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    3:30 AM

    Seth had yet to sleep. Something was eating away at his mind. He could have walked upstairs and fallen asleep because he lived above the gym, but his mind was racing. With every punch that hit the large bag filled with sand. His memories where swirling around inside his mind. He saw everything, every fight he started, every man he beat within an inch of their life, and the blood. The blood that was on his knuckles stained his skin. Every time he hit the punching back he saw everyone he had fought, every person he had hospitalized. He suddenly stopped as he remembered one in particular. The man was about 27 and was as tall as he was. His fist clinched tighter as he remembered the day he met the man.

    “It was a mistake, you should have just given up the money and ran, but you didn’t. Why? Why did you continue to fight? Why couldn’t you have just given up the money and left? Damn it!” Seth said as he punched the bad with such force it broke off the rope it was hanging from and fell to the ground. He took a deep breath and looked up at the man leaning against the wall.

    “Come on amico, you can’t keep living in the past so much. è necessario spostare in Avanti and think about the future.” The man said. Seth just sighed before he whipped the sweat from his brow.

    “I wish you would just speak English and not mix in the Italian Ezio. Besides, I know not to live in the past, but I can’t help but regret all my actions” Seth said. Ezio just sighed and placed his hand on Seth’s shoulder.
    “Regretting all your mistakes and wrongful actions is the first step to atonement. You mustn’t let them hold you back” Ezio said. Seth sighed and nodded.

    “True, but there’s still something bothering me. With all this fighting. My old self might appear. It likes to appear when I’m fighting. Even in some of my MMA fights. It showed itself. Like, my old personality has taken its own form inside my mind” Seth said.

    “Sometimes to get rid of evil, one must first lose his self to lose the evil inside his mind. An old friend once told me. Hell is not a place, but what a person thinks of inside their mind. Therefore hell is inside your mind” Ezio said. Seth nodded. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep but he knew he could meditate for a few hours to calm his nerves of his shacking feelings and emotions.
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    --/9:03 The Night Before\--

    The moon had risen over Central Park, and Aaron still hadn't gotten his phone back. Local goths sat in the shadows just off the beaten path. Some street lamps were out, and others flickered and dimmed. "Can we talk now?" Aaron asked, more than slightly annoyed.

    "Almost." The man had been silent ever sense they had gotten in the cab. The way his jaw was set made Aaron think the man had a constant glare on his face, behind the sunglasses. Even though it was dark out, the man still wore the shades. *His gait was quick, and he kept looking around, as though he thought they were being watched. Even Aaron had a suspicion they might have been being watched.

    As they walked, more and more lights were off or flickering. "I guess the City doesn't come out here much." Aaron said, as a way to fill the ever growing silence.

    "I guess." The man stopped, looked around, and sat down on an old, rotting bench. "Have you ever heard of the Holy Grail?" The man took off his sun glasses, revealing thin, sky blue, eyes.

    "Yeah. It's the old cup that would grant eternal life if you drank from it. Right?"

    "Yes. Well, sort of. When you drink from it, you get one wish. Anything you want. Only, it's not something you can go out and find. It's not hidden in some magical cavern, or lost at the bottom of the sea. There's this thing every so often called The Holy Grail Wars. The winner gets one wish from the Grail."

    "And I'm in this war?"

    "If you wish to be. It's your choice."

    --/9:26 P.M.\--

    "Alright," Aaron began, "I understand. But if you're one of the Heroic Spirits, who were you before you died? Or, well, are you still, I suppose."

    "I'm -," the man replied flatly.

    "-!? Dude, you're like, my hero!" Aaron had a huge grin on his face at the realization of who this man was.

    The man smiled. "Thanks. Now, there's a few things we can do in order to win this thing. First, we can go on the offensive and start the fight. Or, we could hide out while you train. Which would you prefer?"

    Aaron thought for a moment. On the one hand, he'd never done this kind of thing before. But on the other hand, being a sitting duck didn't exactly sound appealing either. "The latter. And I know just the place."

    --/10:43 P.M.\--

    *A large, old building loomed in front of the two young men. The shipping warehouse was two stories tall, with cracking plaster walls. Aaron pulled a small key from his pocket and winked at his Servant. He walked forward, slipped the key into the lock, and opened the door. Darkness enveloped the men as they entered the large, mostly empty, room. Mold and other smells greeted their noses, and steadily dripping water echoed through the black. "Close the door," Aaron ordered the the Servant, who quietly pushed it to. The student flicked a switch, and stood for a few seconds as the lights kicked in. "Good place to train?"

