Is KH3 going to be in the Wii , 360,or the Ps3

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' started by mikediazh1, May 2, 2007.

  1. I think Ps3.
  2. vanilla bear Hidden Dragon Wielder

    well don't think it's on the PS3, know it's on the ps3, haha.. it's mos def going to be on that platform.. as for the other 2, probably not.. i'm definitely willing to bet against microsoft
  3. yea its definatly goin ps3

    i MIGHT get released for wii (i HIGHLY doubt xbox)

    but yea definatly ps3...i mean theyre not gonna realize the other 2 for the ps2 and then change the system
  4. Aleusia Guest

    They wouldnt give Xbox fanboys a gem like KH. They wouldnt know what to do with would be like putting a tuxedo on a pig. Xbox gamers are a lesser breed than we are mentally..they just wouldnt understand if there arent explosions, fast cars, or rap music.
  5. OK squre enix is from sony.Right
  6. lol i completly agree
  7. DSH Star Seeker Wielder

    i know its going to be on ps3 but i dont know about the others
  8. Hey long time no see

    Hey long time no see what's up I think Ps 3 Personally but ya that's just me.:)
  9. Sora013 Guest

    they better put it on ps3!!!

    i cant wait to play KH3 on my ps3!!! the grafics will be insain!!!! the detail vewible for ultima on KH2 is already insain i cant imagin it on ps3
  10. Chibi Wolf True Keyblade Wielder

    if kh3 is on da wii Pigs will fly! Wii doesnt have the neccsry componets of Kh! If there is gonna be any kh games on da Wii it'll be Like Com:2

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