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    All by memory, xD.

    Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts was originally thought of when employee of Square Enix and an Employee of Disney first met in an elevator. After talking a little bit they thought up of "Kingdom Hearts". The first ideas of this game was to bring together the gaming style and look of Final Fantasy, and some of the greatest Disney movies and characters ever made. The making of Kingdom Hearts began in early 2000 and was released in 2002. The first thoughts of this game from fans was this was a terrible idea bringing together Square and Disney together, until they actually played the game. Kingdom Hearts became one of the greatest selling games of all-time for the PS2.

    The story of this game can be both easy to follow and confusing at the same time. It starts out the main character "Sora" going through all these weird scenes and is eventually wound up in this strange world. At the end he incounters "Darkside" which is thought to be Sora's shadow, but for some reason there is a big heart shape in the middle of his chest. Once you defeat this creature Sora is surrounded in darkness and some strange texts show up on the screen. Such as "You will be the one who will open the door" and "You hold the mightiest weapon of all".

    After the events of the intro, Sora wakes up on shore of his island where we first encounter Kairi. Kairi mysteriously turned up on Sora's island a few years ago and has no memory of where she came from or what her old home was like. Kairi tells Sora that he was dreaming and he had just woken up. But Sora says that it wasn't a dream and gets confused. Next, Riku shows up into the scene holding a log telling Sora and Kairi to get back to work on the raft. Sora, Riku, and Kairi have been best friends their whole lives and are building a raft to take them to other worlds. On "Destiny Island" which is Sora's home, you encounter a few past Final Fantasy characters, such as Tidus (FFX), Wakka (FFX), and Selphie (FF8), and you can go around and challenge them to fights and eventually take them all on in 3 on 1. You can also talk and challenge Riku, but he is not that easy. After gathering all of the items for the raft Sora, Riku, and Kairi go home and rest up for the day they leave. But before they leave Kairi says some odd things to Sora. Kairi suggests that her and Sora take the raft and leave together without Riku but Sora says no. Next Kairi says to him "don't ever change". That night, there was a storm on the island and Sora goes to check on the raft, this is where the story really begins.

    Sora rushes out to check on the raft when he sees this huge ball of Darkness of a small island where you could fight Riku. Then he notices these bug like creatures coming out of the ground. Sora rushes over to Riku and trys to grab his hand when Riku dissapears, Sora is then given the "Keyblade". Sora rushes over to the cave on the island and sees Kairi, but a big gust of wind takes Sora back to where Riku was. Once he wakes up the island is gone and Darkside is back again. After you beat Darkside you are sucked up into the Darkness and enter a different world called Traverse Town. In an opening scene you see "Donald Duck" and "Goofy" who are some of Disneys biggest characters walking in Traverse Town. They were sent by their king to find a "Key" which of course is the Keyblade. "Pluto" wonders off where he finds Sora laying up against a wall. Sora is a little weary and thinks that its a dream, Pluto gives him a push and Sora finds out that its not a dream. He walks around and doesn't know where he is, until he says "I'm in another world".

    Sora goes into a shop where he meets Cid (FF7), Sora talks to Cid and asks where he is and tells him about what happened. Cid tells Sora to walk around the 3 Districts and to see whats going on. Sora goes into the Second District and he sees the shadow like creatures come up again. Next he goes into the 3rd District and finds more of the creatures and eventually goes back to Cid. Cid tells him that he'll look out for him for a while until he finds out whats going on. Sora walks out of the shop and is stopped by Leon (FF8), he says " They'll keep coming after you, as long as you wield the keyblade", sora gets confused and refuses to give it to him. Leon then challenges Sora to a fight. Whether or not you win this fight, you fall down un-concious. Sora wakes up in a hotel where he is with Leon and Yuffie (FF7). Leon and Yuffie tell Sora about the Keyblade and the "Heartless" which are the creatures that chase after Sora. A Heartless is something without a heart, they also seek out to find other hearts and turn people into heartless. But Leon tells sora that the Heartless have a great fear for the Keyblade. As long as he has the keyblade the more the heartless will come after Sora. Yuffie then brings up a man named "Ansem". The scene turns over to the room next to them with Areith (FF7), Donald , and Goofy. Areith tells donald and goofy about Ansem, saying that he studied the heartless and wrote a report about them but it is scattered all over the different worlds. The scene goes back to Leon, Yuffie, and Sora where Sora asks about his island, riku, and kairi. A leon can say is "You know what i really don't know". A heartless appears in the room and Leon tells yuffie to go with Areith. Leon tells Sora to ignore these small fry and look for the leader. Sora heads over to the 3rd District where he is met by Donald and Goofy, well actually they kinda fall on him. Barriers come out of the ground as heartless appear, the 3 heros have no other choice but to fight. After defeating the heartless and Guard Armor, Donald and Goofy introduce themselves to Sora and ask him to come along with them to find their king. Leon comes in and tells Sora to go with them especially if he wants to find his friends. On that note Sora, Donald, and Goofy set out to other worlds. A scene comes up showing a few people surrounding an orb. They are Captain Hook, Oogie Boogie, Ursala, Jafar, Hades, and their leader Malificent. They talk about Sora and a "Keyhole", Malificent has no worry of Sora cause she thinks he will never find all of them and the scene fades out.

