Kingdom Hearts 3 a Ps4 title?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News' started by stitch, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. stitch Lance Soldier

    Just saw the E3 Teaser. What do you guys think?
  2. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    Possibly. I hope not. It's kind of stupid when Square Enix says they're going to stop breaking the fanbase into different systems and pull this. They should put it on every console.
  3. stitch Lance Soldier

    It's confirmed. Along with FF15 being a ps4 titled. I won't spoil the trailer, but Kingdom Hearts 3 is now a Ps4 titled. And the new Versus XIII trailer....Just take my money Square!
  4. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    No no. I know the game is confirmed but was it confirmed exclusive? If so, stupid.
  5. RoxasorSora Sorcerer

    Not confirmed exclusive but more than likely at least KH is. Final Fantasy Could go either way
  6. RoxasorSora Sorcerer

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