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Discussion in 'RPG' started by Zotar, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    Alright, I like the concept, but it needs to be fleshed out a LOT more. First, for some STRANGE reason, I'm getting a Sandman (Neil Gaimon) feel here, and it's making me all tingly inside. So I like it already. But we'll need more. Dreams are big...and can be anything. What would be the method of fighting back? How would we survive when we can't tell dream from reality? Once we realize the two are separate...once you realize it is only a dream, it cannot hurt you, and the story ends. There has to be some other aspect to that...

    Is magic or technology involved? Would we manifest weapons/magic based on personality within a dream world? Would be bring our own nightmares into the world with us? Cross minds?

    It's a good start! Keep going!
  2. Zotar Twilight Thorn

    You know how in that movie "Inception" Death wakes you up, but only if you're not n a deep sleep. If you're in a deep sleep, instead you slip into limbo where you are forced to live many years inside you're own head. What I got in mind is is similar but worse. I mentioned that the dreamer was actually a coma patient and how the characters act determines whether he will ever wake up again. As for fighting through his nightmares, I know it seems a little abstract, but there will be villains, either a product of the dreamer's own little world, or products from the players' imaginations, or other sources, I'll figure out as we go. The danger will be real.

    I think that the players can bring any skill sets, but ultimately the greatest weapon will be their minds. In a survival situation, the people have to work with what they find. I'm thinking that both magic and technology will be involved but on a very limited level, considering that they wont always work as the user intends, such as in the chaotic nature of dreams. As for fighting, yes there will be much of it, but the fears of the characters may allow abstract foes to become stronger or unbeatable. The greatest foe in this world is fear.

    How am I doing so far?
  3. Zotar Twilight Thorn


    Is no one interested at all? I mean com'on! The first Horror RPG to hit KH3.
  4. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    Okay, again, this needs to be fleshed out a lot more. It's a good idea so far. I'm not good at helping people with fleshing out their ideas (mainly because I twist it too far and make it my own, and I don't like stealing :p)

    First. The BIG Question: Why? Why would they want to go inside someone's mind? Ever seen the horror movie The Cell? The full insanity of going into a serial killer's mind, one of the single most dangerous places within that world, but it was to save a life. So why would anyone care for a single coma patient? Why him and not someone else?

    Second: How? You can't just snap your fingers and make it happen. There has to be some explanation. Powerful dark ritualistic magic, futuristic experimental technology..etc.

    Anyway, that's just some thoughts. Take this idea and keep working at it. When I'm plotting, I'm always, ALWAYS thinking about it. I'll be half asleep and have a revelation...I'll be at work thinking 'Oh! That's an epic idea!' while getting weird stares from other people (such a bonus.) You need to always be constantly thinking and evolving the idea/plot/characters.

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