How did you fight?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts' started by AnsemDiz, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    I had to do that sometimes.
  2. Misty Fortune Teller

    In the first game I was quite adventurous with magic and such, once you reached a certain point and got certain abilities you never had a shortage of MP. Or rarely, at least. So I would blend that with Keyblade combos.

    The changes to the magic system in Kingdom Hearts II irked me, so rarely used magic in it. However, the ground and aerial combos were improved quite a bit, so them and Drive Forms became my main method of fighting.

    As for dodging attacks, I would just use Dodge Roll/Jump/Quick Run to move out of the way, then swoop in when I thought it was safe again.

    I only ever allowed Donald & Goofy do all the fighting once--my first playthrough of Kingdom Hearts, during the Dragon Maleficent battle. Summon Tinkerbell, hide under a log, and wait it out.
  3. Komas Greeter

    Mid-range fighting, with quick aerial combos and usually liked Aero/Fire/Magnet series to finish things off, for KH2.

    Only thing that ever changed throughout the games were my spell preferences.
  4. xXx Shadow

    This for the most part. I messed around with skills and magic a lot and I usually had Bambi by my side so I'd never be low on magic. I tried other summons once in a while but I had much more fun constantly having magic and a variety of skills/magic to use.
  5. Riku Bookmaster

    Well I attacked the enemy full on even though I was
    shivering like hell half the time I fought bosses.
  6. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    Smartest way to fight, though it takes some leveling to gain the abilities, is use guard when anything attacks and then use counter right into a combo. If it's unblockable, roll continuously.

    Example, though it doesn't apply to the standard game, only FM, Mysterious Figure does his endlessly long twirling combo which will kill you. Guard the first hit and spam X. Every subsequent hit will get blocked by counter strike and gain tech EXP.
  7. Riku Bookmaster

    Meh, so you basically wasted all of your time on this game to fight
    logically, lulz.
  8. waitin4KH3 Ultima Weapon Wielder

    I hardly think spending 8-12 hours to reach the End of the World is wasting time. Wasting time would be fanatically collecting all the items at the clock tower which requires you waste 12 hours between clearing Neverland and locking the HB keyhole. Not a whole lot to do to kill time at that point.
  9. Riku Bookmaster

    Lol, It took my brother atleast 3-4 days or atleast a week to beat kingdom hearts, I beat it in 48 hours and I'm younger than him.

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