Is KH3 going to be in the Wii , 360,or the Ps3

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' started by mikediazh1, May 2, 2007.

  1. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I highly doubt it will be for PSP for obvious reasons. I'll be surprised if it's not PS3 exclusive.
  2. --Keyblade-- Creeper

    Well what I mean about that is that the PSP KH seris will continue from BBS, and yes they are most likely making it for xbox!
  3. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Not even that, KH3 was confirmed to be made after KH3D was to be released also confirming that KH3 will be the last in Xehanort's Saga, So that means there wont be a continuation of BBS

    If Versus XIII doesn't get thrown to multiplatform, then i don't see KH3 going that route either
  4. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    I'm still holding out for a shocker and they drop it for Vita. If Versus doesn't start making serious progress over the rest of the year, then I won't be holding my breath for a KH3 console release unless they shift focus to WiiU. They really could do so much by putting it on Vita between the button scheme and the two touch screens.
  5. John Review Team Co-Leader

    But they've already done announced that it's time for KH3 to come back to the consoles. And I'm already predicting that Versus XIII will be out within the next year in a half.
  6. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    They can announce whatever they want years prior to a game being released and then change it later; perfect examples are Coded (Re-released on DS) and FF13 Agito (re-titled as Type-0 and switched to PSP). These may not seem like shining examples, because they were slated for a platform that would leave them dead in the water outside of Japan before they were even released; however, it does go to show that they will change their word very easily if there's profit in it for them. I wouldn't necessarily start eating the BS they are shoveling over at SE. They also originally announced FF13 as a 360 game and a year later announced it would be multi-platorm.

    A multi-platform console release has the most money in it, but the game engine they are allegedly planning on using is only supported on PS3 as is. I wonder if they've even looked into the possibilities that PS Vita presents because of its relatively young age. Vita seriously has more functionality than any of the consoles: D Pad, 2 joysticks, 4 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, rear touch screen (can function as 4 individual buttons), front touch screen and six-axis functionality. Possibilities are actually pretty astonishing other than the limited screen size; which isn't even that bad.

    Long-winded speech aside, a PS3 release on the Versus-based engine would be solid. Only catch I see is the commands have become different in the last few releases and the series is headed more towards independant campaigns. Versus' gameplay is essentially a recycled version of the KH2 gameplay system and KH seems headed in a different direction. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if Donald and Goofy were not Sora's partner characters in KH3.
  7. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I wouldn't really care if Donald and Goofy were his partners actually, I'd much rather prefer Riku and Kairi. And command wise is only because well for one their handhelds and two it's two different teams making the games. I would view VS XIII system more advanced than KH2's system but obviously used KH2 as a base. but really who knows, this is all speculation....obviously, I just want the more main road, PS3 exclusive.
  8. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    While I do like the possibilities the Vita holds, and would actually be excited for a KH release on Vita (even another spin-off), I also hope for a PS3. Who wouldn't want to play on a big-ass TV in HD? Plus, a PS controller is a bit more forgiving on my hands than the tiny handheld systems and their tiny buttons, which is going to lead to carpal tunnel one day.

    OT, but regarding the party issue: I also would prefer a Riku/Kairi party, but only if they allow you to switch character control rather than strictly having them as support the entire game, or if they allow you to choose which character you control at the start and you play the entire game with them at the lead. Would make for much better replayability.
  9. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Yeah I'm actually quite hoping for either the same way they did BBS or possibly the way they are doing KH3D, from what i heard with Tev, at first it's really weird how they hand you the story, but it comes together soo well.
  10. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    Personally, I just want one straight-forward story presentation. Honestly, knowing nothing about 3D yet, I don't see much in the way of surprises or story twists left for KH3, so I'm hoping they don't try to make it more convoluted than it needs to be in order to lead into another potential storyline post-Xehanort. Just wrap everything up nicely and then they can start from scratch when they want to continue to milk the fanbase for profit.

    Anyway, back to the original topic... other reason I would like a PS3 exclusive is to stick it to the 360 and Wii fanboys/girls who were foolish enough to think it was a better investment than a PS3. Yes, I'm a hater.

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