    Sora, Donald and Goofy set out on the Gummi Ship which takes them to other worlds. But most of the time heartless ships try to stop them from going to their desired destination, so this is no easy bout. Along the way Sora, Donald and Goofy travel to different worlds like "Wonderland", "Olympus Collisiem", and "Deep Jungle", meeting characters like Hercules, Hades, Tarzan, Jane, Clayton, Alice etc...... In deep Jungle is where the 3 heros find one of the "Keyholes" Malificent was talking about, but Sora doesn't know what it is so he goes back to Traverse Town to talk to Leon. Leon tells Sora that the Keyhole is where all of the heartless come from to destroy the worlds. Sora needs to use the keyblade to seal the Keyhole to stop more heartless from coming into the world and causing more harm. Sora goes back to Cid and Cid tells them to take a book to a wizards house.
    Sora takes the book to the house where he meets Merlin the Wizard. Merlin tells Sora about the book and says that some pages are missing from it, meaning that he would pick up the pages in other worlds. When Sora walks out of the house he is reunited with Riku. Sora tells Riku about him searching other worlds with Donald and Goofy. Riku is also surprised when he sees Sora with the Keyblade, Sora asks Riku to come with them but Donald interupts saying that he cant come. The next they know Riku has dissapeared. Sora goes to an old house where he meets up with Cid, Leon, Yuffie, and Areith and they tell Sora about Malificent. A scene then comes up and we see Malificent and Riku outside the house Sora is in. Malificent tells Riku that Sora has abanded him with Donald and Goofy. Malificent tells Riku to help her, the scene then goes back to Sora inside the house. Cid tells Sora, Donald, and Goofy that he fixed up their gummi ship and put in warp-g that helps them get around to worlds they've already been to. Cid tells them to go check out the big bell that keeps ringing and to pull the rope 3 times. When they get there Sora rings the bell 3 times and another Guard Armor appears, you take out Guard armor a lot easier this time but its not Guard armor that is the threat. The big heartless switches itself around and turns into opposite armor. Once you take out Opposite Armor you obtain the "Areo" magic and then seal the keyhole to Traverse Town for good. Sora, Donald, and Goofy then head out to other worlds to stop Malificent and seal the keyholes.

    End of Part 1
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    Part 2

    Sora, Donald, Goofy hop aboard the Gummi Ship and head to the next destination called "Agrabah". In the opening scene Jafar and Maleficent are walking down an alleyway looking for Princess Jasmine and the Keyhole to the world. Like Alice, Jasmine is one of the "Princes of Heart" which open Kingdom Hearts and the heart of all worlds. Sora starts in the alleyway where Jafar and Maleficent were found and heartless appear. Sora goes to "Aladdin’s House" and finds a carpet stuck under a box. The carpet takes you to Aladdin and he goes with Sora to stop Jafar from capturing her. Jafar is found in "The Cave of Wonders" by Sora and the gang where Sora defeats jafar and sucks back into the lamp. Jasmine was captured by someone after Jafar is defeated. When they come back up from the hole where Jafar was defeated Aladdin notices that Jasmine is gone, Sora quickly seals the Keyhole and escapes the Cave of Wonders before it closes in on them. They meet back up at Aladdin’s house where Aladdin’s offers to go with Sora to find Jasmine. Sora tells him that he can’t come with them but Aladdin then offers Genie to go with them. As the gang leaves Agrabah a scene goes back to Maleficent in the room they were looking at the orb in. They say that Jafar was beyond help but wasn't strong enough to take care of Sora and finding the keyhole.

