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  1. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    [Park - Sept 14 - 7:30pm]

    "Tsk." Rhenakos jumped back, "Strike now! Tear them to pieces!" The temperature around them dropped dramatically, causing Rhenakos' breath to become easily visible. From behind the Master/Servant pair came a great black wolf, his steps leaving ice in its wake.

    "Berserker!" Rhenakos starting running in a strafing pattern, firing off countless shots, this time using standard bullets instead of magic, aiming at the foolish Master who tried to expose himself, and his servant who attempted to flee. The black wolf began to mimic Rhenakos' movements, circling in on their prey, moving faster. "Ready!? NOW!" Rhenakos skid to a halt, directly in front of the Master and Servant, unloading the rest of his standard clip, and then the magic gem's full six shots aimed forward. The black wolf lunged forward from behind the prey, roaring as it imagined its teeth sinking into the precious human flesh that awaited him.
  2. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    "Lucario! Mankey's a super cold Mightyena!"
    "Hold on!" yelled the servant as he braced for the impact of bullets. They hit Xeyyakkenn square in the head, however he didn't notice until he saw them fall on his servantss shoulders that he was piggybacking on. "Oh my God!" he yelled. "How is this-" "Do you remember George Washington?" interrupted the servant, "he was called the White Ghost for a reason! Now hang-" beserker's attack landed, pushing the duo closer to the man with a gun. The servant swug his spear in a wide circle, hoping to his both enemies and jumped to the left. "Master we'll need a new tactic soon. Cold air is hard to breath and I can't go on the offensive with you on my back."

    The servant stood with the spear in a defensive position with the blunt end towards the beast and the blade towards the man. "Ok. Let me think. I gotta say a physically defensive prayer since they seem like physical attackers. Let me think. I can't think!" The servant looked at the wolf. "So," he said, "you are the first foe. Surely you don't think that you, a beast, can best a man such as I?"

    'I knew I should've brought a gun,' thought Xeyyakkenn, 'God help me!'
  3. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    [Park - Sept 14 - 7:32pm]

    Seth continued to watch the battle from the shadows of the small forest inside the park. Ezio was perched on a tree branch above Seth also watching the battle. He wanted to get involved so much that his body was shacking with anticipation to fight but he knew rushing into a battle is not only foolish, but life threating.

    “I don’t know Seth, it looks like the one with the wolf might win this, he seems far more superior then his opponent. We might just witness the first casualty of this war,” Ezio said. Seth let the cigarette fall to the ground and he stepped on it to put it out. The last of the white smoke left his mouth as he sighed.

    “Be ready Ezio, we might just have to intervene in this. This war is dangerous and any life that is in danger. We must protect,” Seth said he waited to his chance and finally saw his chance to intervene. He took a brown crystal from his pocket and squeezed down tightly as it glowed.

    “Schnitt durch den Boden, um zu Ihrem Ziel gelangen, finden Sie Ihre Beute mit Ihren Sinnen. Verwenden Sie Ihre Geschwindigkeit und Stärke für diejenigen, die in Gefahr sind zu speichern. Angriff-Ground Shark!” Seth said before he punched the ground. A large dorsal fin rose up from the ground and cut his way through the earth towards the two. As it got ten feet away, the fin sank back down into the ground. Then suddenly a shark the size of a great white and made of nothing but rocks and earth blasted out of the ground and attacked the man and the wolf. Its diamond Teeth shined in the moon light.
  4. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    [Park - Sept. 14 - Evening]

    Rhenakos felt the magic before he saw it. He had already jumped back to avoid the swinging spear that the enemy servant had swung in defense, and used the backwards momentum to break away from the engagement. Berserker was far less lucky.

    Berserker had easily withstood the halfhearted swing from the spear, the blow almost bouncing off its tough skin. But the powerful wave of magic blasted the side of the wolf, knocking him aside, forcing him out of range from the over encumbered servant.

    Rhenakos cursed as the great black wolf tried to stagger back up. Immediately, he turned from where he had sensed the magic. He pulled out a green gem, praying that he remembered the verse, "Mächte von jenseits der Leere, gib mir Augen, um das Unsichtbare zu sehen, um deinen Feind zu finden!" His only eye glowed, and suddenly he could see a faint outline, a magical aura from the most recent spell the hidden Master had summoned.

    "Berserker, I'm certain that you can still handle these two on your own. I'll take care of the distractions..." Rhenakos looked back. The great black wolf was already on its feet, shaking itself down as the air around it began to frost over. The red haired Master smirked, and aimed his gun into the trees.