    "Perfect, actually. But first, you must sleep. We have all day tomorrow to train before the War starts."

    "Are you not going to sleep?"

    "I don't sleep. I guard you."

    "Alright." Aaron made his way across the large room and into a smaller one off to the side. "I used to work here part time, but it was shut down a year ago. Nobody comes here anymore, but I kept my key." A sly grin crossed his face, and he sat down on the bed. "Wake me at sunrise."

    "Aaron, you'll need more sleep than that."

    "That was not a question, -. Wake me at sunrise."

    The Next Day

    --/6:14 P.M.\--

    Sunlight streamed through the widow, pointing a makeshift spotlight at the two brawlers in the middle of the open room. The Servant jumped backwards, narrowly avoiding a sword swipe from the college student. He notched an arrow and fired at Aaron, who heard it zip past his ear as he side stepped it. Sweat beaded on the student's forehead, dripped into his eyes. "You're learning fast. Shall we work more on your Magic?"

    "Alright." Aaron gasped out, doubling over. "Toss me my water." The Servant walked over and tossed a bottle of water at the gasping man. "How is it that you're totally unaffected?" Aaron asked around drinking his water.

    "I'm not working very hard. Just toying with you." The man set up a few dummies for Magic training. "Here." He tossed a green charm at the man, "Used for Wind Magic. Come on, it's almost sundown. You must be ready, in case somebody attacks."

    "Alright. Let's get started." Aaron said, ready to resume Magic training.
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    7:17 PM

    "Hand me that prayer book." Xeyyakkenn was in the study and had been there the entire day. His servant handed him the book. "It's an offensive book," said the servant. Xeyyakkenn stood in front of him. "I know," he said, "it's time we equip you with some surprise offense." He sat down at the desk and pulled out the seven class pieces: archer, saber, lancer, caster, assassin, rider and beserker.

    "On the battlefield, you are to call me Sir and I will call you Lucario."
    The servant stood silent, knowing it was futile to protest.
    "I think strategically really well. And its best for me to think of this in terms of Pokemon or Chess because those are the easiest mathematical ways for me to think. You could be a Lucario, Mew or Arceus simply because you could do most anything. But I'm making you a Lucario because your primarily a physical close range attacker. I won't call you by your class name because that'll give us an edge over the enemy. Now as a Lucario, your two enemies are Ninetails, which is this guy." He grabbed a class piece. "And this Mew right here." He grabbed another piece. "Because they are long rangers. Medium to long range. Now this Gallade right here is also a medium ranger. But Mew and Ninetales are more important. So. What long range moves do you have?"
    His servant shook his head. "I have none Sir."
    "So this Lucario doesn't know Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse or Psychic. Can you move faster than the human eye can see?"
    "No, Sir."
    "So you don't know Extreme Speed either. Well that's a problem. We need to get you a long range move. But you can fight with your sword. What else can you fight with?"

    10:04 pm

    "Ok so we have Ninetales and Mew covered. Ninetales will be somewhat predictable and Mew's infinite possibilities can be overcome by using the prayers wisely. So that brings us to our next two enemies. Gallade and Mankey. Gallade is medium range, but we've got medium range covered. Now Mankey's gonna be like a close range physical Mew. But with your abilities that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Which leaves us with Sneazil and Zebstrika. Sneazil is probably gonna wait things out, attack at night and observe to learn weaknesses. I don't really know of a surefire way to overcome that. Just always be on guard. As for Zebstrika. It may look like it can't beat a Lucario, but it'll surprise you with that one special move when you don't expect it and then it's all over. So we need to equip you with more prayers to cover those two."
    "Yes, Sir."
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    [September 13th, 20xx]
    [9:53 PM]

    "Bah. I knew it. No good, no good."

    Sabrina clenched her left fist and impatiently knocked the kiseru on her table. This prompted the young man, Sieg, who was standing next to her, turned at his Lady, who seem to be annoyed at something. "What is it?" He inquired, cannot help but feeling curious as to why the middle-aged woman seated on the black chair had the frown on her face. "And before you reply, I must say that if you continue to have that look on your face you'll get just as ol--"


    A giant, thick book flew towards the young man, which he single-handedly caught. Taboo topic, eh? As he looked at the book, the giant Japanese letters read: 101 Bonsai Care and Manual. How come someone even write a book THIS thick just for bonsais, anyway? He narrowed his eyes as he eyed the book before placing it back on the desk. As he did, he could see that the aforementioned woman's expression did not loosen by a bit, in fact, it grew more tense and with more intense stare that is more like a threatening glare. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I forgot to ix-nay about the age-ay." He said lightheartedly. "What is it you were being so annoyed about, anyway?"

