Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Revealed

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News' started by Autosaver, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Well worst part KH3 is going duel consoling with PS4 and Xbox One..
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    If true, it will be interesting to see if we finally have a Dark Realm world to explore (Riku/Mickey searching for Aqua), and a return trip to Castle Oblivion for Ven and how they will design it. It had better be playable though, as I'd like to see Riku as a fully fleshed out player character with KH's battle menu, rather than the command deck/card deck.
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    I feel like this will finally mark Kairi as a frontrunning and maybe even playable character for the first time in the series. That and I really want to know how Axel gained the ability to wield a keyblade without being bequeathed the ability by a previous keyblade master. Unless his connection with Roxas is the link, which I can only assume it is. They may have shared a beyond-Nobody emotional bonding that Nobodies may sometimes have.

    And it will also be interesting to see the resurface of the 7 princesses of heart as relevant plot devices again, keeping in mind the idea that the 7 keyblade wielders must stop Xehanort and his new Organization from either reaching the seven princesses, or using the hearts of the wielders themselves. At this point Xehanort is working with a few options to reforge the X-Blade, and whichever he chooses will obviously be a problem for the protags.
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    Command Deck. It's confirmed they will return to the battle menu for KH3 and only potentially implement aspects of the command deck from BBS and 3D. I want to see how much different Riku differs in combat style from Sora when they do create the battle menu and action/combat abilities similar to KH2. 3D did show some differences between the two, but it's relatively limited outside of the combination attacks with the dreameaters.

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