and when it is possible. However, if content is violent, sexual, etc, but is both integral to the narrative & presented in an "artistic" way, then it is allowed, as long as there is both a use of prefix & a disclaimer.

    Use your discretion when posting anything of an overtly graphic nature. This encompasses anything either sexual and violent in nature. It is up to the moderators if they feel content is too graphic in either content or detail, and have the right to remove the content immediately. Any doubts or queries about this, contact a moderator.

    Furthermore, you are exempt from the mature language rule only when:
    • You're the author of the literary work
    • You have indicated that the following contains mature language — use of a prefix is necessary (as well as a warning in each post, but a rating in the title is acceptable as well)
    • You are not abusing the privilege, either by hinting comments with profane language to specific users or using an unnecessarily excessive amount of swearing (moderators have the final say on what is excessive or not. No complaining)
    Teen - this prefix should be used if your work contains more than a couple counts of mature or strong language and/or some sexual or violent imagery/allusions. The use of "teen" is much more subtle, but if in doubt this is the very least you should attribute to your work.
    Mature - this prefix must be used if your work contains continued mature language and/or blatant/descriptive sexual, violent or otherwise imagery. When in doubt, do not be afraid to use this prefix.
    Please Critique! - this can be used if you are seeking honest critique of your work. Understand, use of this will mean you may receive criticism you otherwise did not expect. If your work contains anything that could be considered above PG-13, the use of a Mature or Teen prefix is imperative and thus overrules this prefix.

    To clarify: the main section is the only place in which you are allowed to post work that is not your own. All work must be fully attributed to an author / writer. Similarly, all FanFiction should be accredited to the work of the [original] author in the OP of a thread (this is not necessary, but common courtesy - I urge you to do this).

    If you are found to be plagiarising work that is not yours, you will be warned and the offending content deleted. If this persists, action will be taken against you. You have been warned.

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    Thanks go to Misuzu & Lone Wolf for their help in making this guide! <3
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