Kingdom Hearts 3 @ E3 - Confirmed Worlds

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    SE E3

    -There will be a mix of worlds that are essential to the plot, and more experimental worlds.
    -The battle system they want to feel more like the mainline games, but incorporate some elements of the spin-offs.
    -There will be at least one more Final Fantasy character in the game again.
    -Sora is the main character, but you might be able to play King Mickey.
    -They're looking into online functionality and considering/investigating multiplayer.
    -This is the final battle against Organization XIII, but may not be the end of Nobodies.
    -They're not saying if you will see more Kingdom Hearts (the actual things) in this game because that would be a spoiler.
    -They will be changing the shaders in the game on a per world basis so each world looks more like the Disney movie it is related to.
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    I really hope they bring in marvel or star wars.
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    Bu-but whyyyyyyy? :(
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    It's just wouldn't feel right or natural. Since Marvel and Star Wars weren't made by Disney they wouldn't have that same fuzzy feeling the other worlds give you. Imagine Sora having a fuzzy heart warming moment with Tony Star or Thor. It would be awkward. Or Anikan (Not sure if speled right) chopping away at kids or... No.. Just no.

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