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Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Aikijitsu, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Aikijitsu Shadow

    I was going through my old stuff and found my gameboy color. Amazingly it and all my games still work. I want to play some of the games I have (as if you couldn't figure out what those are).

    Just one question. Is it safe to use modern rechargeable batteries in it? I did a few quick google searches and didn't find anything.
    The GB needs 1.5v LR6 batteries. My re-chargeables are 1.2v HR6. They worked in the system, but the GB took about 5 seconds to turn on. I just want to know if the system isn't going to cause the batteries to pop or anything like that.
  2. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I don't think so....i'm not sure if GBC's are really picky on their batteries
  3. Twitchy Super Moderator | Hub Team Co-Leader | Storyteller

    Yes, modern rechargeable batteries are just fine. Rechargeable batteries were around in the 90s, the technology really hasn't changed. At all. Okay maybe a little, but not in any big way.

    All of that said, Gameboy General Thread?

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