How 'bout them 2013 high school graduates?

Discussion in 'Personal Forum' started by Tyler Durden, May 13, 2013.

  1. Tyler Durden SSFW I and II Team Winner

    Hi, everyone! I know activity has fallen recently, but surely there are others still on the forums in my situation. That is, I'm graduating high school this year! Let's discuss plans and preparations for life after high school.

    For me, I'm entering New York University as an incoming freshman, but I'm so far undecided on any area of study. Even so, I'm pretty keen on studying film. In fact, one of the major selling points of NYU, for me, is its repute in film, so it'd be silly of me not to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, I'm not enrolled to Tisch, the NYU art school. As such, I can't major in Film Production unless I transfer to Tisch, which won't happen for reasons I won't share. I can, however, major in Film Studies, but its curriculum is mostly theory. I would also like to earn a degree in a more practical area of study. Considering everything, my plan is as follows: I'll double major both in Film Studies and in a more practical area of study, and I'll cross-school minor in Film Production. I can't cross-school major; if this were possible, I'd forgo Film Studies. Although a double major with a minor is common, I'm unsure if I'm ready.

    Anyway, these are my plans for next year. I plan to work over the summer at the Cocoaplex, a local movie theater – if I get the job, at least! That'd be my perfect part-time summer job, so wish me luck! Anyway, if there are any other 2013 high school graduates, let's hear your plans and preparations. If you're already a high school graduate, let's hear your experiences and advice!
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  2. Xatyrn SK Shepherd | KH3 Remnant

    YAY! I had no idea you were my age. I'm graduating this year too! I actually just had my last day of high school today. It's been a brilliant four years -- moving on is something I'm definitely looking forward to, although it's sad to leave some people behind. Don't know if I'll see some of those people again.

    I'm going to the college in my town, West Virginia University. I'm planning on majoring in Computer Science, which I hope fairs well for me; it's something I've been looking toward since I was 12 or so. I'd really LOVE if it would be easier to find a high paying job majoring in something more artsy like English and literature -- since that is what I'm best at -- but I'm being practical and going with something else I love. Gotta have my moneys to go to Disney World when I'm older.

    Even though it's the college in my town, I'm living on campus. I look forward to getting out of my house, I can't deny. Though I hope I don't let myself slack too much in life. College is, thus far, promising a great experience. I'm in the honors program, and actually somehow wormed my way into the Presidential honors program (as compared to the Dean's, the level below). Which I think means I'll need to do even more work than most people in college. x__x; I tend to be lazy and not the over-achieving individual they expect out of an honors kid, so I'm kind of worried, haha. I signed up for my classes the other week. So everything is pretty much set.

    I've had a job at Subway for over a year now, and with the raises and paid vacations I get, I think I'm just going to keep that job a little while longer. I hate it sometimes, but part time unskilled jobs are going to be that way.

    Sometime during college I'd love to use my summer to work at Disney World. They have all sorts of opportunities for college kids to work there. But at the moment I can't see myself leaving my girlfriend for a season, which sounds silly but hey. xD I hope to compromise that ordeal somehow though.
  3. Misty Fortune Teller

    Congrats on graduating y'all~ It's crazy to think that I graduated only a year ago, it seems so much further away. A lot of stuff is going to change but (community) college life has suited me, I'm sure you all will do just as well.

    And esp. congrats on getting into NYU.
  4. KHlover07 SuperStar

    Awww, you youngin's. :) Congrats to both of you on graduating, that is quite the accomplishment! I wish you both luck on the courses you take in college. I can't believe it's already been six years since I've graduated from high school (lol OLD). My only advice really is to just make sure to keep your grades up. If you have an especially difficult class(es) make sure you take that extra time to study. I actually just graduated from college this weekend myself so now I'm looking for a job. I think that is all the advice I can think of at the moment. Congrats to you both again. :)
  5. Razgriz Wishing Lamp Wielder

    Congrats to all grads in both highschool and college. You all worked verry hard to get where your at so I have one thing to say. "And you thought that was the real world? Honey, the Lord has been good to you cause now you fixen to feel what the real world really is".
  6. Tyler Durden SSFW I and II Team Winner

    We have grown up, haven't we? I can't believe it.

    Congrats, Xatyrn, on West Virginia University! Also, even more congrats on the honors program! I also tend not to be too overachieving, especially this year senioritis, man. Let's get ourselves into shape by next year! Anyway, I'm also unsure if I'll see my high school peers again, but there are always high school reunions, right? I'm personally very excited to move on, but maybe it hasn't hit me yet.

    Thank you, Misty, for the congratulations. I'm not fond of too much change, but I'm adaptable! I'm looking forward to college life.
  7. Zombie Girl Super Undead | Debate Champ | Editor

    I'm nearly at the end of my first year at uni, I don't want it to end wah I wish I could do it all over again :( It's so much fun, you grow up so much and it's amazing how quickly you make friends, and honestly I hate having to go home during vacations.
    I think a lot of people find that the transition from school to higher education is pretty gradual and not that scary, so don't worry about workloads and things. I'm a pretty lazy student, my course is pretty intense (although the first year of being a biology student seems to be pretty much a doss year for people at other places :<), I'm probably one of the less gifted people here, and I still get good marks.

    The main thing is, good luck, and enjoy!

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