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Discussion in 'Media Section' started by Arashix, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Misty Fortune Teller

    The only thing I watch regularly is Community Channel (Natalie Tran), though that's less of a show and more of an addiction. I've been meaning to catch up on The Lizzie Bennet diaries because I am an Austen dork, but I haven't gotten past like the third episode haha.
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  2. dreadhead20 Neoshadow

    Kids react. As well as teens react and seniors react. they are all funny.
  3. Lord Firesnake Clan Committee | Retired Staff

  4. Jess Admin

    • frezned
    • crabstickz
    • vlogbrothers { including crash course world history. lizzie bennet diaries etc etc }
    • ze frank

    I sub to loads of channels, and I enjoy more, but I'd say these four are my serious loves. Honourable mentions of jimmy0010, mamrie hart, hannah hart, communitychannel, wheezywaiter, vice, etcetcforevermore. Also lots of music & stupid things.

    I am surprised at the amount of people who watch Ray William Johnson on here though, I am so disappoint. He's a pig — truly unfunny, judgemental in every way, follows the same pattern for every joke, displaying his every ignorance (and inability to be genuinely intelligent and funny) and is generally obnoxious. FROM MY POINT OF VIEW ANYWAY LOLZ.
  5. Kryp☭ik Clan Co-Leader SYN

    I'm adding SourceFed to my list as well if it isn't already..:)
  6. Zai Nobody Destroyer

  7. Kaoru Hitachiin Fenrir Wielder

    - Phreakindee (Lazy Game Reviewer Plays)
    - MyNameIsNotLilly (although he hasn't post anything new in a while, his Let's Plays of classic Computer RPGs are awesome, especially the one for Wasteland which plays out like an audiobook)
    - Yugioh TAS by LittleKuriboh
    - DBZ Abridged by Team FourStar
  8. The Excellent Adventure of Gootecks and Mike Ross.
  9. AnotherX True Keyblade Wielder

    Being Asian... I like WongFu Productions, NigaHiga, KevJumba, D-Trix, Chester See. Oh, I also like KassemG.
  10. Zai Nobody Destroyer

    No mention of DavidSoComedy? I'm ashamed of you.

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