    ".....Yeah right."
    Sabrina replied with a sour look on her face, aware that he was messing with her. After taking a moment, she pushed her seat backwards, away from the desk. Without saying anything, she knocked the kiseru on the desk impatiently again. As Sieg looked on the desk, he realized that upon which lied a single leaflet. Curious, Sieg picked it up and adjusted his glasses before reading it. "'Annual Plant and Pet Day?'" He said, while trying to hold back his laughter, even though his eyes radiated with disbelief.

    Quickly, Sabrina seized the leaflet from his hands before he had a chance to say anything else and slipped it into one of the books on her table. "Not that thing, ばか!" She said, before realizing her Japanese accent had taken over and closed her mouth in embarrassment. After shooting a nasty look to Sieg, she turned her back on him. A moment of silence flew by until she broke the ice with a low voice.

    "....What do you think of the candidates this year?"

    "Ich denke, sie sind interessant." Were the words that escaped his lips.

    "英語でお願いします。" She replied back in an instance, without even turning back.

    "And you've just shot another of your Korean to me."

    "It's not Korean, you dumm." Sabrina groaned as she finally turned her back. "And you know it." Noticing something in her words, Sieg gave a laugh, which seemed to have hit a nerve. "WHAT?" She said, with her eyes narrowed in suspicion. Having slightly calmed down, Sieg looked at her with a calm expression.

    "I thought you didn't know German."

    "It was necessary for me as a Magus. You know that us Magi uses German for spell casting and all, do you not?"
    Sabrina shot back, with a sense of victory in her gut. "True, German is not exactly my forte, but it is a part of something I need to suck up and bear with as a Magus. Whether I like it or not, it is something I grew up with, something that had been decided as a part of my life, my identity. And besides, that man will not have me waltzing around in my training. You knew just how that man felt like towards his daughter well yourself, don't you?"

    Sieg was silent. It was true. All of the trainings she had went through and all, it wasn't something she would like to reminisce about or even having it pop in the darkest corner of her brain, considering how she just called that particular person as "that man". Aware of what will happen should he dwell more on the topic, he decided to remain silent.

    "Anyways, was that really what you think of the participants this year?"

    "Why not? They are much more c-- ahem, 'unique', if I must say so, than the participants in the last War."
    Sieg cleared his throats. "And besides, you shouldn't say that in the mean time, not with the last two Servants still haven't showing any intentions of revealing him or herselves."

    Sabrina was silent. She knew Sieg had a point. So far she had figured out that five Servants had awakened and ready-set for the prelude of the War coming up in the next three hours. All of the sudden, a thought crossed her mind. I still can't believe that the Holy Grail is really going to show up again in New York... she mused. She knew that it was the 9th Holy Grail War that took place in New York, but, as someone who had been to Fuyuki, where the original Holy Grail War took place, she still had some doubts and suspicion.

    I wonder if it's just like that time when the Einzbern, Makiri and Tohsaka tried to summon the Holy Grail, like what Kotomine told me. Maybe some Magi families in NY tried to summon their own Holy Grail? If so...I wonder if the Silverstein family is---no... Grandfather never mentioned anything like this. And besides, the Magus Association must have... No, grandfather's in the Magus Association, that's why he's been the judge for the past wars, so they couldn't involve someone from the family that summoned the HG here in the first place as a supervisor... Then again, I can't really think of anyone or anything else... Ugh, this is just so confusing no matter how many times I think about it...

    Placing a palm on her forehead in confusion and distress, Sabrina remained in silence for a moment before she stood up from her seat and seized her coat. Paperwork will wait. I can't think like this. Just as she headed for the door, she stopped and turned back. "....I'm going to get some fresh air, let's go."
  5. Courtland True Keyblade Wielder

    <September, 14; 10:38 A.M.>

    "Aaron, we've been here for three days, with the occasional leave for food, and I haven't detected anybody getting taken out. We have to make a move of some sort."

    "Let me think." Aaron was pacing around the large warehouse. For three days they'd practiced Magic and fighting skills, and they'd used an old forklift to move some crates into a defensive position, blocking almost all the doors. The Warehouse was a virtual castle, built for defense. "We can't run out blindly. We need to think like hunters." He talked more to himself than to his servant. "I've got it. But first, we need to go to my apartment on campus, to pick up my cash. We're going to need lots of it."

    "What are you planning?"

    "Just trust me. How much more money do you have?"

    "As much as we need, why?"

