How would you think the gameplay would be?

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    I played Crisis core, just didn't beat it, I saw Zack die though, that wasn't as sad as seeing Sora leave Hayner pence and olette, I actually cried, God I'm starting to turn into an emo e.e

    Back on topic, I didn't really mean Cloud was evil, I ment he didn't have that hero personality, unlike Warrior Of Light, Firion, Onion Knight, Cecil, especially Bartz and Terra. But it honestly would be interesting to see a Kingdom hearts game without disney characters, Even though thats what KH is about, I don't want to see a load of em, I wanna see more Square enix characters, most of them final fantasy.

    One thing that hit me is that if Riku was the main character, there would be more final fantasy characters, he of course wouldn't meet Aerith, Cloud, Leon or Yuffie or Cid, he'd probably meet Cecil or something.

    It'd mostly be interesting to see Besaid and be able to fight Sin or Jecht at one point. I'm hoping that they'll have a standalone game with only Riku, and hopefully the game won't be a failure like the game they made where Vincent was the main character and it was all a piece of junk.
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    Not to hate on you, but I wonder if you've actually played the earlier FF games, Riku?

    If you did, you would know that WoL was not an actual character until Dissidea; he was simply a no name guy in a group of heroes that needed to rescue a kidnapped princess and then had no real purpose throughout the entire game until the end when Garland finally returns. In FF2, Firion wasn't a stand-alone hero either; he was a part of a small group who had lost their home town and worked within a larger rebellion and just happened to become a hero by chance. In FF3, the same story, except this time the characters actually had a slight identity. Dissidea's Onion Knight was modeled after Luneth, who was the main hero of FF3, but he wasn't necessarily a hero; he just followed what he was told to do by a talking rock. Cecil wasn't a "hero" until almost half way through the game when he was told that he needed to weild Light in order to stop Golbez and then chose to do so. Can't comment on Bartz since I never played 5, but Terra wasn't exactly a "hero" personality either.

    The point being: FF lead characters aren't supposed to be a hero personality. They are meant to be flawed in some way in order to make them more intriguing characters and deeper personalities.

    Back on topic: Doubt they would make a stand-alone game featuring Riku. The franchise is already bled dry on that front. Also, it's not necessarily true that Riku wouldn't meet Disney characters if they changed the approach to focus on him; he would just interact with them differently than Sora, kinda like Roxas did in Days.
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    Hmmm, I thought Terra would be sort of a Hero, anyways I think the gameplay
    will be the same if you played as Riku but with different combos, damage, possibly
    more tougher enemies and less of a disney feel to the gameplay, Maybe he'd have
    Ars Solum like Terra did, because thats mainly the person who gave him the keyblade wielding

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