    The gang gets back on the gummi ship when they go to 3 more worlds "Monstro", "Atlantica", and "Halloween Town". In Monstro Sora finds ponocio and gepetto because they are stuck in the whale that swallows him. Pinocchio runs off and Sora goes off to look for him. Riku comes in and says that he’s playing with Pinocchio but Sora doesn't know what’s going on. When Soras find Riku again Riku offers Sora to come with him and to save Kairi. But Sora refuses because he knows that Riku is on the Wrong side, suddenly a heartless named Parasite Cage falls in front of them. Riku disappears and Sora has no choice but to defeat the Parasite Cage. Once it is defeated Sora, Donald, Goofy flee from the world before it is destroyed.
    A scene goes to a room where Kari is laying down un-conscious. Riku and Maleficent are talking and Riku asks if Kairi is just a lifeless puppet, Maleficent says that her heart has been captured by the heartless. Riku asks what he has to do to save her, Maleficent gives Riku the power to control the heartless and the scene fades out.

    Sora, Donald, and Goofy get back on the gummi ship and head to the next 2 worlds, where they meet Ariel, Flounder, King Triton, Ursula, Jack Skellington, and Dr. Finklstein etc... And face enemies like Ursula and Oggie Boogie. The next world Sora and the gang goes to is Neverland where they are actually interfered and captured by a pirate ship. When Sora gets on the ship he walks around and then encounters Riku yet again, this time Riku can now control Heartless. Sora asks where Donald and Goofy are and Riku asks "are they really that important to you?” Sora is quick to respond saying that they are his friends and Riku shows Sora Kairi. Sora is shocked to see her but Riku then drops the hatch and Sora falls into another room where he finds Donald and Goofy. Sora tells them about finding Kairi and they said that they need to go find her. When they get off the floor they meet Peter Pan who is looking for his friend Wendy. When Peter first met Sora he wasn't too thrilled to meet him and he said " were in this together but only until I find Wendy". Sora walks out of the room and works his way around the ship, until he finds a room where Riku is carrying Kairi. Sora tries to stop Riku but all of a sudden a heartless form of Sora appears out of the ground called "Anti-Sora". Once Sora defeats Anti-Sora, they find a hatch in the floor which takes them to another room where Peter finds Wendy. Peter said he would like to help but he needs to take care of Wendy first. Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk out onto the main deck where they meet "Captain Hook". Sora demands to know where Riku took Kairi because he has run off. "Captain Hook" tells him that he went to "Hollow Bastion" where Maleficent resides. He then tells them that he won’t be going there unless Sora hands over the keyblade. If Sora refuses he has to walk the plank. Sora walks to the edge of the plank and remembers that Peter said to believe and you can do anything. Sora jumps off the plank but then flys up and glides around. Peter comes back saying that he couldn't leave Sora and tink behind. Sora and the gang fight some heartless and then fight Captain Hook. Once you defeat Captain Hook tinkerbell comes in and tells Peter that something is wrong at the clock tower. They fly over to the clock tower where Sora fixed the arrows on the it and then Sora seals the keyhole. A little scene comes up back to when Sora and Riku were little kids exploring the cave where the door was. When they were walking out Riku notices that there was a keyhole on the door and then the scene fades out. Sora talks to Peter saying that he has to go, before leaving Peter asks Sora to take Tinkerbell with him; he also gives him a guumi-block so the gang runs back to Traverse Town to talk to Cid. A scene comes in with Riku and Maleficent in what we now know is Hollow Bastion, and Maleficent tells Riku he shouldn't abuse the power of darkness because Riku is very tired. All of a sudden they here a loud rawr and Maleficent tells Riku to go see who it is and take care of him.

