KH2: FM Secret Ending Screenshots

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News' started by Aerith, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Aerith Hidden Dragon Wielder

    Well how was that for quick. Saint Leon has kindly let us know that these screenshots were available on Gamfaq thanks to Kouli, with the promise of the vid shortly.


    Edit: Kouli has roughly translated the words on the Mickey Mouse Picture

  2. wow aerith!!!!!! thanks.......king mickey omg
  3. Riku Guest

    Now THAT is a find! :)
  4. Jess Admin

    That is indeed a find! Signatures galor :p
  5. mickey with star seeker
  6. matrixQuestioner SSFW 2nd Place Champion

    .....A frozen chaser it looks like.........wierd...but great find!
  7. Riku Guest

  8. skidderz Guest

    nice find aerith

  9. Namine Guest

    Nice find Aerith!!!:)
  10. yes there really good

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