DDD Let's talk about Dream Drop Distance. Y'know, just kinda, in general.

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    There's about eight or so very specific threads about the Dream Eaters, some questions, or whatever, but no one's really talking about how they liked the game overall. Anyway, let's talk. Gameplay, story, favorite worlds or whatever.

    So, I just finished this game this morning. I played Beginner just so I could blow through it, get the story, give it a Proud one later. Well I already started my Proud run, and I like how Trophies carried over. As well as Dream Eaters, and it's neat that they wiped them to level one but actually kept them. So, y'know, not being OP as well as not waiting for the end game for some of the better DE.

    Also, I think this game really captured a lot of the Disney feel the first game had. I remember the first game being really magical, and the entire series is that way for me, so I've never minded all the spin-offs or anything, but Kingdom Hearts always had that magical Disney feeling, even when no Disney characters were around. None of the other games really had that, even if they were functionally better games, but I think DDD really brought it back. Playing through you really saw that kind of friendship that's always been implied and stated throughout the series, but never shown for more than a scene here or there, and this entire game they had a very real feeling friendship. Yeah it was corny with the friendship is power stuff, but that's Disney, and the two of them reminded me a lot of myself and my best friend. Magic Keyblades notwithstanding.

    So yeah.
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    I thought it was a great game, but it had its flaws. For one, definitely the most confusing storyline so far. Nomura likes to do some, "abstract" things in his works, for want of a better word, but I for one usually have no time comprehending them before long. But I still don't understand the whole "dreams" thing in this game. Sora and Riku are dreaming, but then they're not dreaming together, and Sora's dreaming within a dream, and Riku is in that dream, and then Riku's not in the dream, but he is, or something, I don't even know. Gahhh, my brain. Oh and the time travel, I didn't get that either. "You can't change anything" says Young Xehanort, as he's about to turn Sora in a Xehanort clone and attempts to kill Riku. "You can't time travel with your body" he says, with his body. Like I said, I usually have a gift for just getting this kind of stuff, but not with this game that's for sure.

    The gameplay itself was pretty good. I was hesitant about the new Flowmotion at first and it was initially annoying because I kept dodgerolling into walls and stuff without trying, but once I got the hang of it I loved it. It saved my life many times. I also liked the return of the command system again, I hope they keep using it for more games. I agree with your statement about it kind of invoking the feel of the first one. I got that old-school feel but at the same time it felt updated and it was just really cool.
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    It's true, it's never fully laid out and made clear what exactly happened, and I know the vast majority of people don't like it, but I do, I love that kind of stuff. And really, that's the way the entire series has been, save for KH1 (in and of itself). So let me lay it down for you to my understanding.

    Yen Sid sent Sora and Riku together into the Realm of Sleep (dreams) for their test. He sent them to their island, but in the past, cuz that's a thing you can with dreams. Because they're dreams. Anyway, after the Ursula fight, the (new) Organization XIII took Sora hostage, subtly, into another dream. Dream within a dream. Well, Riku's in Sora's dreams, his heart dived there on instinct, knowing Sora was in trouble. Neither knew what happened, they simply believed they were split, and that's what was presented to the player. I liked that. Anyway, this is where the new clothes come in. Sora has the Xehanort X on his shirt, and Riku has the Dream Eater Spirit symbol, being Sora's Dream Eater. This is the situation for the rest of the game up until The World That Never Was. Here, they both wake up from Sora's dream. They are now one dream deep, the original dream Yen Sid sent them on.

    Something confusing, here, Sora's in his KH2 garb in cutscenes, and the DDD clothes for gameplay. Right now I don't if that means anything or not. Riku stays in his DDD outfit for the period, so I'm inclined to believe it's a dream, and Sora is confused about that (thus making the player confused) so his clothes change back and forth because, well, dream. Anyway, by the end of Sora's bit here, the Organization has him put him to sleep yet again. Riku is not in this dream, he wasn't present when it happened. So yeah. Riku fights, after his final gameplay segment, this is when Mickey and the others enter the Realm of Sleep as well. Between that cutscene fight we don't play and the Tower, they all wake up and go back. I don't think that part was actually shown, but you know because of Riku's clothes.

    Time Travel. This is one thing that was not clear at all, ever, and took a hell of a lot of work to figure out. But! It's never fully clear to the player characters, and thus not to the players. I really, really like that about this series. Anyway. The Time Travel, how it works. Let's forget the body part for a moment and just go over basics.

    You can only travel in one direction in time.

    You cannot travel back to the time where you came from.

    You can only travel to a location where you were present.

    You can only travel to a point in time where you were present.

    All in all it's an extremely restrictive time travel system, one that Xehanort exploited to it's fullest. Now, for the leaving the body behind nonsense.

    Remember how Xehanort had split into Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas? Well, Xemnas is the body. This is my personal theory here. At the time of the split, Ansem traveled back in time. Remember, Ansem is really only a heart. Xemnas is the body. So Ansem went back in time to Destiny Islands, when Xehanort was a young man (Xehanort was born and raised on Destiny Islands as well, remember). He told young Xehanort what was up and gave him the power to also travel through time, giving him the mission of skipping forward in time to round up all of the other Xehanort's in time.

    So, Ansem and Young Xehanort can time travel. Well, Ansem has no more need to travel back. He waits. I crap you not he waits on that island until the events of KH1 and does. Dude's patient as hell. Anyway, Young Xehanort, now with the ability to time travel, skips forward in time to several of his selves and pretty much just brings them along. Cuz you can do that. Bring someone with you. I guess. We don't know all these times because there are several of the new Organization members simply unaccounted for, we don't know who they are. And then when he's done, he skips ahead to the time of DDD with all his new buddies. Remember when they all disappeared? That was them returning to their own times but forgetting the events that happened. However, the events still put the drive in their hearts (for instance, Young Xehanort's desire to get off the island). So yeah.
  4. Wow that was so cool to read! It makes a lot of sense when put that way, haha.

    What I really liked about the game was how it looked for a handheld game and the gameplay. I loved how you could be both Riku and Sora, and how they each had their own separate stories. What really made me smile though was the return of the nobodies as somebodies (What was the purpose of that anyway? I get with Lea and Isa, but still...). I loved Ienzo, he was such a cutie~

    Moving on! I liked the worlds a lot too! When I was in the Symphony of Sorcery world as Riku and playing the Fantasia part I was pretty much laughing through the whole thing because I felt like Riku should have been dancing or something! Chernabog frightened the heck out of me though, I think throughout that whole entire battle I was whispering to myself 'nope I don't want to be here nope nope nope' or something like that, haha.

    But aaah, there were so many feelings for me in that game. Near the end somewhere in The World that Never Was I was almost in tears because I felt so emotionally attached to the game. I just didn't want it to end and everything was just so sad but happy at the same time! It didn't help that I beat it at around 5 in the morning (when I'm like, always super emotional bluh).

    I'm working away at Critical Mode now! I'm still in Traverse Town as Riku for the first time though. I need to beat the boss but every time I try, I die! I just need to level up some more, haha.

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