    "This is a war, my friend!" he called out. "Why are you helping your enemy!? Tis a foolish notion...they would turn around and stab you the moment you let your guard down." Immediately he fired off three warning shots without magic. He figured the servant (should this truly be a Master at all. After all, magus have been known to interfere) would protect them, or a spell of some sort would deflect the bullets.
  5. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    Seth was about to use another spell but Ezio intervened and quickly grabbed Seth and threw him to avoid the bullets then used it agility to barely escape the bullets. Could have warned me first Seth thought before he sighed and started to walk out of the shadows of the trees. He knew he had to eventually fight in this war but he had hoped he could stop all the fighting or at least found someone who had a good reason to fight. Yet there still was something else he was hoping for. The hope that no one in this war would recognize him. True, he was a famous MMA fighter and if someone recognized him for that, he wouldn’t mind it. It was something else. Something he wished no one in this war would remember.

    He hoped that no one would recognize him for what he used to be. What he used to do and how all the media portrayed him as a monster living in human skin. He hoped that no one would call him what he used to be, the Red Devil. When he fully walked out of the darkness of the forest, all his hopes would be laid on the table and if he could keeping going without being recognize then he would be ok, but there was still that horrific thought. What if he was recognized and what if he became like his old self in the past. He had to try and keep those thoughts from his mind; otherwise he’ll not only lose the war, but lose his new self to his old self.

    “Why not help an opponent? Yes, you are right that this is a war, but what makes humans so blood lust that they can’t show some shivery towards those he fights. War is something that shouldn’t change humans into monsters. Fighting dose that as well, we’re like caged animals when we fight, especially for our lives. But if I may ask. What do you fight for that makes you think you can take the life of another?” Seth said. Ezio was perched on a branch and chuckled to himself as he listened to Seth’s speech.

    “for someone like him and his past to say that truly means he has killed off all his demons inside. strada da percorrere amico” Ezio said with a smile
  6. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    "Thanks for the help! I owe you one!" yelled Xeyyakkenn in the direction of the friendly voice.
    "Sir," said the servant, "we can't afford to owe anyone anything yet."
    "Too late. Now lets focus on Beserker Mightyena." He got off his servant's back and said, "Vest Kugel auf mich zu tragen. Magie Verteidigung Triple!" A vest formed on his body and he began to have a faint yellow glow. "Let's go!"

    The servant, now on the offensive, lunged his spear at the wolf. Xeyyakkenn then looked at the man with the gun and said, "Whoever you are that helped me, I hope this helps you!" 'Because it's all I got left today,' he thought. "Reverse-Barriere!" A clear barrier rose out from the ground surrounding the man with the gun. It was a domelike structure that was closing at the top. Once closed it would reverse his attacks, meaning that any bullet he shot would bounce around in the dome and possibly hit him. Also, if it closed, he would not be able to just simply walk out of it.

    Xeyyakkenn panted as he watched the semidome rise from the ground, about to close at the top. "That's all for today angels," he said heavily, "man I gotta pray some more."
  7. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    Rhenakos smiled darkly as the man preached of men and monsters, and couldn't help laughing as the Master finished his speech. "How idiotic of you to think of life in such simple terms. Honor and chivalry are dead." The red haired Master raised his gun. "What gives me the right to kill? That's my secret that will follow me to hell." He pulled the trigger.


    The great black wolf let out a chilling howl, lunging relentlessly at the spear wielding heroic spirit. Despite the blows in defense, the powerful Berserker seemed not to let up, his fangs thirsting for blood. For a moment, Berserker let up, slowly circling his prey, letting a low, guttural growl escape its bared fangs...


    Immediately as Rhen pulled the trigger, a dome barrier surrounded him, and his bullet ricocheted off of the barrier, bouncing twice more before embedding itself into Rhen's arm. Immense, burning pain filled the man's upper arm where the bullet entered, but there were more important things to deal with, and he bit back the pain, willing his adrenaline to null the majority of his agony. "Berserker! Retreat for now! Get me out of here, quick!"

    At once the wolf responded, breaking away its engagement. It bounded towards the dome, jumping through the top, and landing next to Rhenakos. At first, Rhen was wary of getting on the wolf, but the ice around its back lessened...despite being Berserker and near mindless, it still knew not to harm its Master. With that, Rhenakos jumped on the wolf, and with barely a fraction of a second left, the two broke free of the barrier. Immediately, Rhen fired off bullets to cover their escape, the powerful wolf rushing away, and disappearing from the park overall.

