Kingdom Hearts 2....favorite form?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 2' started by Komas, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Komas Greeter

    My favorite form is Wisdom form, simply because I prefer long-range fighting and speed in these games. I also slightly prefer magic over physical combat here, except for aerial keyblade combos, which I've found to be pretty fun to do :kitty:

    It's relatively easy for me to max out the blue costume as well, I accomplished this right after obtaining it. Thus, I maxed out the other forms just to have their abilities when they're of good use.
  2. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    I'm gonna go with Master. You get the double Keyblades and some awesome magic abilities, without the control being as loose and floaty as Final is.
  3. Komas Greeter

    Yea, Final was a bit off with me. I'd have to say Master was second, because of those double keyblades and epic abilities you mentioned. Valor was ok, I used it to tank around when I didn't feel like exploring through the story line. Didn't mind Anti form, since it's going to happen regardless.
  4. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    My main issue with Final is that it's just finicky to move around enemies or in tight quarters. Glide was neat.

    Again, Master is my favorite. The only thing I don't like is that by the time you get this form, Valor's High Jump gets you higher than Master's double jump.

    Wisdom was really my favorite for the longest time, until I used Master a lot. It's still sorta floaty like Final, but not as bad and you can get a bit more control from it. Also, the shooting from a distance was nice. Quick run is okay.

    Valor was meh. It's solid, but nothing that special. The high jump is pretty awesome, though.

    Also, I really hated Anti.
  5. Aikijitsu Shadow

    My favorite is Master. Just too bad you get it so late in the game D:
    Anti is a horror story for me. I ended up in anti-form during the zigbar fight. I couldn't finish him off because anti doesn't have a combo finish. Anti only pops up during bosses for me.
  6. darkhorseD Wyvern

    Final Form
    I sympathize with you Aikijitsu, I had the exact same problem
  7. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    thats cause the odds of turning anti are multiplied during boss fights x2, and during org 13 fights x4
  8. Aikijitsu Shadow

    Ah thanks for the info. It seems like they want to make it a pain for us at times lol. But I do admit the form itself is kinda cool. It's like that break dancing martial art (I'm not going to attempt the spelling because I'll butcher it)
  9. Jobear Shadow

    Mine is kinda odd. It's a tie between Final and Shadow, lol. But seeing as Final kinda lowers the points for Shadow, it's odd.
  10. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    Well thats cause its not really a double jump, or a midair jump its an aerial dodge.

    and i agree about the slippery movement of final. But its still my favorite by far. The costume, double keyblades at max length, so even with the manuevering issue, the attack reach makes up for it.

    Master was the easiest and fastest to lvl for me, valor and wisdom i always waitied to TWTNW to lvl up as it was faster.

    Valor was cool, but the lack of magic, especially healing left a bit to be desired.

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