KINGDOM HEARTS 3(E3 Comfinrmed!!)

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' started by Razgriz, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Courtland True Keyblade Wielder

    Don't be such a killjoy. It's freaking Kingdom Hearts 3, the game we've all been waiting for for seven years. It's totally worth buying the PS4. Especially with other games like FFXV coming out alongside it.
  2. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

  3. Razgriz Wishing Lamp Wielder

    Even at the age of 21. I'm still going to feel like a gitty little boy when this comes out.. and I will proudly announce to the vendor if he/she thinks I'm getting it for my little brother or child.. I'll say NO I'VE BEEN playing KH since it came out and ever since KH2. I have been waiting 6 years for this to come out!!.. THIS IS MINE!!!
  4. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    I'm skeptical... this is fake.

    lol jokes. YEAHHHH, about time. I thought I was over KH but I've got that KH adrenaline coming back.

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  5. Sayuri Koe Wo Kikasete

    When I heard the news all I thought was "OUR BABY IS RETURNING."
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  6. Xicheal91 Shadow

    FINALLY...... the gameplay that was showen is amazing
  7. Zai Nobody Destroyer

    Just realized, do we still have registration off occasionally? I mean, there probably won't be a member stream yet since KH3 is basically at the bare bones of its marketing stage right now, but just curious.
  8. Jess Admin

    ( Registration is off occasionally, but is on most of the time. )

    So ridiculously excited about this, though.
  9. Kayeta Dusk

    KH3, Alright Yeah! Finally ^_^

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