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    --From the Fate/ series by Type-Moon--

    ~The Holy Grail War~

    And the wheel of eternity shall keep spinning. And so it begins again...

    It cannot be seen, nor can it be heard. Yet, they can feel it in the air...the taste of magic. For centuries, the mages have fought a war, over and over, for a power that is limitless. A single wish. Any wish. Alas, the price is steep...

    The Holy Grail War, the war between seven magi and their summons, a servant from the past, a Hero of old.


    Eaideogart suiuh muipicnirp auon te cnun.

    [New York, 20xx]

    07:17 AM

    "--Lady Sabrina. Lady Sabrina."

    A middle-aged woman woke up with a start. Her visible vivid blue eye showed signs of surprise, which began to wane as it recognized the familiar view of Porsche interior, complete with the mild, delicate scent of Darjeeling tea and the soft humming of the engine. As her cold palm ran on her forehead, her eye shifted to the view outside the glassy window on her left. The view of a modern, technology-ran city. Combined with the dull, gray sky hovering above, it was the same old, same boring view she knew well of. Too well, I'm afraid. Flebilis.

    "Finally, you're up."

    A cold, man's voice from the driver's seat caused the eye to be focused upon the young man on the wheel. The bespectacled man was young, only in his early twenties, with long black hair tied neatly and blazing red eyes that emitted cold aura, wearing a black hat that matched his finely tailored black suit. His lips curled into a thin smile as his eyes were fixated upon the road ahead.

    "I was going to call the ambulance if you hadn't responded to that."
    He gave a sarcastic laugh, to which the woman in the back seat gave a scoff and narrowed her eye. Upon hearing this, the young man looked at his employer through the mirror. "Whoa, you're upset by that already? That must've been one hell of a dream you were having."

    The woman rolled her eyes. She had grown tolerant of her assistant's antics, but she had a good reason to feel upset. "Sieg," she said in a low voice, "if you proceed with teasing me such as you did just now, you'll see just how upset I can be."

    Realizing that his employer was in a no-joke kind of situation, the young man called Sieg decided to cease his speech and returned his focus to the streets up ahead while giving a small, sarcastic chuckle. "Alright, alright, message delivered, I'll keep my trap shut. Sometimes, you're no fun to joke with, you know, Milady."

    The woman shrugged. "Think what you may, I have my reasons."

    "Yeah, obviously." The young man replied with a smirk. "After all, the big day's approaching, eh? I see even someone as strict and outwardly cold-blooded such as my Lady here gets the cold feet on something as grand as this. " At the very mention of those words, the woman's countenance changed. Her face grew stern and as cold as steel, and her eye shot an icy death glare right to the young man's back, which he easily shrugged off with a calm, light laugh. "So, what's on the agenda today, Milady?"

    Ignoring his informal tone, in spite of his formal way of addressing her, the woman took out a kiseru from her pocket and placed it upon her mouth while closing her eyes. After awhile, the woman looked at the young man through the mirror, directly into his garnet eyes. Even without a word coming out of her pale, with slight peach tint lips, the young man received the message, loud and clear.

    "Well, then, Sieg," the woman paused to exhale a tiny cloud of smoke before continuing, "shall we be off? I'd hate to miss the show."

    With a satisfied, yet somewhat sinister smile on his pale face, the young man replied. "Roger, Lady Sabrina."


    New York, and the year is 20xx. The war is about to change the fates of the seven individuals involved in it, for a boundless power known since ancient time.


    "Only the worthy will obtain power. The question is, who?"


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    The man with blond hair placed the man with brown hair in a head lock before sweeping him off his feet and continuing the hold on the man with blond hair.

    “Alright, alright that’s enough” Seth said as the man with blond hair let go and helped his opponent to his feet. Both shock each other’s hand and turned toward Seth.

    “That was a good match, if you two keep practicing and continue to work on your weak points. You’ll see each other in the finals of this month’s UFC tournament. Now got back into the locker room, get cooled down and have some fun in the game room” Seth said. The two nodded and headed towards the locker room. The gym the three were in was originally an abandoned factory that Seth bought and converted it into a gym that not only gave the people in the city a place to work out, but also, his own personal building where he could train people who were interested in MMA. Since he was retired he felt that he shouldn’t just put up his trunks and give up. He felt that he could train someone into the next MMA/UFC champion. Not only was the building for working out and MMA training, but it also had an arcade in the back so it doubled as a place to work out and halve fun at the same time.