    "-, it's time to go on a shopping spree."

    <12:42 P.M.>

    "Are you sure we needed all this stuff? I mean seriously, three remote control helicopters with rechargeable batteries?"

    "All this stuff has a use, I promise."

    "A crowbar? A laptop?"

    "Yes, just trust me."

    <6:19 P.M.>

    "I have to admit," the Servant began, "I thought you were crazy, but this is actually a great idea." Aaron sat at a desk and the Servant stood behind him. They watched the laptop screen, which showed video footage of virtually the entire city. They'd set up cameras watching streets, alleyways, and even large lobby areas, and painted them to match the colors of the walls.

    "I know! Not only can we see how some others fight, we can see where they show up most often, and maybe even find their hideouts. And we can follow people with these, if need be." He held up two of the miniature helicopters, which had been fitted with miniature video cameras.

    "This stuff is genius. Now we can stay in here as long as we have food."

    "Exactly. Now we need to train more, yes?"

    "No, actually. You've become an amazing swordsman, and I've taught you all that I know about wind magic. So what do we do now?"

    Aaron walked into the small office and picked up his crowbar. "Follow me." The two walked out of the abandoned warehouse and began to follow the river toward the country side of the island. They stopped when they came across an intersection that had no cars in it.

    "What are we doing?" The servant was confused, as they were at the edge of the city.

    "Shh. . ." Aaron whispered, "This is illegal." He shoved the crowbar under a large disc in the middle of the road. He lifted it, revealing a ladder leading down into darkness. "Go." He told his servant, who began a descent into the tunnel. After the man disappeared, Aaron began his climb. Once he was down a ways, he placed the manhole back in place, and continued down the ladder.
  6. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    Seth had been sitting in front of a café for about three hours. He was sitting in a plain white metal chair that looked like his hadn’t been painted in a couple of years. The white table looked the same way as rust started to crawl up each of the three legs. He set the large white cup down onto the table as the steam floated into the air. He was deep into a large book he had found in a local book store next-door. It was Stephen king’s Christine, which was a book he had been looking for, for a long time. He seemed relaxed, almost too relaxed for what was going on. Because of the war and because of all the competitors it was almost suicide to just look this exposed t anyone participating. Ezio was perched on top of the café, watching over everyone near the café so if anything would happen, he could act. This was both Ezio and Seth’s idea to look exposed so the other competitors will show themselves. Ezio twitched ever now and again because of the communicator in his right ear. It was a new feeling for him to have something constantly in his ear.

    Seth looked up from his book to see a young boy wave at him. The boy had on a MMA shirt on with some of the exact designs that Seth wore on his trunks when he use to enter the ring. His mother looked at the boy then at Seth and quickly tapped the boys hand to make him stop waving. Seth was a celebrity but this, to him was a double edge sword. On one hand, because of his MMA career, many people saw him as all the other MMA fighters and showed him the same respect as they did to the other fighters. Then, there was the other part of his celebrity life he hated. The part he hated was the time he was the leader of a gang that fought every day and every night. Everyone saw him as a thug that showed no remorse, no restraint, and no mercy towards anyone. Many people saw him as nothing more than a gang leader who could snap and kill them at any time. It was even worse when he was starting his MMA career; the reporters would ask him about his past which made him feel like his past would never go away.

    “Every mistake you make follows you till the end of time. Maybe I can end it all with this war” Seth said as he sighed and went back to his book.
  7. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    September 14, 6:43 P.M.

    "Alright, you said that no one's been taken out yet, right?" asked Xeyyakkenn.
    "That's right," replied his servant.
    "Great, then we gotta start a fight. Odds are we won't be facing your major threats first, Lucario." His servant sighed at the mention of the Pokemon. "So you're sure you just need that one weapon?"
    "Yes, Sir. It's brilliant for confusing enemies on what my class is."
    "Alright. Now, the plan is to go to an open space far from here with a hidden escape route. Hopefully someone and their angel will be drawn to us. The first prayer battle will be started by us. Then we either beat them and run away, be equally matched and agree to fight another time, or run if things get too chaotic out there. Then we come back, rest and train untill your two major threats are taken out or until there's only one more enemy left. Which means we'll also have to stock up on food."
    "Yes, Sir. Shall we go out tonight?"
    "Yes, Lucario. We go out tonight."

    They left the mansion and entered the car. They drove out to a nearby mall and parked there. Then they walked to a park that was conveniently empty.

    7:23 P.M.

