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    Main Idea

    The game is mainly about Sora and Mickey. After finding an entry in his journal that he didn’t write, “we must return to free them from their torment,” Jiminy confronts King Mickey about it and so he digitizes the contents (along with himself and Sora), and they go and investigate.


    Kingdom Hearts Coded as seen, it shows Sora, Mickey and Jiminy make an appearance. Other old favourites such as Donald, Goofy and Pluto, etc will also return.

    Time Setting

    Kingdom Hearts Coded takes place after Kingdom Hearts 2.


    Kingdom Hearts Coded will come out for the mobile phone; confirmed by TGS 2007.


    Half puzzle game, half action/RPG. There will also be something called ‘Debugging mode’ in Coded, and basically this means that Sora will confront bugs (the type found in your computer, not insects) when he approaches normal enemies. Sora will need to clear the bugs (that look like blocks) in order to fight. We have already seen a screenshot of this. The bugs also have other purposes too. They can be used to help Sora get higher up, and they can be used in puzzle games.

    • Coded is considered to be the brother of Agito XIII.
    • Nomura wanted to make it a playground for the fans.
    • This game will clarify where Riku and the King was during Kingdom Hearts 1.
    • The scene of Riku in Neverland is to show what Riku was thinking before he kidnapped Kairi.
    • Sora can glide in Coded.
    • The heartless have invaded the data, however they are not bugs.
    • Upgrade Points (VP) can be used to help Sora become stronger, and these are done by bug eliminatin and heartless destroyed. Each heartless is worth 10 points.
    • Debugs have a certain timelimit, if you fail to eliminate the bug then you can attempt again with other debugging methods.
    • The scene showing Traverse Town where Sora meets Donald and Goofy will be focusing on what Pluto did during that time.
    • Kingdom Hearts: Coded was the first game of the trio to be given a release date. It is to go out Winter 2008 in Japan, along with Kingdom Hearts: 358 Days / 2.

    Trailer Explanation By Famitsu:

    When the video begins, we are introduced with a series of images, followed by the words "Kingdom Hearts: New Concepts and Game Titles." Right after this, the ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 plays, followed by the phrases "The secret ending has been dealt with, and the worlds extend once again" and "flow".

    The screen fades back in to Jiminy Cricket and the phrase "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories". He is peering into his journal, noticing a phrase he cannot remember writing. It reads "You need to return, to heal the wounds". This phrase seems to alert Jiminy in some way, as he runs off to report the finding to King Mickey. The king is startled by the discovery, but only replies with "Only he is the one who can solve it."

    We fade in and out to Sora standing on the beach at Destiny Islands. He is wearing his Kingdom Hearts 1 style clothing, but he is only shown as computer data being transmitted.

    When the image of Sora dissapears, a battle scene commences. As Sora is movning blocks around to finsish a puzzle game, heartless are attacking from all angles. The gameplay mecahnics seem very odd. After the puzzle is finished, a command called "Debugging" appears on the screen. After being activated, Sora moves extremely quickly and then vanishes.

    The last scene includes Sora aned Mickey in Traverse Town. Mickey says to no one in particular "I was here on that day." and "Let's speak truly". We are then presented with the name of the game: Kingdom Hearts: Coded.

    Kingdom Hearts: Coded DKΣ3713 Event Trailer Summary:

    Twilight Town, Cid makes an appearance
    Organization XIII: "Show your power."
    Mickey, Jiminy, Goofy, Donald, look into Jiminy's Journal
    "One wound is left."
    New scene is shown.

    Tokyo Game Show 2008 Trailer Report:

    Background Music: Destati, drammatica version.

    "A forbidden secret――"

    Traverse Town
    The King holds out a hand to Sora coming out of the back alley.
    King Mickey: "Sora, your journey began here."
    King Mickey: "What you don’t know is, that I was here on that day too."
    King Mickey: "I'm going to tell you the truth."

    Destiny Islands, the secret place.
    A person wearing the coat of a Organization XIII member appears before Sora's eyes.

    Organization member: "This world is damaged."
    Organization member: "You'll have to go if you want to heal it's wounds."

    Battle screens are shown.

    Traverse Town.
    Sora receives something glittery (probably data) from the person in the Organization coat.

    Traverse Town, first district.
    The person in the coat stands in front of some stairs.
    Bugs spread from under their feet, appearing as black and red blocks.
    Sora confronts the person in the coat

    Sora: "It's you causing this catastrophe!?"

    Disney Castle, the study/libary room.
    The person in the Organization XIII coat appears in front of the King, Jiminy Cricket, Goofy, and Donald.
    Again, the bugs spread from underneath their feet.

