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    September 14, 8:30 PM Dining room in the mansion.

    Xeyyakkenn was sitting at the large brown wooden table that stood in the center of the long red carpet that lined the center of the room. His servant sat across from him. Xeyyakkenn was looking at a mural that showed George Washington riding horseback in the French and Indian War. Behind George sat his servant. The same servant that now spoke. "Did you learn anything from tonight?" Xeyyakkenn slurped soup from his spoon. "I learned that I need to pray more. Doesn't my family have any offensive prayers besides the reverse barrier? Which by the way is another reason I need to pray more: so that I can close that gap faster. What do you think about tonight?"
    The servant crossed his arms. "I think you're not ready yet," he began, "I was against you starting the first battle and purposely drawing attention to yourself and I was against you not waiting long enough before you went out there, but you're the master."
    "Is that all? You seem like you have more to say. Obviously you're the more experienced one here, so if you have anything to say, say it."
    The servant paused. "It's about your family," he said slowly, "once the Mag-Prayer Association 12 finds out that the only artifact able to be used to summon me is still on this earth and resides in you, a descendant of the defense family, you'll have a lot more than just 6 prayer mages to worry about."
    "Wait, what? Prayer Association 12? Defense family? What?"
    "Prayer Association 12 is a group of 12 families of prayer mages that each study one of twelve aspects of war. The top 5 families: defense, healing, time, location and information. The lower 7, ruled by the top 5:: traps, long range, medium range, close range, emotions, strength and numbers. The strength and number families are the two founding families and are the most important. All prayers developed by the other families are to benefit those two families in battle. They are given no political power, however, so that they don't become targets."
    "Okay, so what does that have to do with my family being assassinated?"

    The servant paused. "Your family," he slowly began again, "was bound by law to only develop defensive prayers, such as the two you used tonight when I fought Beserker. The other two, the flashy reflection spell and the reverse barrier are the closest your family was allowed to get to offensive spe-prayers. The reverse barrier is the newest and found favor among the other four families. They asked the healing family to work together with your family to create a healing barrier. However, that took too much mana. So your father had the idea of a draining barrier. A barrier that drains mana and energy from the opponent and gives it to the caster. However that would require an offensive prayer mixture. So he went to the trap family secretly. Thinking that lesser families wouldn't oppose an upper family. However, the two most important families had long promised the other lesser families that they would give them more power if the strength and number families could gain political power. So the trap family told the two families about your father, who in turn told all the families publicly, meaning that the upper families would have to enforce the family laws. One of which was that nonoffensive families would not expand their prayers to offfensive prayers and vice versa. Each family was to stay in their own realm. The 5 upper families had told your father in secret to work with the healing family as a way to help defend themselves should the offensive families revolt, but now that your family's branching out was made public, the other four upper families had to punish them for fear of sudden revolt due to favoritism or special treatment. The punishment for breaking any family law is death. However for a head of a family to break a family law, the punishment is the extermination of the entire family. Your father took all the blame for it. He didn't want the healing family to suffer the same fate. However, he had you in secret and placed in you the most valuable treasure your family had."

    "This house?"
    "No. A means of summoning me."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Survive this war and I'll tell you."

    The servant stood up and took Xeyyakkenn's plates. Just before he left the room, Xeyyakkenn said, "in thee days we're going back to the park. And, ... I think I know what my wish will be."
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    September 14, 8:45 PM (home above the gym)

    Seth had returned back to his home and was flipping through the channels of the TV. He didn’t see anything about what happened last night but he did however find something on a sports center that grabbed his attention. It was an MMA match, a past MMA match. He recognized the two fighters in the match. One was a well-known MMA fighter from china who is well-known for his quick, well placed, and dangerous kicks. It was well-known that the fighter could knock out his opponent just with one swift kick to the head. The second person in the MMA match made Seth’s hand grip the remote tightly. His servant watched his reactions at the match and couldn’t understand why he was so intense by just watching a match.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the MMA world heavyweight championship. Introducing the challenger, he comes to us from china. The Dragon, Haru Yamato,” the announcer said. Some of the crowd booed while the others cheered.

    “And now, introducing the chapman, he comes from New York City. He is the MMA World Heavyweight Champion. Seth Rush” the announcer said. Seth watched the rerun of the match like his life depended on it. It was the first time watching a match on the TV while the announcer commentated on the match. So far the match had the usual, the announcer talking about the fighters, their fighting style, and what their opponent needs to look out for. Everything was going smoothly until.