    "So how do we draw people to us?" asked Xeyyakkenn.
    "Make a big flash. Cast a flashy barrier spe-prayer."
    Xeyyakkenn thought for a moment and then said, "Licht reflektieren!" A bright light burst from the clear dome that Xeyyakkenn created around him. The light lasted for three seconds.
    "There, Sir. Now you are ready," said the servant.
    "Yeah," said Xeyyakkenn, "now we wait..."
  8. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer


    [Sept. 14th, 7:26pm]

    "That was very stupid," Rhenakos replied nonchalantly, tapping his foot impatiently, leaning against one of the many trees in the park that his prey had so conveniently entered. "Not only have you wasted magic, but you've made yourself a surprisingly easy target for six masters and their servants. All at the same time." He pulled out his modified gun, placing a blue gem in the hilt. Already, he could feel the mana charge into the chamber, and he took aim.

    Battlefield Set: Park

    The darker it got, the colder it began to get. Yet Rhen seemed to ignore the cold, almost as if he had already suffered through worse, and this was nothing. With a smile, he breathed out, focusing his aim on the man across from him. His name...he had know idea who he was, or who his servant was. But that wasn't needed. Of course, it would be important later on, but for now-

    (( Music: - Guilty Crown OMEGA ))

    "Die." Rhenakos fired off three quick shots, running forward at full speed. Using logic, he predicted that his opponent would either use magic to deflect, sidestep the bullets, or have his servant intervene. The human would be easy to deal with, and was the main target to eliminate. Elimination is the side objective. For now, I need to figure out who his servant is without using Berserker. If the man sidestepped, Rhenakos could easily follow up with close combat, striking with several quick kicks, using the flourish to stun. The servant would be an issue, but should he intervene with the physical aspect, Berserker would come to his aid. I hope.

    If the opponent Master decided to counter with magic, a barrier summoned with such timing could probably be broken with the rest of the gem's rounds. Continuous fire, followed by a reload and backstep, as the barrier breaking could cause a shockwave. That would be less desirable, but still easy to work with.

    The last option would be very frustrating. The servant intervening would mean Rhenakos would have to use Berserker to fight. But the distraction might be enough to kill the Master before anything too dangerous occurred. Not the best, but a sound strategy. Rhenakos grinned.

  9. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    Xeyyakkenn screamed, but nothing happened to his body. His servant, standing tall with his armor on: breastplate, helmet and spear in hand. Yes spear. He looked at his master. "Don't forget, I'm your ultimate defense," he said after dropping the bullets that dented his armor. His servant looked at the man with the gun and said, "Coming here alone? My master may not be the strongest Magi, but he has the strongest servant Sir, I believe this situation calls for prayer 42. Do you remember it?" Xeyyakkenn was feeling the quick beating of his heart. "Yeah," he said. His servant smile as hus master jumped on his back. "Dear God," yelled Xeyyakkenn, "I have no idea what's going on! But please protect me!"

    The servant charged at the man, spear in hand aimed at the foe's heart.

    'This didn't turn out how I expected it to,' thought Xeyyakkenn, 'he was supposed to bring out his servant first so we could determine whether to run or not. Oh well, if what Lucario says is true about my family, then by simply touching him I'll share his defenses. I just hope e piggybacking doesn't weigh him down. Oh God what have I gotten myself into?'
  10. Rex SSFW Team Ygriega Winner

    [Sept. 14th, 7:30pm]

    Seth looked up at the flash in the sky. Seth sighed and looked at the traffic light hanging from the black wire in the middle of the intersection. He tapped his middle finger on the steering wheel. Ezio looked at Seth then at the light.

    “You’re going. You have to, you’re a contestant. You can’t just sit back and wait, eventually you’ll have to fight with someone and you can’t just keep running” Ezio said. Seth sighed. On the one hand, he was going to his usual place. An underground cage fighting arena that is held every night for anyone who wishes to enter. He just sighed again and placed his head on the steering wheel and turned right towards the central park. As he drove towards the park he noticed the gate was open so he drove through, nicking the right side of his black mustang. He skidded and stopped about 130 feet from where he suspected the light to originate. When he and Ezio got out of the car and travel to the origin of light, he saw three people. He suspected two were like him and the one standing in front of the other was a servant.

    “Should we intervene? “ Ezio asked. Seth took out his pack of cigarettes and took one out and lit it. He let the smoke fill his lungs.

    “Let’s just watch. We’ll just intervene when I feel something will.” Seth said before he stopped and added, “Let’s just watch.” What Seth didn’t know was, because of how he was standing and the position of the moon. His red umber eyes looked like they were glowing red.

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