    Sora hops back on the ship and goes back to Traverse Town, once they talk to Cid a scene comes in and Sora is sad because Kairi has lost her heart. Donald and Goofy remind him what they told him to keep a happy face and always smile. A scene comes in again where Sora is flying around and ends up in this Library where he sees Kairi as a little a girl and her grandmother. The grandmother tells a story about warriors who once saved other worlds using the power of light. The scene fades back into Traverse Town where Sora is ready to go to Hollow Bastion and save Riku and Kairi. Cid comes back and says that the gummi-ship is ready and they off to Hollow Bastion.

    End of Part 2
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    Part 3

    Sora, Donald, and Goofy hop on the gummi ship and head to Hollow Bastion to find Riku and Kairi and to defeat Maleficent once and for all. When they get there they find Riku and the beast fighting, when the beast gets hurt Sora rushes over to help him. Riku then tells Sora that his work is done and they don't need him anymore. Sora is confused until the keyblade gets taken away from Sora. The keyblade then comes in Riku's hands saying that he is the keyblade master. He says that there is only one who save Kairi and change the world. Sora then says that he was the one who fought here with the keyblade, but then finds out that he was just the delivery boy. As Riku walks away Donald reminds Goofy that they have to remember their mission by following the key, Donald turns around to Sora saying he’s sorry. Beast then tells Sora that he needs to find Belle and he’s not leaving without her. Sora says that he’s not leaving either until he saves Kairi.

    Beast and Sora make their way up into the gates to enter the castle; Sora can't fight any heartless because he is left with the wooden sword he started out with on his island. So they make their way up to the gate and then entered the castle. Sora walks into the room and Beast gets distracted by a heartless and gets locked in a closet. Sora turns around and sees Riku and his old companions. Riku says you need to turn around but Sora refuses to leave without Kairi, Riku tries to take out Sora by casting magic at him. Goofy then jumps in front of Sora blocking it with his shield. He told riku that he wasn't going anywhere, Riku told goofy "that he would betray his king?” Goofy says "not on your life but I wont betray Sora either because he’s become one of my best buddies after everything we've gone through together". Goofy says goodbye to Donald and asks him to tell the king that he was sorry. Donald changes his mind and joins Sora again. Now the keyblade chooses its wielder by whoever has the strongest heart. He told Riku that he didn't need a weapon to fight because his friends are his power. The keyblade disappeared from Riku's hands and reappeared in Sora's hands because at that moment Sora's heart was stronger than Riku's. After you fight Riku he runs off and Beast comes out saying “so your heart won this battle". A scene shows Riku running down the hall when he’s asking himself why the keyblade went back to him. Then a voice appears saying that Sora's heart was stronger than Riku's. Riku asks what he can do. The man takes off his hood and reveals himself to have on a white robe and the heartless symbol on his chest. He morphs into Riku making him stronger then the scene fades out. Sora makes his way up the castle until he makes it into the Castle Chapel where he confronts Maleficent and fights her. Once you defeat her she goes into a warp hole of darkness. When you enter the hole you see Maleficent out of breath and hurt. Riku walks in and asks if she needed some help. Sora and the gang walk in, Donald notices that Riku has a keyblade, but this keyblade can unlock people’s hearts. He then stabs Maleficent turning her into a dragon that you will have to fight. Once you defeat her for good it seems that the heartless were using her all along. When you walk out of the hole another door opens for Sora and his friends.