    “There’s going to be a war, and I’m smack dab in the middle of it. It’s not the fact that I’m afraid of what’s coming. I’m more afraid of what might happen if I revert back to my old self” Seth said as he sighed. He remembered how he was before he was taken in by his trainer who had died three months ago. When he went to the funeral he thought most of his family would treat him like dirt because of his past. Instead, they greeted him with open arms like he was part of their family. He wanted to continue his trainer’s dream of teaching MMA. He walked out of the gym and lit a cigarette before he sighed.
  3. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    Another day of searching for any remains of her. Another night of watching drunk patrons enjoy themselves as his smile hides the scowl beneath. How naive. They waste their lives away without knowing the dark secret that looks them in the eyes. With a scoff, the dark red haired man cleaned out another glass from behind the bar, and set it aside.

    "Oi! Rhen? Whatcha scoffing at?" one of the loud drunks said.

    "Just 'yer ugly mug, is all. Can't stand the sight of it every night," Rhenakos replied with a fake grin, laughing along with the rest of them. Idiots. Wiping down another glass, he set it aside, and paused. I can feel it now...the presence of magic in the air. That war is happening again. And soon. I had heard rumors in the underground, but I didn't think another war would start this soon. He smiled, for real this time. I'll make sure to end it this time. The servant I have planned...he can end it all....

    At that, Rhenakos swung his arms into the air, "Another round for everyone, on the house!" To that, he got cheers. Ignorance is bliss...and oh how I wish I could be with them....the fools...
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    "WHAT!? Omygod, omygod, omygodomygodomygod! Aaaaah!" The black haired boy fell on his bottom at the sight of what just happened. His servant stood before him and reached out his hand. "Come now, Master. On your feet," said the servant.

    "Who are you!?" asked the brown boy.
    "I am -" said the servant. He grabbed the boy and stood him up.
    "Dontchu touch me!" said the boy, pushing away his servant's arms. "Touch me again and I will rebuke the Satan outa you in Jesus' name!"
    "Jesus?" asked the servant, "What god is he? Is he near kin to Zeus?"
    "Zeus!? What are you..? How..? What demon are you!? Asking me bout Zeus? I ain't a dumb Christian! I rebuke you in Jesus' name!"

    The servant laughed. "So that is my master. A Christian!" He laughed even harder.
    "JESUS!" yelled the boy.
    "So tell me, boy. If you are my master, then how could you have performed the magic ceremony to summon me?"
    The boy stood silently. "Magic ceremony?"
    "Yes." said the servant. "And what did you use as your artifact?"
    The boy sat down again. "Artifact?"
    The servant sighed. "Show me your hand boy."
    "My hand?" He looked at his hand and saw the red markings. He began to cry. "Oh God forgive me! I have the mark of the beast and I don't know how I got it!" He cried aloud.
    his servant laughed. "To which god do you call on now, Poseidon? And what beast?"

    A half hour later, after many prayers of repentance, the boy stood up from his knees. "So you said you're - right?" His servant nodded his head. "Are you an angel? The one with the pen in that one story where six angels destroyed a city, but one marked people with a pen so they would be spared?"
    His servant sighed. "I believe in your era this is called a face palm?" He face palmed.
    "You have to be. Because I don't know of any language where these symbols add up to 666," said the boy.
    Another face palm. "Listen, boy," said the servant, "let me explain to you what's going on."
  5. Courtland True Keyblade Wielder

    --/11 Hours Earlier\--

    The movie theatre lights dimmed and the prejector flickered on. It was easy to hear the film real crinkling through the cheap piece of machinery. Loud music played as the word Universal flashed across the screen. People finished filing in, and chatter died down as the movie began playing. Butter and cheese powder smells floated through the dark room, and soft snapping was heard as people jerked their feet from the grasp of the floor, coated with soda. People sent their final text messages before the movie started, and the lights turned off all the way.

