Tournament! Euro 2012

Discussion in 'Media Section' started by Bekki, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Jess Admin

    Spain / Italy is brilliant. Strange that Spain aren't playing any strikers, though, but it's working for them I guess. Nicely evened game thus far, I think. Italy really are holding their own.

    Germany game was so good. Want them to win their group, for same reasons as Bekki, aha. Plus, I'm part German.

    Can't wait for Croatia / Ireland; as much as I want my Ireland to win, I think Croatia will take it.
  2. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Iniesta is playing the best I think. If Spain score, I think Iniesta will be involved in it.

    I wonder if Torres will come on.
  3. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    Friggin' adverts on ITV. Why can't the BBC just be given full rights to the Euro's?

    They're pissing me off. ;.;

  4. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Well my Croatia won :) Ireland were really unlucky. I think we're capable of beating Italy. I hope we can at least draw against Spain.

    Can't wait for England to play tonight. Watch King Gerrard lift his team to victory!
  5. Jess Admin

    Can't wait for the game tonight, gonna be brilliant. Would love England to win, but France's team is bruuutal.

    2-1 England, I hope?
  6. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    Can't say I expected anything other than a draw at best, still. England did pretty well.

    Pleasantly surprised with a couple of the newbies, however you could tell with some that they don't get the full 90 minutes usually. Hopefully they'll start getting used to that.
  7. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Well this is how they prepared for that game.


    That place looks fun. Darts, table tennis, FIFA. lol
  8. Bekki Heartless Slayer

    Wow, I want to hang out there too, lol. Also, I see no wags which is a good thing. xD
  9. IndieJocky Forum Counselor

    Ukraine vs. Sweden is later today am I correct? Really looking forward to that.
    Can't believe I miseed France vs England though. I'll need to watch the recap later.
  10. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Ikr, I wanted to watch it too, but unfortunantly i was traveling...>.> so no tv.

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