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    Coded Media: Interviews

    (will be updated)


    Interviewer: The gane is played on a horizontal screen, even though the game is for mobile phones, why is this?"

    Nomura: This is not just the length screen but also a model screen specification for the most recent cellphones. It is what we assume the game to look like when it's released to the public. The method for the horizontal screen has already been talked about, it is a basic horizontal screen size.

    Interviewer: Are the graphics 3D or 2D?

    Nomura: The background is 3D, and the characters are 2D. The development of this game is still in progress, and we plan to have the game both 3D and 2D. The reason is so that we can have the game available to a range of cellphones. The reason we developed this idea is because we wish to send this game overseas.

    Interviewer: How exactly will the game be executed?

    Nomura: Unlike larger games in development, we always thought the world of Kingdom Hearts could be made mobile. For instance, there is a huge amusement park, and the main attraction is KHc (Kingdom Hearts Coded). It can be like an entrance to an amusement park, free of charge, allowing you to visit each world. That is the delivery plan of KHc. We plan on taking full advantage for the mobile phone.

    Interviewer: Will the storyline be based on Sora's adventures in Kingdom Hearts?

    Nomura: The timeline is based after Kingdom Hearts II. Jiminy is analyzing his journal through a computer simulation, and the adventure will take place in that. Therefore the player is not playing as Sora himself, but Data of Sora. The world that was shown was a stage, though this was through the time of COM, and re:COM over the memory of Sora.

    Interviewer: What gameplay elements are there?

    Nomura: This is going to be a puzzle game, mixed with action. After analyzing Jiminy's Journal, many bugs are found. The area (worlds? levels?) must be analyzed in order to find the bug that is violating the data, and then you need to remove the bug. However some (levels?) may get a bit more confusing as there will be ladders Sora will use to get to higher areas.

    Interviewer: When do you think this game will be released?

    Nomura: You may have to wait a while, as there are still some problems with the specs of cellphones for now. (Meaning, at this time, cellphones cannot handle these graphics.) However we are not asking you to wait for 2, or 3 years. (Possibly this means around a year or so)

    Interviewer: Will these works be connected with the "New" Kingdom Hearts game?

    Nomura: KHc features Sora. However, the DS and PSP are both completely different stories, though I cannot say what they are yet. I can say these titles are not the last of the series, and all three will connect to a New Kingdom Hearts Game sooner or later.


    Interviewer: How will this continue after the KH2 Story?

    Nomura: What Sora and Co. are doing in the 'real' world will not be shown. This is because the story continues in the Data world. There are many mysteries that will be answered in this game, and there may be key points that will be important to the future of the series. The phone that this game will come out on, is not released yet. But this means when it is released, there will be many possibilities with this game in the future.


    What level of quality do you believe the new cell phone game will be? Will it be the same as the other two games?

    Hajime: We plan on getting Coded to the same level as Final Fantasy Agito XIII. However, that’s still being thought over.

    What is the concept of this game?

    Nomura: I wanted to make this like a playground for fans, like Disneyland, where there are many attractions for different kinds of people. I want to try the same thing with game content instead.

    Hajime: Actually, to start it off, Nomura was drunk at midnight and began to explain the idea, with the help of the whiteboard and its content for the mobile phone. A lot of planning happened that night.

    Nomura: At that point, it wasn't even really going to be part of the Kingdom Hearts series. However, when planning any game, it's always best to start with a story.
    Hajime: At first the plan seemed terrible, but at the same time interesting. After all, Kingdom Hearts is special.

    Nomura: We thought about various elements that could be added into the story, to help extend the game. For instance, in Before Crisis FFVII and Monotone, there was a new battle system as well as chapters to help work the system. We might make it the same for Kingdom Hearts Coded.

    Are there big plans for this game, since it takes place after Kingdom Hearts II?

    Nomura: Yes, however, I should point out that Sora from Kingdom Hearts (the first one) is only appearing in those clothes because the Jiminy Journal is taking data from the very beginning of their journey. Therefore, the Sora is not the original, but a data copy. Sora’s memory is also erased, and he has to go through his adventures again to solve the mystery of the data bugs.

    Then this means players can enjoy adventuring with Sora, without worrying about a change in personality from the original Sora. Will there be a developing story in the real world, too?

    Nomura: At first I wasn't sure, but I believe events in the real world will be talked about as well. There is currently also a story in development about the real world.

    Chain of Memories included/followed the storyline of Kingdom Hearts—will Coded also follow the events of the first game?

    Nomura: Chain of Memories was created to relive the worlds created by Sora's memory. This game differs from Chain of Memories, as there will be a brand new story, since the bug has corrupted the data. Questions will be answered too, such as where the King had gone, and also what Riku had been doing while the storyline of Kingdom Hearts was happening.

