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Discussion in 'Handheld Kingdom Hearts Titles' started by Autosaver, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    As shown in Birth by Sleep, Aqua accidentally gave Kairi the power to wield the keyblade. In KH2, Riku gives her a keyblade. 3D has Yen Sid talking about Kairi being a keyblade master.

    Since Kairi had her nobody created in KH1, that must mean that the power to wield a keyblade already happened. Sora gave that power to Roxas, so Kairi must have given that to Namine. Right?
  2. Dylan? Nobody Destroyer


    I'm just still trying to figure out where Namine's memory-altering abilities are from, let alone whether or not she can wield a key.
  3. Noxty Rumbling Rose Wielder

    This would be a good argument considering namine is a nobody and roxas is a nobody and he can use a keyblade BUT there is a contradiction to this, Axel as a nobody couldn't use he's keyblade but the alive Lea can. So think about this in the equation.
  4. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    Since Kairi's heart was with all those hearts/Sora's heart (PLUS Ventus's heart/memories of Terra/Ventus/Aqua) maybe the whole chain of memories inside Sora's heart impacted Kairi's heart which gave Namine the ability to alter memories.

    Or maybe since Ventus was connected to Sora, and Ventus was directly connected to Castle Oblivion, and Kairi was connected to Sora, this chain effected Namine and gave her the power of being the guardian of Castle Oblivion.

    /head hurts

    @Noxty - Lea was given a keyblade AFTER Axel though. Lea didn't have the ability to use a keyblade until 3D.
  5. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    Namine is a very unique Nobody, in that she is Kairi's nobody but made from Sora's body (as Kairi never lost her body like Sora did). Seeing as both parts to Namine can wield, yes, it is safe to say that she can. I doubt she will, though, but that's just speculation on my part.

    She can only mess with Sora's memories, and peoples memories of Sora. This comes from her being born of Kairi's heart and Sora's body. Also Nomura Logic.
  6. Dylan? Nobody Destroyer

    I understood that completely. There is nothing in that list of parables I didn't totally and unequivocally just, GET.

    Goodness. Kingdom Hearts.
  7. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    Nobody thought Axel would eventually become a keyblade master.

    Watch it 5 years if it does happen, you can consider yourself the first person to "think" about it.
  8. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    While I didn't expect him to be a Keyblade wielder (until I saw the trailer with him in Yen Sid's place) I did think we would see him again.

  9. RoxasorSora Sorcerer

    I don't see why not. Its all logically there.
  10. Courtland True Keyblade Wielder

    Honestly, with the list of Keyblade wielders growing as it is, I wouldn't ne surprised if Leon and the gang and/or Donald and Goofy get Keyblades.

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