    On the top row, towards the middle, sat a young college student, all alone. A large bucket of popcorn sat in his lap and a large soda sat in a cup holder next to him. His nimble fingers carefully selected a particularly buttery piece of popcorn, and tossed it into his mouth. Butter and cheese tastes flooded his mouth, and he swallowed greatfully. He licked the liquid gold from his finger tips and took a sip of his soda. He didn't pay much attention to the movie, but studied a new piece of popcorn in between his thumb and forefinger. "Hey, Pal, turn off the phone," said a man a few rows down, "this is a movie theatre."

    "Sorry." Aaron stood up and placed his popcorn where he'd been sitting and left the dark theatre. "Hello? Who is th-" the phone was snatched from the young man's hand. "Hey!" He spun around to see a man, not much taller than himself, holding his cellphone. "What's your problem?"

    "We need to talk." His voice was deep and powerful, and the attendants behind the Concessions counter could hear them, though they pretended not to. They continued sweeping, making popcorn, and restocking the candy. The man's eyes were shielded from view by black, square sunglasses. Aaron could see his own face reflecting back in the dark lenses. "Now."

    "No way, creep, I don't even know you." Aaron made a grab for his phone, but the man jerked his hand back.

    "After we talk." He marched passed Aaron and out the door. The boy started to follow, when his stomach growled.

    "At least let me grab my popcorn!" he hollered after the man, just as the door shut. An arm flew up, and a hand waved back in response. Aaron ran into the theatre and grabbed the bucket of popcorn and soda before jogging out after the stranger.

    The sun was setting, and stars were just beginning to twinkle to life in the pink sky. Cars zoomed by and honked. Birds twittered as they hopped from branch to branch in a tree on the sidewalk.

    "Alright, talk." Aaron found the man sitting on a bench just down the street. He wore a blue Under Armour shirt and black athletic pants.

    "Not here," he whispered, "it's not safe." He made a motion with his hand, and a taxi cab slowed down.

    "I'm not going anywhere with you!" Aaron said in a voice only slightly louder than normal.

    "Shut-up!" The man hissed as the yellow cab pulled over. "Stay if you want, but your phone and I are headed to Central Park." He opened the door and got in the car.

    "Fine." Aaron mumbled and got in the cab.
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    The boy sat silent. It had been a half hour since his servant explained things to him. "We need to take out - and -," said the boy finally, "those two will be your main trouble." His servant, standing beside him, smiled. "So you've accepted it?" asked the servant. The boy stood up and looked at his cell phone. "We should go," he said, we have to assume that anyone is watching.

    They were behind the orphanage he grew up in. All the children and staff were at the anual field trip. They would be back shortly, however. He took his servant to his car. He paused after putting his key into the ignition, looking at his servant through the rearview mirror. "So your loyalty during this war is with me, correct?" asked the boy. "I am your only master?" The servant diverted his attention from the orphanage to his master. "Yes Master," he answered, "you have my complete loyalty."
    "Then call me Xeyyakkenn" said Xeyyakkenn. "Better yet, call me Sir."
    "If that is what you wish, my master."
    "Now where's this mansion you mentioned?"
    "Your parents' home? It's far from here."
    "Lead me to it. I want to know just who my parents really were."

    It was a long drive to reach the outside of the city, but sure enough the mansion was there. It had five sections. One was in the middle and the other four were at its corners, like a castle. The outside walls were of brown stones and a few windows. It sat on top of a hill and had a large fountain in the circle driveway.

    Asante drove the car around the mansion and parked behind it. He got out and walked to the front door. Looking through the stained glass window on one of the double doors, he asked "Where's the key?" His servant didn't know. "Did they not leave you a key, Sir?" Xeyyakkenn shot a quick glare at him. "If they did, would I be asking about it?"
    "My apologies, Sir."

