Question? Do you read the forum newspaper?

Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Dion, Aug 12, 2012.


Do you read the forum newspaper?

Yes, I read everything on it! 2 vote(s) 8.7%
I only read the parts that interest me. 6 vote(s) 26.1%
I skim through it... 9 vote(s) 39.1%
No, but I do like the pretty designs. 4 vote(s) 17.4%
We have a forum newspaper? 2 vote(s) 8.7%
  1. Dylan? Nobody Destroyer

    You just want to review that show in your avatar, :3.
  2. Mr. Heywood Site Staff | Review Team Leader

    YES, YES I DO. ;-;

    Tron: Uprising as well. Shit, that show is surprisingly good from the one episode I saw.
  3. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Tbh I had thoughts on turning it into a Review Team, but wasn't sure on if it would work or not, or on if it was wanted. Since all of the writers themselves actually do reviews on certain points I don't see this as a problem at all.
  4. Dylan? Nobody Destroyer

    And granted, probably the same number of people will actually read reviews as they're released, as do read the newspapers. But the key difference is relativity. While people may not read your reviews right-off, they can browse the thread at later dates, when you've accrued a good number of reviews, as a resource. You don't usually re-read old newspapers and thus, they sort of become this left-behind thing and it's a waste of manpower. Reviews are always good and they're always relevant.

    Well, until December of this year.
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  5. John Review Team Co-Leader

    That's a pretty good standpoint

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