    Walk through the door where you encounter Riku's different form and Kairi laying on the ground. Riku tells Sora that Kairi's heart is inside of Sora and she has been with her all along. Riku walks over to Sora and tries to release Kairi's heart from Sora, but quickly Sora blocks Riku's attack. Then this is the final showdown between these two former best friends. After you defeat Riku he starts to fade away when Donald and Goofy are standing at the top of the keyhole telling Sora to hurry up and seal it. Sora remembers that the final keyhole cannot be complete without all of the princesses of hearts. Kairi's heart is inside of Sora meaning he couldn't seal the keyhole. Sora then notices the keyblade Riku was using and then stabs him to release Kairi's heart. When Kairi wakes up she tries to stop him but it’s too late. Sora disappeared into darkness. Suddenly the man who morphed into Riku appeared and said that he was Ansem. Donald and Goofy tried to fight him but then Ansem was stopped by Riku. Riku told them to leave because the heartless were coming. As you see Kairi, Donald, and Goofy run out of the room, you see a heartless standing there that was actually Sora. Sora hurries down to the room and sees the gang trying to get Kairi to leave. Sora comes down and Kairi can feel that the heartless was indeed Sora so Kairi tried to protect him until Sora turns back into his normal self. Beast comes back in and tells them they need to get out of here. Sora goes back to Traverse Town to talk to Leon and to leave Kairi there with them as they go back to seal the keyhole and save Riku. Sora heads back to Hollow Bastion where Beast is reunited with Belle. Sora makes his way back to the keyhole and walks inside it. There was a creature called "Behemoth" guarding the keyhole. When you defeat Behemoth Sora seals the final keyhole and walks back out to find Leon and the gang outside waiting. They tell Sora that once you defeat Ansem that the gateways to other worlds will be cut off and you will never be able to go back. Sora then suggests the gummi-ship but there were walls blocking it off. Leon then says "we may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other." Sora walks back down to the library to get the ansem reports from Areith. Next Sora leaves Hollow Bastion and goes to defeat Ansem and settle this once and for all.

    End of Part 3
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    Part 4

    Sora, Donald, and Goofy hop on the gummi-ship for the last time and make their way to defeat Ansem once and for all. When they reach their destination "End of the World", they start off in a cave and walk out of it to see what’s left of the worlds taken over by the heartless. Some questions go around from Sora asking what’s going to happen we defeat Ansem. And what will happen to us and this world? Donald tries to answer but doesn't have a reply for it. Then Goofy comes in and says that this is a heartless world, it will just disappear. Goofy also tells them that they will reach home safe and be with their friends again. Sora knows they will make it and pulls out the lucky charm Kairi gave him in Traverse Town. He says “ill return this, I promise".

    When you walk around at first, it seems like there’s trails and you have to keep walking to the treasure chests to make it around. whenever you open a chest it would usually start a battle or make a giant ball of darkness come down on you and you would have to fight some heartless, which at this point of the game are more or less minor bosses. Whenever you would defeat a group of heartless you would obtain the item that was in the chest to start with. After they make their way through the paths they come across another "Behemoth". This shouldn't be much of a challenge now. Sora, Donald, and Goofy make their through the next door and are in a valley full of gummy pieces. Goofy asks where Ansem was and then Sora says that we have to keep moving to find out. Glide around until you come across a portal that will take you onto mountains with telapoters on them. The teleporters take them through every world they went to except Hollow Bastion. They have to fight a certain amount of heartless and then collect some rare accessories from that world where they first obtained it. While going through this they come across all sorts of heartless depending on the world you were in. Once you make it to the second to last portal you end up in an alleyway where you have to fight some more heartless, once they are defeated go into the room that’s in the alleyway and try to activate the machine. It say your time has come, more heartless appear and the door shuts on you. Defeat the heartless to get out of the room to make your way back to Ansem. The last portal takes you to "The 100 Acre Wood" where there aren't any heartless but there is a save point. Make your way out of the world and you will see a hole in the ground. Go through the hole to fight the guardian of the bald mountain. Sora, Donald, and Goofy float down and see a mountain and some kind of creature sleeping. With your unwelcoming visit the creature known as "Chernabog" wakes up and it looks like he challenges you to a fight, the only way to make it to Ansem is to defeat the huge creature. After you defeat Chernabog he disappears and you obtain the shared ability "Superglide". With chernabog gone you may now make your way through the mountain and inch closer and closer to Ansem.

