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  1. Dylan? Nobody Destroyer

    I am often arrested by the Antarctic
    The lonely tenor of an iceberg’s blue shade
    Simple water separating the continent into breadths of the unknown yawning sea

    Perhaps there is a geyser
    And well, it sprays its exhausted flume into the sky

    So in goes the coin,
    That singular fraction of humanity’s great equalizer
    (and I must admit we trail that caricatured shadow we think it expels onto everything)
    At which point it drifts down and combs the deep
    I have an opinion on it, but I don’t know what it is

    And always there is that clamor
    To be older, to say I used to be, not I still am

    There is a sea out there, connecting fishing rods like veins
    One shore undulating currents in the stead of the last

    And that iceberg shifts, itself arrested, absorbed into its affair
    Melting, passive and insurmountably indifferent, back into the ocean
    For what other reason than to cool the earth for 20 years and then,
    In the end, become vapor

  2. Jess Admin

    I've missed this.

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