    Xeyyakkenn grabbed a doorknob. It felt warm to him as if he'd gone through those doors a hundred times using that doorknob. He knew it was locked, but he turned it anyway. The door opened. "You found the key?" asked his servant. "No," said Xeyyakkenn in bewilderment, "I just turned the knob." Before taking his first step into his home, he asked, "So you say the war won't end until one servant and their master remain, right? Meaning the war can't end without me."
    "Yes, Sir."
    "Then we'll train here and stay here until your two major threats are gone. By then, most of the competition should be gone. And hopefully we'll be ready to handle what's left."
    "Yes, Sir."
    "The first thing we'll do is fortify our defenses. Since I'm probably the only non prayer mage, it's safe to bet that the other prayer mages have set up their defenses as well."
    The servant face palmed. "I thought I explained to you.."
    "I'll believe in what I know to be true in my life. Magic isn't impossible. The Bible speaks of witchcraft. But I refuse to believe that I'm in a war of abominations. To me, you're an angel named - that has been summoned to help me fight a war against other prayer mages and get a free wish from God."
    "Then tell me, Sir, how 'prayer mages' fit into your belief."
    "They pray and God performs the miracle instantly. Like prophets in a way. One guy said that it wouldn't rain fir seven years, and it didn't. One guy dipped himself in a nasty river seven times and was healed. The children of Israel marched around Jericho..."
    "Yes, Sir, I understand."
    "And -?"
    "Yes, Sir?"
    "What would your wish be?"
  7. Infel Hero's Crest Wielder

    [06:54 PM]


    Resting her head upon her hand, Sabrina Silverstein gazed upon the file placed before her. The sigh that escaped her lips and the frown on her eyebrows indicated her boredom or possible annoyance towards something. As if in impatience, the sole, lone eye wandered back and forth between the file, its contents, the Sheaffer signature pen that lied helplessly on the polished darkwood table, the dark velvet carpet that covered the majority of the whole office, and the unopened can of milk tea that stood in silence next to the piled up books of various methods of gardening. A small 'clink' caught her attention as a teacup was placed right next to the books on her left, and a fragrant aroma of Chrysanthemum tea drifted past her nostrils.

    "Happiness is escaping there, Milady."

    Sabrina recognized the sarcastic tone and the line very well. Even though the eyepatch blocked her vision to her left side, she could tell that it was her faithful (perhaps) compadre. The young man was slightly bowing as he placed the teacup on her left, with a calm smile on his oval, fair face. "At least, that's what I read from this book I got in the mail." He added, with a low chuckle.

    Sabrina raised an eyebrow with a look of both disbelief and amusement. "A book?" She said, her tone was somewhat that of mocking. "I never thought you were the ones to read books, Sieg." On the other hand, she was rather suspicious of the book he mentioned. What kind of book comes from a mail?

    With that, the young man called Sieg turned at her with somewhat of displease. "Well, perhaps you didn't remember that you made me read those gardening manuals back when you employed me back then."

    This prompted the middle-aged woman to stop drinking her tea and paused to let out a small chuckle, which slowly started to fade as a serious expression enveloped her countenance. A feeling of reminiscence started to seize her gut and her vivid blue eye gazed intently on the swaying liquid inside the teacup. Feeling that the soothing scent of the chrysanthemum revived the unwanted deja vu, Sabrina placed the teacup back on the mantel. Noticing the look on her face, the young man simply gazed in silence.

    The silence was broken quickly by the tolling bell of the grandfather clock that stood grandly at the other side of the room. The hands on the clock caused Sabrina to quickly, and literally single-handedly, tidied up the documents placed inside of the file and pushed it aside, right next to the botanic manuals and stood up from her seat and turned her back upon the view outside the large glass window that covered the length and the width of the room. The view of the setting sun and the city covered up in lights seemed to her, from floor 19, like a sea of glowing stars.


    With a content smile on her face, she turned her seat towards the window without even looking back, and sat down slowly as she picked up the half-empty teacup once more.

    "You're not even going to do those paperwork?"
    Sieg raised an eyebrow, though deep down, he was expecting that his Lady would pull a move such as just now.

    "What, and miss the show?" Sabrina replied, without even looking on him. After she had emptied her cup and placed it back, she rummaged through her pocket and retrieved the gold-plated kiseru and looked at it with a somewhat sad expression.


    Placing the kiseru upon her mouth, she gazed back upon the nightfall view. "What are you standing there for? Get over here already, you don't want to miss the view, don't you? Oh, but before that...." She paused to exhale. A moment afterwards, the look upon her eyes and the way her lips curled into a smile reflected upon the window caused the young man to be half-assured that maybe his Lady was looking forward to this after all.

    "...I guess we need to do a little tidying up. The guests will be coming soon, after all. When that time comes... I trust you to deliver them the invitations."


