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  1. Kaoru Hitachiin Fenrir Wielder

    So. I've been playing Wild ARMs 3 for about 10+ hours (the in-game clock says 4 hours and something minutes, but it LIIIIIIIEZ).

    This game has me conflicted, and it is because of this conflict that I came up with an idea for a little series of topics discussing the games I play as I play them and my impressions at each milestone along the gameplay. I'll call this little segment: Kaoru's Progressive Game Reviews.

    To start things off, this game is absolutely GORGEOUS for a 2002 RPG on the PS2. The production values are all great, as long as you like anime/cel-shading. Granted, this is nowhere near as visually impressive as ICO or Shadow of the Colossus or the FF games, but for what it is, it's amazing.

    Now here's where I get all up in the gameplay -

    The Good:

    + Western/Post-Apocalypse Setting with Guns and Magic
    + Somewhat Interesting Characters
    + Prologue where you choose one of several main characters. Gave me that 'Live-A-Live' feel.
    + A turn-based combat system that actually attempts to simulate the movement of ACTUAL fights. Think Skies of Arcadia/Eternal Sonata.
    + Ability to skip random battles for a while.
    + A heavy 'anime series' feel, with an opening movie that changes the further you get into the game, as well as a closing theme when you decide to call it a night.

    The Bad:

    - No Voice Acting. This is kinda a picky thing, but there are times when the dialogue advances by itself to keep things flowing and I may not be able to finish reading a line of dialogue before it changes to another. Voice-acting would have helped keep the flow while not losing me those few times it did.
    - Lack of direction. This would be kinda alright if this were a non-linear game. But it's not. This game is linear as hell. You have a world map, but all you can do on it so far is grind.
    - Paired with the lack of direction is the HORRIBLE location discovery system. Everytime you want to advance to the next location, you have to talk to anywhere between 2 to 10 different people to learn about your next destination, then going out on the world map, basically using a DOSING ROD to try and find EVERY town, ruin, train station, what have you! HALF OF MY GAME TIME WAS SPENT TRYING TO FIND A HUGE PYRAMID THAT IN ANY OTHER GAME WOULD HAVE BEEN GLARINGLY OBVIOUS. IN THE PROLOGUE. Yeah, about 5+ HOURS.
    - Puzzles. This game so far puts Resident Evil to shame with its tedious block-pushing, bomb exploding, freezing, and lighting on fire puzzles... They put all of these puzzles in every dungeon...

    Anybody want to talk about Wild ARMs 3? Feel free to talk to me and ask questions before my next update on this game!
  2. Yoyo Mr. Captain America

    Lol, 5+ hours on just finding a location in the prologue? I think your time would have been better spent playing something else like Shadow Conveant (err hearts?) 3 with it being based in america during the 1930's.
  3. Kaoru Hitachiin Fenrir Wielder

    Give me a copy of it and I'd play it. :p

    I got Koudelka on my harddrive for playing on an emulator, and I'd been wanting to play the whole Koudelka/Shadow Hearts series.

    The problem with finding locations in this game is that even after you have the information you need to find a location, it doesn't just appear on the world map. You have to press Square, the 'Search' button, for every step you take on the world map, hoping it will (literally) pop up out of the world map and that you're going in the right direction. Even looking at walkthroughs on Game FAQs was little help because each of them kept referring to 'beaches' and the world map is pretty much entirely grass, sand, and rocks. Only MUCH later in the game does a character explain that 'beaches' are patches of firm land just before hitting a loose sea of sand, a fact that would have been helpful to know before refering to anything as a 'beach' when there is no water nearby.
  4. Yoyo Mr. Captain America

    LOL, well game sounds very early ps2ish by the sound of that lol. Other than that, whats the estimated gameplay time for completion? That is, if you're going to care to reach the end of it Kaoru, ha.
  5. Kaoru Hitachiin Fenrir Wielder

    I think I'm definitely going to try to make it through because I LOVE the production values, it just may take a while because the gameplay is so awkward and repetitive. Oh yeah, and as for the main cast, I like all of them...

    ...Except for JET. This guy suffers from a combination of Sasuke Syndrome and Anime Amnesiac syndrome. That is to say, he's an emo prick who 'wants to work alone' and acts like there's some great tragedy in his past. HOWEVER, if there was such an event, he can't remember it because he is an amnesiac. So it comes across as 'I work alone because it makes me look KEWL' BS.