    “I feel sorry for Haru, he might leave the arena with the help of our medical staff or he might leave in a body bag. The fact that Haru has to face The Red Devil for the championship is dangerous; this Guy was taken by the greatest MMA trainer and made into an MMA fighter instead of going to jail. It was a waste of a good trainer. This guy, The Red Devil may be the champion but he’s still a no good gang fighter who got a “Get out of jail free card.” The last fight a few weeks ago left his opponent in the hospital with a concussion. The Red Devil might claim to be a changed man, but his actions show he has not changed and I hope he loses this fight tonight” the announcer said. Seth set the remote on the table and placed his head in his hands and sighed. He didn’t know that the announcer was talking about him like that on the air. This was the reason why everyone still saw him as a no good gang fighter. Something he wished would be erased from the face of the earth.

    “The past is already written but the future is still not set in stone, therefore, you must make the future your own” his servant said.
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    September 15, 10:00 AM. Cave-like study in mansion

    Xeyyakkenn was practicing spells while his servant watched. Soon they would begin his physical trining. Instead of waiting out the war, Xeyyakkenn wanted to draw out all his opponents until caster and archer were revealed.

    10:05 AM

    "Dude, can we .. take a break?" panted Xeyyakkenn.
    The servant sighed and swung at him. "Your opponents won't give you a break and neither shall I."
    Xeyyakkenn dodged and immense pain shot through his leg. "Awe! Cramp! Aagh! Crampcrampcrampcrampcramp! Aaah-AH!" The servant had went for a stab. Xeyyakkenn dodged it barely and swung back at him.
  4. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    [Sept 15, Early Morning, Dragon's Crusade Bar]

    Perhaps it was from blood loss. Perhaps it was yet another nightmare. Perhaps...

    A waking nightmare, indeed. The great wolf chasing him through the halls, wanting to tear his throat out. Inhuman cries all around him, cries of horror and death. At the end of the hallway, he saw a man with a cruel smile, his left eye glowing bright red, and his right eye glowing bright blue. With a blade in hand, he turned away, and pointed to an open door. Wary, Rhenakos looked behind him to find the wolf was gone.

    He watched as the man walked into the door, holding his blade high. Immediately the Magus knew something was wrong, and followed the red-blue eyed man. Immediately he regretted it. What awaited him was none other than his fiance, standing with her second to last command seal...

    "I order you...to destroy me and the Holy Grail." Her words carried a heavy weight, and the second seal disappeared.

    "As you wish, Master Cynia." The man- No...Cynia's Servant. -bowed, and raised his blade. "I promise...it won't hurt. Much."


    "I'll kill you you son of a-" Rhenakos jolted up. A bad idea, as pain seared through his arm. He looked around for a moment, disoriented. Where...? The light from the window to his left signified morning, and the moment his head stopped spinning from the pain, he recognized that he was in the flat above his bar. Coincidentally, the very same room he had summoned Berserker... He looked at his arm, which had been nicely bandaged. To his right, a table covered in blood, and hot water. Looking closely, he saw one of his bullets in a tray. Did I do this last night, or did I have help?

    Carefully, he stood up, waiting for the world to stop spinning. Food. Then...then I'll go check out that Church. There is someone running this show...and I want to talk to them...
  5. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    September 15, 3:00 PM

    "So you think I should use tactic 5?" asked Xeyyakkenn sitting at the dinning table. Again he was studying the mural of George Washington and his servant riding horseback.
    "Yes, Sir. It will work more effectively against Beserker now that you've trained some."
    "In 2 days, we make tradition."
    the servant sighed. "Yes, letting the enemy know your whereabouts by wasting mana."
    "It gets the job done."
    "Shall we continue training now?"
    "Dude! It ain't but been three minutes! Why you gotta kill yo masta!? Man I am tired, I'm hongry, I ain't had NO chicken in da past few days. an NO koolaid. An you gon make me go till I hit da flo!"
    the servant was baffled by the master's change of speech. "Do you always speak like that when you get frustrated?"
    "Eh. Sometimes."
    The servant stood from the table, spear in hand. "Let's go."
    "Dang it!"

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