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Discussion in 'Video Broadcasts' started by Soralover223, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Soralover223 Bond of Flame Wielder

    Here is the first episode of Newsround. With your reporters Soralover223 and Zombie Girl.



    Remember to answer the question of the week in this thread. What is your favourite genre of fanfiction and why?

    Bye Bye
  2. Naminette Ultima Weapon Wielder

    Ahahaha!! The ending made me giggle (:

    My favorite fanfiction is The Seventh Apprentice because:

    1) It's a KH-based fanfiction

    2) The storyline and Saf's dialogue and grammar is astounding

    3) She has an OC that isn't a Mary Sue looking to fall in love with Sora and live happily ever after. She pretty much hates his guts, but he's starting to grow on her.

    and 4) There are over 50 chapters ^^
  3. Soralover223 Bond of Flame Wielder

    come on guys, we worked hard on this you know.
  4. Mr. Rager Fenrir Wielder

    good job guys.
    Haven't read any fanfics on here though.
  5. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller


    Now, before I get to the question of the week, I have one piece of advice. If you have microphones for your computers, use those, record your conversations, and just slide through pictures of whatever you're talking about. The viewers answers? Just take a pic of the post, use that for visual aid.

    Now for the question.
    I don't like to stick to one particular genre, I feel that limits what I take in. Granted, I only read .5% of the fanfic I sift through. Seriously, most of that stuff is crap.

    There is a favorite I have, however. It's really long, and it spans several fics in one story. It's KH, titled "The Annals of Darkness". The first one is "The Beginning", followed by "Week of Troubles", and currently being written and updated is "The War".
    I like this one for many reasons.
    1), The author doesn't suck at writing. He uses really good grammar and hardly ever do I find a typo.
    2), He's managed to create a million+ word story that (with some rewriting) is a perfect continuity with no error.
    3), He doesn't use really weird and off-base pairings. It's the classic Sora/Kairi with Roxas/Namine, Riku/Yuffie, (really the fic that started the RiYuf phenomenon.) those are the big ones.
    4) In addition to not sucking at writing, the story he's crafted is ties in with the actual series, sans BBS and Days (he started writing this in '07). Nor does it rely on cheap plot twists, though I found that some parts were worse than others.

    All in all, it's the very best fanfic I've ever read, and the only one I've kept up with from when I discovered it in '08.
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    Awesome sauce.
    Keep doing it. All you can do is go up.

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