    Sora, Donald, and Goofy glide around to the bottom of the mountain and walk through a few more portals. At the end of them you fall into a mysterious room, but you need to act fast because there is another Behemoth waiting for you. He quickly tries to jump on you but that’s probably the only real threat in this fight. After you take care of Behomath you see a heartless symbol at the end of the room, with Behomath gone a piece of that symbol fell off. More and more heartless appear, and Sora now knows that the only way to get through is to destroy the symbol. The only way to do that is to destroy the remaining heartless. This might be the hardest part of the game though when it comes to long story mode battles. You need to defeat the strongest heartless in the game, once you do the heartless symbol is gone and the gate has opened. Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk through the door that was opened and Sora notices another door, but this one seems a little more familiar. If you noticed way back on Destiny Islands after Riku disappears and you go to find kairi, the secret place's entry changes when a huge door appears. When you walk into the room after Sora notices the door again. Donald asks if there was anything wrong and Sora says that this looks familiar. Some texts come above the screen saying “Remember this is the last stand, what lies beyond this door is where it ends", but for some reason Sora was the only one who heard. Donald asks Sora what was wrong again because it seems like he spaced out. Sora says he’s okay and says "let’s go", they walk through the door and into the final confrontation.

    When they reach the destination it looks like your back on Destiny Islands where it all started. Sora is confused and asks if it was his Island. They walk over to the secret place and try to see what was in there. But all of a sudden you start to hear phrases that have been said through the whole game. Such as "This world has been connected, tied to the darkness", as parts of the island start to disappear more words keep coming up. "Soon to be completely eclipsed", "A meaningless effort, "One who knows nothing can understand nothing". After the man stops talking s scene comes in and shows Riku standing on the shore of the island. Sora and the gang run up to him but with caution because last time they saw Riku he was working for the heartless.

    When you reach Riku the final battle begins, but first there’s a cut scene. Riku starts to talk but turns into Ansem, the one they have really been looking for all along. Ansem says "Take a look at this tiny place, with a heart seeking freedom, this island is a prison surrounded by water, and so this boy sought out to escapse his prison, he found a way go into other worlds and he opened his heart to darkness", Riku then turns into Ansem. Sora was worried for Riku but ansem says that your voice can no longer reach him where he is, and says that his heart again belongs to darkness. Ansem starts to talk about how darkness is the true power and the heart of all worlds. Sora says that’s not true. Sora then says “The heart may be weak but it never gives in, and I’ve learned that deep down there’s a light that never goes out!". Ansem raises above the ground and says "So you have come this far and still you understand nothing, every light must fade every heart return to darkness!" the battle with ansem starts but it’s not that difficult, once you beat him he falls back and more of the island gets destroyed. Sora, Donald and Goofy go to fight Ansem again but once reaches him Donald and Goofy get blocked off, meaning that Sora was on his own. The battle doesn't immediately start with the fight with Ansem, but first an old enemy has come back for revenge. Darkside comes back to challenge you for the last time. He’s not any different then how he was in the start but this he has more HP and draws heartless more often, he should be an easy opponent to take care of. After Darkside is gone Ansem reappears and you have to fight him one on one. This fight can a little harder and he has a few more attacks now. But he is still pretty easy to defeat.

    A scene comes in and you see sora, Donald, and Goofy confused about where they are. Then you hear Ansem's voice. He says, "Look as hard as you are able you will not find the smallest glimmer of light, “Within darkness are all hearts born, even yours". Sora looks down and sees a huge ship of heartless surrounding him. " Darkness conquers all worlds!" says Ansem, all of a sudden Donald and Goofy are pulled into portals and disappear. Sora falls and then he hears Riku say “Giving up already? Come one Sora I thought you were stronger than that." Sora then floats back up and pulls out his keyblade to fight this bigger version of Ansem. If you do well on Ursula and Chernabog then this should be a pretty easy fight. Just dodge the lasers he summons and then attack him like crazy. After ansem is defeated he lies down and rests, Sora then goes into the first portal to destroy the core. When you get inside there you to fight some shadows by yourself and destroy the core. Once you do that you are sent out again and must destroy some tentacles to open the next portal. After you destroy them go through the opened portal and you will find Goofy. Sora and Goofy have to fight some Darkball enemies to get to the core; after they are defeated they destroy the core and head out of the portal. Sora and Goofy glide out of the portal and see that the face on the front of the ship has woken up. Sora and Goofy fight the face and must defeat it to reach the final portal and save Donald. After it is defeated Sora and Goofy enter the final portal to destroy the last core and save Donald. When they get in there Donald is back with you and you must destroy Invisible enemies. After they are gone destroy the core and get out of the portal. Once they leave the portal the face gets destroyed and blows up. With Donald and Goofy back with you a gate opens up to the main core. Once you defeat that then you can finally take care of Ansem forever. With the Main Core destroyed Ansem wakes back up and it is time to finish him off for good. Sora, Donald, and Goofy use all they got to take care of him for good; once they do you have successfully defeated Kingdom Hearts.

