BBS Is Namine a keyblade wielder?

Discussion in 'Handheld Kingdom Hearts Titles' started by Autosaver, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Riku Bookmaster

    Donald and Goofy getting keyblades, OLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, I'd hate that -_-
  2. I don't really want Kairi to be a keyblade master, honestly. Whenever I think of her using a keyblade, or seeing her use one, she just looks...silly. She's always appeared in the series as a sort of "damsel in distress" character, as Sora is always trying to save her. When she fights, it just seems off for some reason.

    I won't complain if she becomes more involved with a keyblade, but eh. I like Aqua more.
  3. Riku Bookmaster

    Lol she has a relationship like Mario and Princess Peach, but atleast Sora gets hugs besides a thank you and leave.
  4. SoVen Bolt tower

    Well I couldn't get on how did Axel or Lea came back and seeing Master Yen Cid..... What ever happened to Lea on his come back for many years ever since he met Ventus. And now in KH3D he shows up. Though Axel was defeated by Sora in KH2.......
  5. SoVen Bolt tower

    How can Lea wield the keyblade?o_O

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