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Discussion in 'Other Video Games' started by John, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Aikijitsu Shadow

    I'm a huge fan of Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion so I'm super stoked for Nintendo this year. It's interesting, to me at least, that Wii U is doing asymmetrical game play. The puppeteer player who changes the pace of the game for other players, for better or worse. It's an interesting concept. I hope developers actually run with the idea and not have it die after 1 or 2 games.
  2. Lasci Fenrir Wielder

    Because repackaging something seven times is so much better than thirty. I'm not entirely sure why you're focusing in on my flagrant exaggeration. Or why you're emphasizing the length of the series' ten-year cycle as if the amount of time spent on a project is directly proportional to its overall quality. Why shouldn't I be able to criticize Halo for regurgitating each of its games back at consumers with a pretty new bow and another full price tag? That's the integral issue of the series. That's why I have no faith in another installment. They're always the same damn thing. Look at your supposedly innovative new features. New weapons? New enemies? A new world? Because that's not all things that we've seen revamped before without seeing an overall improvement to the quality of the franchise. It's just another, perhaps prettier, bow for the developers to throw onto their game to convince themselves that they're doing something different.

    Nothing that you listed is revolutionary. New multiplayer modes are constantly being added, re-imagined, and re-implemented; and not just in the Halo series itself. The only thing that's arguably different is the apparent inability to spam grenades, which isn't that significant of a change, and the in-the-helmet HUD, which is just an aesthetic touch that emphasizes graphic tricks rather than overall quality of the game. Customizable Spartans? Whoa, dude! Whoa! Now that's not something we've seen before! Completely new!

    ... oh wait, you could do exactly that in Halo 2. They've just had the functionality removed for ages.

    Call me when Halo stops skirting along because of the success of its original title and actually does something worthwhile.
  3. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Do you play CoD?
  4. Mr. Heywood Site Staff | Review Team Leader

    I suggest you repackage your post to be less exaggerate and more to the current point. Because when you make posts like that, I cannot take you seriously.

    Because it kinda is. You are saying that they 'repackaged' the game when in actual fact, when you analyse these games they add in new features. Halo 2 is the first multiplayer title and is still considered one of its beloved titles. Halo 3 added item usage and the level design was more improved over Halo 2. ODST, whilst experimental, have you explore the entire city and have you find pieces. And Reach's multiplayer is far more realised with a great single player campaign that was a perfect meeting point between Halo 3's linearity and Halo 1's more open-ended games.

    They have all done their things in different ways.

    What's regurgitated about Halo 4 that other series don't fall under the trap? If I used your argument, I can say that Assasain's Creed II and its sequels were regurgitated as far as things were concerned.

    They change up a lot of things, so do not under-estimate them. New worlds mean new level design. New weapons mean that you have new tactics, but have new things to outright avoid and survive. New enemies means you have to deal with something new which has it own sets of tactics.

    They change up a lot of things.

    You are over-using the "it's a new bow" argument. Seriously, like a lot of sequels have that problem.

    If you are into multiplayer and to me, the Halo has been great in its multiplayer forte that very few games of the competitive multiplayer scene has matched. Bungie takes great care into balancing and it still uses the arena-based gameplay where you find the weapons, which I find upsetting that they changed to Halo 4's formula.

    But other than that, the implementation of Halo 4's MP will be interesting with 343 Industries at the helm.

    They are new features nethertheless based on paltry information, but from what I've seen so far, new enemies and new weapons do change up the game quite a bit.

    The HUD element is definitely from Metroid Prime, which I'm not surprised, since 343 has hired members from Retro Studio. It will be grand to see how much of MP's elements will surface in the campaign.

    Halo 2? Customisable Spartans came in Reach and was greatly expanded. Again, 4 provides even more customisation.
  5. IndieJocky Forum Counselor

    Let's be civil, everyone. No need to go for each other's throats because of video games.
  6. Mr. Heywood Site Staff | Review Team Leader

    This is a tame argument of what you see on Neogaf.
  7. Bob 3000 Decisive Pumpkin Wielder

    Sony's press conference was a huge disappointment to me. I was really hoping Sony would announce more PS Vita games but all they had was another assassin's creed game. Don't got me wrong, I love assassin's creed, but how many does there need to be ffs. On the bright side dat crystal white Vita was pretty cool.

    Nintendo's press conference was a little better than Sony's, but they still didn't give a price for the Wii U. :SAD:
  8. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    Microsoft doesn't have any games so I don't think it is nice to make fun of Halo 4. Let them feel good for once. XD
  9. Sain1846 Living Bone

    I was hoping that Nintendo's conference would have more power behind it, but I might just feel like this because I'm wondering more about the 3DS then the WiiU. Although, I am loving M rated games finally coming to Nintendo en masse.

    Nintendo still has it's software conference tomorrow, and they have stated it will emphasize solely on the 3DS.
  10. Cocaine Inexhaustive Poster

    hardly any games were appealing in the nintendo e3 conference. seems a lot of them are catered to the casual audience. cant blame them. more casual games = more $$$. just look at how much the Wii sold more than the Ps3 and Xbox 360.

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