    On the flipside, I love the main female protagonist, Virginia, not just because she eventually called Jet out on his whiny loner bullshit, but also because she's rather optimistic despite troubling circumstances and tries to live in a way that she will regret nothing. Granted, she SUCKS in combat so far, but her personality redeems her for me.
  6. Yoyo Mr. Captain America

    Virginia reminded me of this editorial, you should give it a read and the apply it to your reviews to see what you think. Other than that, I hate to think what you think of Squall lol. Can't be worst than Kazuki from Front mission 3 though in the unlikeable jerk category though.
  7. Kaoru Hitachiin Fenrir Wielder

    To be honest, Squall was one of my favorite protagonists in a Final Fantasy game. I didn't see him so much as 'I work alone, because it's KEWL', but more that he just felt like people should deal with their problems on their own because they'd never learn anything otherwise.

    As for Kazuki, I think I remember him being FRUSTRATINGLY ANNOYING AS ALL HELL. Unfortunately, my disc for Front Mission 3 does not progress beyond a point VERY early on anymore, so I'll probably have to download an ISO. Between Front Mission, 1, 3, and 4, though, I got the impression that 3 was the least well-written... And I'm still pissed at Square-Enix for never releasing Front Mission 5 (supposedly the best in the series) stateside...

  8. Yoyo Mr. Captain America

    Ehh, Its still a great Front Mission game. Very well executed with a very okay story so far where i'm playing at. Just that Kazuki is only ever reactionary and never the person that propels the story is what my main problem with him. Then again, he doesn't have any lines that redeem him or make him likable. Square kinda drop the ball on him but i'm really enjoying the game despite the unlikable lead.

    As for Wild Arms 3, isn't that Virigina girl the main character?
  9. Kaoru Hitachiin Fenrir Wielder

    Yep. She's one of the most likeable female leads in a JRPG so far. She's made bad decisions, sure, but those decisions were made for the sake of allowing another character's redemption, if at all possible, despite his obvious 'I'm going to be the main villain' status.
  10. Kaoru Hitachiin Fenrir Wielder

    Okay... So, I'm at about the 16 or 17 hour mark in Wild ARMs 3.

    Did a bunch of pointless/meaningless money grinding that took about 3 hours and was used in the span of maybe a minute or two tops, upgrading all the ARMs of my characters. The economy of this game is HORRIBLE. One upgrade costs you several thousand dollars, and you get next to no money in battles, so you pretty much HAVE to come up with strategies to ground out items you can sell for gold. Well, the best way to do this is kill things with elemental attacks. Doing that, you receive an elemental gem for each kill. Each gem nets you a whopping-!

    ...100 Gella each.

    You can't buy CRAP in this game for a hundred gella. Maybe some medicine, but the enemies later on fart them out like candy from a pinata!

    So, after a few upgrades and becoming broke YET AGAIN, I advanced the plot a little and ended up finishing Chapter one. 'Out of how many chapters?' I don't know. God help me if this game was written by J.K. Rowling because if Chapter one took me around 14-15 hours, I'd hate to see how long 30+ more chapters would take.

    After advancing the plot, I found I needed to go and SEARCH for another town. Have I told you how much fun I have SEARCHING the world map for places that should be extremely noticeable, especially since I have all the directions? However, to SEARCH for this town, I needed to buy a bunch of horses to get me there. When you think, 'great, now he's going to have to grind for money again', NOPE. I have Gella Cards from the place where the plot advanced. So, I sold all of those to net me about 4000 Gella and I only needed 2000 TO BUY FOUR HORSES FOR MY ENTIRE PARTY.

    Bullets > Horses. Seriously. Horses are like... 500 Gella Each. BULLETS FOR MY GUNS ARE SEVERAL THOUSAND EACH, AND GET MORE EXPENSIVE EVERY TIME I HAVE TO BUY THEM. But, it's cool, I got my horses, mounted on up and you can take your horses into combat.

    It is so glorious. The combat has your entire party on horseback while the enemies run alongside you, trying to catch up and take swats at you while you're all riding like badasses through the wasteland with your ARMs taking aim for their poor little heads. It looks so awesome that you almost forget how much of an ass this game can be.

    Then you get to the town... And learn about the next dungeon... Then you have to SEARCH for the next dungeon. Then you go into the dungeon and do the same puzzles you've been doing. Then I come up on this one puzzle where I'm supposed to bomb triforces or some crap... The problem is, the triforces switch back off after like TWO SECONDS, and all eight of these things have to be switched on in the proper order without any of them switching back off. Well, I've looked up the solution, and I've done it as correctly as I can. AND IT'S NOT WORKING. To make matters worse, half my party is poisoned and I'm out of healing items.

    Needless to say, the love I gained for this game from the horseback combat? It is gone. Don't bother looking for it.

    And this is where I am right now. I saved and gave up on Wild ARMs 3 for the night. I'll probably get back to it tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll probably continue playing a more mellow, more well-polished game, like Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, while continuing to peruse these fine forums.

    Again, feel free to ask about this game or discuss it here with me, if you want. I'm really enjoying doing this topic, even if the game in question is tormenting me.

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