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  1. Sora Banned

    Hello there.

    As you probably already know, you have currently stepped inside the wondrous zone that is the Other Kingdom Hearts Titles section. It contains the latest topics featuring info & discussion regarding side-off Kingdom Hearts games that have either been released recently or are yet to be.

    First off, let me get you the definition of "Spoiler."

    (In this case, it applies to "games.")

    What you must do is simple.
    If you wish to discuss/share/ask about something related to game plot that may be still unknown to many, something that could "ruin the fun" for the ones who have yet to get a hold of the newest material, please utilize a Spoiler! prefix when creating your thread. It should look similar to this;
    After you make sure it is selected, you are free to post your thread, but wait! Still missing something!

    When creating your topic, if the information you are exposing inside of it is crucial to understand the storyline of a certain game, or refers to a specific item the plot involves at one point, wrap your text/images inside Spoiler tags!
    In order to do so, you should locate a "Sp" icon on your posting toolbar, example below;

    Moving forward onto that click,
    tags will appear, all ready for you to type in whatever you have that inevitable urge to scream out loud.

    When your thread is posted effectively, it will show as the following:

    OMG. Yay!

    Let us prevent from precious game information being leaked publicly to new users' eyes, yes? Allow people a chance to play before they can accidentally bump into a thread that will reveal the entire game for them. In order to save them, the spoiler prefix and tags are your loyal companions.

    Thank you for your time!
    The Staff
Thread Status:
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