    [The battle will begin shortly after nightfall, get ready while you can.]
  8. Chevalier Salamander

    Chapter I // Summoning

    // 11:29 PM
    -- Crimson Lotus' basement

    "Are the preparations complete, Zack?" asked the old man walking down the creaking wooden stairs to the basement of the bookshop. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he could smell the metallic stings of blood in the air. He looked down to see that the summoning circle was finally finished. "Mhm, I made sure to follow the diagram exactly as it is in the book." replied the young man as he looked down again to compared the circle on the floor to the one in the book.

    "A circle engraved into the ground, the four areas pointing in the four cardinal directions. Into the circle, pour the blood of sacrifice, let it fill the circle and give it shape. Upon the altar, place a catalyst, a treasure that will connect with a specific servant upon summoning." The young man looks to to see his grandfather placing a crown made of coral upon the altar infront of the circle. "All that is left, is the incantation to summon the servant." the old man muttered in a hushed tone.

    "Is this really all there is to do for summoning a servant grandpa?" asked the young man. "The summoning is quite simple actually. The servants are called forth by the Holy Grail from the Throne of Heros. All the master has to do, is to chain them to this world and supply them with mana. So whenever you are ready, Zack."

    // 12:00 AM

    "Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Five times for each repetition. Just destroy the enclosed time." As Zack begins the spell, the candles lining the wall begin to flicker as the stagnant air beings to circulate from the great magic. "Bare and silver and iron. Stone for foundation and the Grand Duke of contracts. My great master Shveinorg for the ancestor. A wall for the descending winds. The four gates shall close and come out the crown. Let the three-forked road to the kingdom cycle."

    The circle begins to radiate a deep red glow and the air spirals ever faster throughout the room. Zack could feel a tingle on his left hand where the barely visible command seals lie. Immediately, a searing pain ran through his arm as the seals darken in color and start to shine along with the summoning circle.

    "I hereby propose. My will shall create thy body, and thy sword shall create my fate. Abiding by the summons of the holy grail, if thou dost accede to this will and reason, answer me! I hereby swear. I will be all that is good in the eternal world. I will be the disposer of evil in the eternal world. Thou, clad with the Great Trinity, come forth from the circle of constraint. Guardian of the Heavenly Scales!"

    The circle explodes with a blinding white light that engulfs the entire room. Zack winces in pain as the Grail activates all of his magical circuits, forcing them to fire at once in preparation of his servant. The pain is excruciating as his nerves are being replaced with more circuits for the servent to feed off of. Zack is close to his limit and on the brink of blacking out when the light subsides and the pain recedes from his body, soon replaced with numbness.

    The room is extremely foggy and the air has once again returned to a motionless standstill. The candles are all out and it is hard to make out anything in the room except for his grandfather a few feet away, coughing. "You alright grandpa?" asked the newly recognized master. "Yeah yeah, don't go worrying about an old nut like me, i'm stronger than I look! But enough about me, did it work?" questioned the old man as he choked back a cough. As the fog began to dissipate, they both could make out a figure standing in the center of the room.

    From his coat pocket, Charles takes out a small red jewel and mutters a few words. Instantly a thread of flames shoots out of the gem to relight the candles. "Ahh, there we go. Now who are you?" pondered the old man. "Are you my master?" the figure bellowed out, startling the two magi. They both remain speechless to the servant. He takes a step forward and into the light; he asks again, "Are you who called me forth, my master?" Zack snaps out of his daze and nods. "I-I am your new master, my name is Zackary Ballad, Zack for short."

    "Well Zackary, the contract has been fulfilled and sealed. Since our identities as servants are crucial in the war for the grail, you may call me Lancer for the time being. And together, we will win the vessel of paradise, the Holy Grail."

  9. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer


    "Alright, alright. I called last call over an hour ago and you lazy bums are still here!?" Rhenakos called over the roaring drunk patrons. Even in the low barlight, he could see one man passed out in the corner, and several others teetering. Another fake smile, and another push to keep going through the night. Only half an hour, and then...then I'll try. That thought alone seemed to scare him, and his smile faded.

    It took nearly fifteen more minutes to get everyone out, and by the time the red haired man finished locking the door, he collapsed against the cold floor, shaking. For a moment, he stared down at his sweaty hands, an actual, cruel smile across his face. Yes, soon. Just a little more. This anticipation might kill me. Already, he could feel the pain of the magical circuits in his body flaring, almost as if they wanted him to summon the servant that would lead him to victory. For a moment, he let the burning sensation fill him, and then he focused, forcing the magic to subside. Patience. Burning mana here will be a waste.


