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  1. Kairi* Guest

    ok,in Dance we are in big groups(this is for college)and we have to take a dance from a movie this is the movie/dance we picked
    Lead dancers:
    everyone else background

    i think we are going to do good at it:D
    oh,and its the dance we are doing not the scean
    and i will tell you if i win
  2. matrixQuestioner SSFW 2nd Place Champion

    @.@ *gets hipnatized by good dancing and dances along* looks tricky but good luck! *continues dancing*
  3. Kairi* Guest

    lol thanks:Dwe practouse alot,and i got every move down just perfict
  4. matrixQuestioner SSFW 2nd Place Champion

    I feel sad for the guy he has to be on only one hand for like 2 secs that must've tooken a while *does it and then falls*
  5. Kairi* Guest

    lol,but im my dance that guy is in it more:Dwe dont have that much people
  6. matrixQuestioner SSFW 2nd Place Champion

    oh......I can do the robot good and then some other moves to! *does robot*
  7. Kairi* Guest

    lol,i cant really do much of the robot,only some of it:D
  8. matrixQuestioner SSFW 2nd Place Champion

    you have to learn how to controll your joints better than *tries one move again lasts one second* I love dancing!!!! I want to be in a musical actually I like singing to!! *sings year 3000 perfectly*
  9. Kairi* Guest

    lol i love danceing too
    and Guy(the lead boy)he got the moves down like in the first week:eek: it made me feel bad,cuz i got them down last week,and we started like 2 weeks ago or 3 i cant remember
  10. matrixQuestioner SSFW 2nd Place Champion

    he's a little bit of a showoff it sounds like tough.

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