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Discussion in 'Game Reviews' started by Razgriz, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Ok since i cant edit my post in my own thread ?? <_<.... I am currently going to make a review on two hours of gameplay Starting @10:00pm CST. While writing down notes while i play i will post my final results in another thread which in case this thread gets locked. The criterias of my review is
    -gameplay(feel of the game, laggyness and such)
    -graphics(graphic design, smoothness of the engines.. Ect.)
    -Story line(better be good and im aware this will have result on friday when I actually get a full weekend night to play)
    -game modes
    -any glitches I may find(who knows what they may have put in the game, heck there may even be skulls to find. AH will of course find them first)
    and all suposed modes of play will be in question
    Campaign(single and co-op)
    Spec Ops
    War games

    Mr. Haywood. If you are supposed to be a review Team leader then review my post again -_-. Now if you would like to see my results then look at my new post while someone locks this please. If I have permission to recreate this thread.
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    Please just continue to post in/update this thread instead of creating a new one. The mods/myself can merge your posts with the first. ^^
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  3. Razgriz Wishing Lamp Wielder

    thank you Misuzu

    I can tell you from the start I was very much enthusiastic about the beginning as most Halo fans. Before we begin we are left at the interrogation process that DR. Halsey(yes i said it, she and the team of spartan2-3's escaped the dyson sphere) is dealing with due to stealing some Spartans. Enough of cut scenes though.
    Lets talk about graphics. There's no word I can even begin to say about it except amazing. 343Industries really outdid the graphic design in pure detail. From fires to bushes to the eccentric designs of the Forrunners. The first mission of course starts you out on the Foward Unto Dawn as usual of waking up from a sleep. Sides halo 2 pretty much every Halo game has been like that. 343 is not one to disappoint. as you go through the maze of the first part there are a couple panels you can interact with(pretty cool right?). As I jump ahead here the ships design and covie detail is amazing. Not something you'd find on the other Halo games.
    Game Engine. Amazingly smooth. Two simple words. I honestly tried to find anything that would cause my player to jump even with co-op campaign play(online to be more exact) Even the assassinations transition ride smooth. Talk and sound to mouths moving and speaking. Really excited to see what else it'll have in store.

    So far the story has potential(reminded I've only played for 2 hours so far). Due to the fact that they are supposed to make up to halo 6 I just hope that when I get to the end They will not have ruined and spoiled most of the story line.

    Specops- yet to venture
    Wargames-yet to venture


    Spec ops- Alright now Spec Ops is like a bonus to campaigning. 343 is said to supposed to regulate and maintain it with new missions every week or every so often. I'm going to have to check into that. But with that said, it's an amazing plotted episode/mission gaming variant. You can play this single or co-op up to 4 players just like the campaign(which I still have yet to finish) It tends to get laggy so make sure all your friends are up to speed and have good internet connections or else everyone is going to be pulling off some serious Promethean tele-porting stunts. All in all it's great when you've got only a couple of friends looking for some fun at killing covies/promeths on new missions instead of the old and boring. Definitely a must play to continue on the spartan world.

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