    "Cutting it close, dear?" a voice rang out in Rhenakos' mind as he finished drawing the complex summoning circle. Even though he heard her voice, it didn't much matter. He knew she was dead.

    "Perhaps," Rhenakos responded, almost instinctively. He stood up, and walked over to the cabinet that held the magical stones he had collected, and the book that held the spell to summon his servant. "But everything I do, is for you."

    "Are you sure?" her voice responded incredulously. "Is this not just revenge? Perhaps you have forgotten that revenge is pointless. After all, it was you who killed me..." Laughter, followed by the sound of shattering glass as Rhenakos flung the book into the glass bureau across the room.

    "Shut. Up. This isn't real..." he glared down at the circle.

    "Ved gudene i gammel, tilbyr jeg meg selv, blod og bein, for å være et offer. Som slikt, få ned på mine fiender vrede av den store Ragnarok, makt til å avslutte verden. Jeg tilbyr av blod, min kropp og min sjel. Kjemp for meg, nå, stor ulv på slutten. Jeg kaller deg, akt min hver kommando! Kom ut min ånd helter!"

    The lights dimmed for a moment, and there was silence. Rhenakos couldn't feel any magical aura at all, and for a moment, wondered if something had gone wrong. Suddenly, pain seared all across his body, and he collapsed as every magical circuit in his body activated. Another pain, though far less than the magic burning at his senses, seemed to flare up on his left hand. Immediately afterwards, a bright light erupted from the circle. Suddenly, Rhenakos felt a powerful chill. He wondered if his senses had began to go haywire, but in his blinding pain, he could not see the ice forming around the room.

    Finally, the pain subsided. Rhenakos let himself stay hunched over for a moment longer, wondering if he would ever feel anything that physically painful again, and dreading that moment. It took him a moment to realize, though, that the real reason he was hunched over was because it was freezing in the room now. At that, he looked up to see a great black wolf with crimson eyes glaring back at him. At once, the man's survival instincts kicked in, and he scrambled up and back against the wall, panic flooding his system.

    "Wait...it...it worked?" Rhenakos asked the black wolf. "You...you're here to fight for me, right?"

    At that, the wolf let loose a chilling howl, shattering the remaining glass in the mirror and the window that lead outside. At once, Rhenakos' fear disappeared, his calm returning. "Perfect. So you must be Berserker, then? I didn't think it would really work..." He held out his left hand, and examined the mark across his hand. And now... now we fight.
  10. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    3:13 AM

    "Sir, you've been up for hours and haven't ate or slept. " Xeyyakkenn was in a small library underneath the mansion. It was almost cave-like. Bookshelves lined the walls and glowing crystals covered the cave ceiling. Xeyyakkenn sat at a brown wooden desk piled with books. "There's some interesting prayers in these books. It seems like my parents were experts on defensive prayers and absorbtion." His servant sighed. "I'll go prepare you a meal. If there's anything in the kitchen." Xeyyakkenn waved his hand. "If I'm not here when you come back, I'm exploring the mansion."

    3:30 am

    "Sir?" The servant knocked on the door. "I found sustinance." No response. He opened the door, but couldn't step forward. There was a magical barrier in the room. "Sir!?" Xeyyakkenn stirred in his chair and lifted his head from the book. The barrier was gone. His servant walked in with food on a tray. "What?" asked Xeyyakkenn.
    "I found a meal. It was frozen so I had to heat it up in what you call a microwave."
    "... ... ... it was frozen for eighteen years and your giving it to me?"
    "The package didn't seem damaged and the food didn't seem rotten."
    "I'm gonna go to bed and explore tomorrow. Maybe I'll find something that is actually edible in the morning."
    "What do you want me to do with the food, Sir?"
    "Throw it away. But thank you for finding food."
    "Yes, sir. Will you be casting that barrier again?"
    "What barrier?"
    "The one you cast before I entered."
    "I didn't place a barrier."

    His servant paused. "What?" asked Xeyyakkenn, "did I cast one in my sleep?" His servant led Xeyyakkenn out of the room to the master bedroom door. "I'll keep watch over you," said the servant. Before Xeyyakkenn entered the room, he asked, "do angels sleep?"

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