    They'll soon learn the mistake of trusting one another. This war is nothing but lies and deceit.... A scoff. And a smile. Lies and deceit...
  8. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    September 14, 7:44 PM

    Xeyyakkenn was panting heavily. "I gotta... good prayer on him. .. can we... get outa here now? ... how ya, ... how ya hanging Luc?" His servant stood by him, spear scratched from the wolf. His arms also had a few scratches. "Beserker is stronger than it seems. You did good today, young master. That reverse barrier, when did you master that?" Xeyyakkenn sat down. "It was one of the first ones I learned," he said, "since you said you had good defenses, I figured I'd learn some offensive barriers. That barrier reflects any attacks from the inside. And it's hard to get out of once the top closes. If I was a better prayer mage I could've closed the top faster."
    "You needn't worry about that now, Sir." said the servant.

    Xeyyakkenn got up and walked in the direction of the voice that saved him. "I'm keeping the magic I used on myself on me until we get home. Just in case."
    "Smart move, Sir."
    "Hey!" yelled Xeyyakkenn, "thanks for the help!" He then turned to his servant, "by the way, what kind of angel was that? Does God have angels that look like animals?"
  9. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    September 14, 7:44 PM

    Seth sighed after the whole ordeal was over. He felt his body shacking, partly because of his energy being sucked by the magic and partly because, his body was ready to beat the man to a bloody pulp. His body usually reacted like this when he felt he would be beaten and in this war. Getting beaten might be the end of his life. He took his shaky hand and placed it into his pocket and grabbed his pack of cigarettes and took one out and lit it. As the smoke filled his lungs he started to calm down.

    “I almost lost it. Why? Why can’t my past just disappear? This war might bring back the monster inside of me. The monster I want to forget. Is this war really worth losing my sanity to madness?” Seth said. Ezio had jumped down from the tree and had placed his hand on his shoulder.

    “This is the fate of all the people who are in this war but for you. It might bring back hurtful memories. You can’t let them control you and you can’t keep hopping for the best. A good strategy is to just fight and if someone recognizes you, then you can use to your advantage” Ezio said. Seth just sighed and looked over at the man who had been fighting with the wolf. He didn’t say a word nor did he want to because of who he was. He just turned and walked back to the woods where his car was parked.

    “If someone does recognizes me, it might end badly because of who I was” Seth said.
  10. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    [Sept 14, 8:30pm - Location Unknown]

    "Damnit all to hell," Rhenakos cursed, panting as he made his way down the back alleyway. Already he could feel his vision blurring as searing pain shot up his arm. That was a clever trick. Using a reversal like that caught me off guard. I'll have to think of a defense against such a tactic. Thinking too hard was a mistake. The minute he let his focus slide, his foot slipped, and he staggered, slamming his bad arm into the wall. Immense pain caused him to black out momentarily, and when he came to, he saw in the corner of his eye the great black wolf that followed him everywhere.

    As with his initial meeting with Berserker, he felt fear. If the wolf deemed him unworthy, it would kill him and find a new master. Yet, at the same time, Berserker would have a hard time finding someone willing to make that bond. The role of Berserker's Master was a hard one. At all times, Berserker was drawing an immense amount of mana. Because of this, the Master's usually burn themselves out, and die. But that was the risk Rhenakos had taken, and knowing that, he prayed he could hold out till the end.

    I can't lose. Not...yet. I will avenge you, Cynia. Rhenakos staggered back to his feet, gritting his teeth as blinding agony tore through his arm. I have to make it back to the bar. Stop the bleeding. I have to... Over and over in his mind, he told himself what he had to do. It was all that would drive him forward. Vengeance. He didn't care about a wish anymore. What would he wish for? His beloved? She would despise what he had become. So there was nothing now.

    "But I won't die. I'll kill every last one of you...I'll end this stupid war..." Rhenakos growled, gripping his bad arm, letting the pain surge through his body. It was stupid, but the pain meant he was alive. It meant he was driving himself forward, towards his goal. A worthy goal...to end the Holy Grail Wars once and for all.

    All the while, the great black wolf watched its Master. At times, it had contemplated eating the foolish man, but the Master had proven himself today in battle. As long as the thirst for blood was quenched, Berserker would feel satisfied, and continue to follow the Master.

    But one slip up, and the wolf would tear Rhenakos' throat out.

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