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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 2' started by Mr. Heywood, May 16, 2012.

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    Okay, okay, okay. Give me a second.




    Okay, here I go. KH2 Gummi was so much better. Here's why.

    Making a Gummi ship did not end in a migraine. It was easier, it flowed better, and the same button didn't do five things. I swear to God, KH1 Gummi making is the hardest part of that game.

    The courses were different and interesting. KH1 had more of a different flavor thing going on, and a course from Neverland to Hollow Bastion could be taken for Traverse Town to Wonderland, they were so repetitive and bland. KH2 had very distinct courses, and were far more engaging. Swapping camera angles, having a lock-on mechanic that actually worked, etc.

    Okay so that's actually about it. Both are very simple mini-games, nothing more. They're both on rails. One is slow, dull, and boring. The other is more fast-paced and suits the game more, I think. Personally, I spent about 30 hours of my KH2 save file in Gummi Ships alone. It was awesome. I avoid the KH1 Gummi sequences, because frankly, they're boring.
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    Personally I hated the gummi ship missions in both games. KH2 I liked better just because I made a ship that had so much armor I could turn off the tv and go goof around for a good 5 minutes. Turn it back on and I would be past the mission
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    I was going to say Off with his head when i read it
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    But I don't want to pay $60 for a 7 year old game ;_;.

    I will agree that KH1 felt more like traveling to new worlds, undoubtedly, and hands-down you are right. But I still enjoyed every other aspect of the gummi ship in KH2 more. Better customization and more fun overall.
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    It's only like $49.90 or...

    from $50 on ebay. Welp, you'll have to watch me for your FM+ fix 8D
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    You could always emula-
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    $60 bucks will give you the game swap magic and flip top/slide card. You now can import any RPGs that the US and Europe got shafted out of for PS2. You can also "back up" your games to play those copies instead of originals (read: borrow your friends games and copy them for yourself).
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    Just find a ps2 emulator and find the rom, and have fun.
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    Much easier to do now than when the game was released years ago.
  10. Riku Bookmaster

    Exactly, due to the game being old and easily called bull crap.

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