    The final scene shows Ansem hurt and says “The keyblade alone cannot defeat the darkness", Ansem turns around and says “Kingdom Hearts! Fill me with the power of darkness!" Sora comes in and says “You’re wrong! I know now without a doubt Kingdom Hearts is light!". The door to Kingdom Hearts opens and light shoots out of the door. Ansem is covered in light and says “L-light?" “b-but why?". Ansem is destroyed and the only thing left to do is close the door to Kingdom Hearts. Sora, Donald, and Goofy run over to the door and try to close it but its too heavy. Donald looks inside and sees 1000's of heartless, they try to hurry as fast as they can but it seems to be no use. Riku then comes in on the other side of the door and says “Come on Sora, together we can do it", Sora nods and tries to close the door. Two darkside appear on the other side and more and more heartless as well. Donald then says "It's hopeless!” But out of nowhere the darkside's are destroyed, Donald and goofy are confused as they see their king hop above, they both say "The King!" as they finally found the king. King Mickey then says to Sora “Now Sora lets close this thing for good", Sora is confused and Goofy says “Sora you can trust king Mickey", "Don't worry, there will always be a door to the light". The king turns around and says "Donald, Goofy, thank you". Sora, Donald, Goofy and Riku push and pull as hard as they can to close the door, but before it closes Riku says "Take care of her", Sora looks at Riku and nods as the door is shut closed. Sora jumps back and pulls out his keyblade preparing to seal it for good and King Mickey pulls out his keyblade. They both cast their magic and the door to Kingdom Hearts is gone. With the door gone Sora looks back and sees Kairi, he runs over to her. Donald tries to follow him but Goofy stops him. Sora reaches Kairi just before the platform breaks off to take her back home. Sora says " Kairi no matter what I’ll always be with you, I’ll come back to you I promise!” Kairi says "I know you will" their hands break apart and Kairi goes back into the Island. That’s the end of Kingdom Hearts 1.

    The ending music and credits come in showing Kairi back on the Island and all the worlds that are now safe from the darkness and the heartless. After the credits we see Sora, Donald, and Goofy walking down a road. Goofy asks "what do we do now?” Sora says "we got to look for Riku and the king. Goofy asks “But where do we start looking for that door to the light?". Pluto then comes back out holding a letter in his mouth; Goofy notices that it’s the king's seal. Sora asks do you know where the king is. Pluto runs off and Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow him running and smiling down the road. This is the end of Kingdom Hearts 1.

    Kingdom Hearts went on to make to sequels called "Chain of Memories", "Kingdom Hearts 2" which also went on to be great games. There are also 2 final mixes which is basically the director’s cut of the original games, but these are only for Japan and will not be coming to the U.S. There are also 3 upcoming titles for the Kingdom Hearts series called "Birth By Sleep" which is a prequel to the first game, 358/2 Days which describes the story of when Roxas (who is sora's nobody) was in the Organization XIII before he betrayed them, and Coded, and a game for Mobile Phone that is said to take place after Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts went on to become the most successful series to come out of Square Enix and Director Tetsuya Nomura still plans on making a Kingdom Hearts 3 in the future for the Playstation 3. This is my favorite game of all-time, and you can now see why.

    The End.
  5. man this is everything. were did you find the time to type this all down. or did you copy and paste
  6. UltimaxWeapon SSFW II - 3rd Place Champion

    This is 100% written by me.
  7. i dont think i could do this
  8. UltimaxWeapon SSFW II - 3rd Place Champion

    Well, I'm gonna ask a mod to sticky this. Just incase any noobs don't know what they missed in KH1, or if they're confused on parts. I'll do one for KH2 soon.
  9. Roxas[Nobody] Fenrir Wielder

    uhh this is cool. dont forget CoM :p i can do that one for you if you want. Now that i have more time.
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    Yea, you can do CoM. But i'm doing KH2.
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