    In the Jiminy Journal, it reads "We must return to free them from their torment". Who exactly is “them” referring to? Are they characters we've seen before in previous Kingdom Hearts games?

    Nomura: I can’t tell you that yet. Actually, it's not even possible to really explain it yet, as it is about the true enemy of the game. Even though there are Heartless in the game that are made out of data, they are not the real cause of the trouble.

    How does the battle system work?

    Hajime: The Kingdom Hearts series’ button layout makes it simple to recreate it for the cellphone, and it will have that same combat feel. However, at the same time, we will be putting in new elements. One example is the "Debugging Mode", which was created to eliminate the bug.

    Will you be using any other elements that might make use of the telecommunication feature?

    Hajime: It will, for instance: going into the players’ world. In other words, it's possible to interfere with other players, as they all share the world together. An example being that if there is trouble in the world of Player B, Player A can go there and help them solve the bug, and then return to the world of Player A.

    The invasion of the bug is one thing--will there be other problems/conflict within the game?

    Hajime: The bug is likely to be the first aspect of the problem, and is also one of the main concepts of the game. There may be other problems as well, but you'll have to wait to find out what they are.

    Will anyone be able to enjoy this game, even amongst those who haven’t played Kingdom Hearts?

    Hajime: The Kingdom Hearts franchise has become a series where players will understand later installments better, since they have played the previous games. However, for Coded, I believe people who haven't even touched Kingdom Hearts can play this game for the first time, and still enjoy it.

    Nomura: I will be preparing the playground for people to enjoy the game. I think everyone should look forward to the day it opens. (Laughs)


    About the line, "their torment has been lessened"; whenever a mission is completed, does that wound heal?

    Tabata: It's not as simple as that.

    Nomura: When you advance to the next stage, a movie event is shown. I think the beginning of the latest trailer reflected it, the lines "A forbidden secret――" are connected to it. Though it is on the mobile phone, it's not to be taken lightly. The contents of it's story draw near to the conviction of the series.

    Are it's contents connected to the future of the Kingdom Hearts series?

    Nomura: That's right. It's in a position similar to how Chain of Memories was. I think if you can play it, you'll recognize it draws upon the mysteries of the entire series.

    What kind of story will it become?

    Nomura: "Their torment has been lessened" is the foundation of the story, and the "forbidden secret" is connected to it.

    Being made from the data of Jiminy's Journal, will it relive the first Kingdom Hearts?

    Nomura: Even though it advances according to the story of Kingdom Hearts, the stages are different and each one slowly approaches the "forbidden secret". Why did someone leave a message in the Jiminy Journal? The story will solve this mystery.

    Is there a connection to 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep?

    Nomura: Yes, they link in various ways.

    The arrow commands were revealed publicly, it seems the game could be played with only one hand?

    Tabata: Now one can enjoy Kingdom Hearts quality gaming with the input buttons of their mobile phone, this will lead to other elements.

    Nomura: Since the contents of mobile phone software has become outstanding, please anticipate this game.


    KH Coded is the direct sequel of KHII, could you tells about it's highlights?

    The content of KH Coded is similar to that of KH Chain of Memories. Even for players who aren't aware of the previous story, everyone will be able to deepen their understanding of the KH series. Therefore people who already fans of KH will really want to play this game by all means.

    What kind of concrete development will it have?

    Nomura: The story investigates the mystery message left inside Jiminy's Journal, so like in COM the characters travel through the past. But like the case of COM, a new drama following KH unfolds, those intervals will enter as original episodes. In the case of KH Coded, they visit the same Traverse Town but something is different. Why is that? Examining those kind of parts close up becomes the content of this game.

    A very deep story seems to unfold.

    Nomura: It's breadth is not so vast, but the inner part of the story becomes deep. At the private event last month the keywords "the forbidden secret" were compiled in the trailer, so generally speaking that becomes the image of this title.

    In recent screenshots, depictions of arrows on the screen are shown, are these instructions for attacking?

    Nomura: The arrows indicate the order of input for the direction keys. The system works by inputting the keys in order which results in a simple combo of attacks. Since it's operations are suited to work on the mobile phone, it becomes similar to ordinary mobile phone operations.

    Will KH Coded also be released via mobile delivery format?

    Nomura: That's right, but it won't be released in it's entirety. Because the KH series is based on moving through the worlds while advancing the story, I'm thinking that the new worlds for the title will be distributed gradually.

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    Coded Media: Scans

    (will be updated)


    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG][IMG]




    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
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    I've been looking for this game for years. I have an andriod and me can no find :/

    Does anyone know where I can find it?

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