How did you fight?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 2' started by AnsemDiz, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. kingdomkey Shadow

    I just attacked with the keyblade with cure when needed. As far as partners i almost always got rid of goofy (just dont really like him) other than that nothing, but reaction commands. Didn't care for items, other magic, limit commands, summons, or drive. (i did drive like twice but not much) I did use accessories and other keyblades however
  2. Riku Bookmaster

    Lol, I fought without a care in the world, until I fought Sephi xD
  3. It's the size of his sword! It's ridiculous! and no I wasn't implying something else :)

    But KingdomKey, i was literally exactly the same as you
  4. Riku Bookmaster

    Yeah that sword was so insane, and then it took away a chunk of HP, he releases one combo on you fully and doesn't miss once, you're dead.
  5. Xarjon Sniper

    I love doing air combos. Whenever got a chance I would jump up and air-combo enemies rather than attack from the ground. Also, I think it looks pretty sweet when I perform spells like Thunder in the air.
  6. For me, I pretty much just mashed buttons, hoped they hit or dodged or whatever, and didn't do anything else but heal, haha! Though, I was fond of that one combo finisher thing with the orbs that would spin around you and just hit everything like I think that was my favourite move ever (was it called explosion or something like that? Eh, it's been a while). This fighting style for me changed in BBS and DDD though. I ended up using a lot more of the commands in those ones.
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