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Discussion in 'Personal Forum' started by Sora's Shadow, Oct 3, 2009.

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    I just, after years of wondering, trying to solve the seemingly intricate puzzle that she was, digging beneath the "exaggerations" in stories she'd share with other people that wouldn't add up to anything else she did, one question and a confrontation lead to the diagnosis of my girlfriend's mental disorder: pseudologia fantastica. Known more simply as pathological lying, but the wiki article on that term specifically is best-fitting.
    I feel so bad, we could have lived without her having to actually realize this in herself -- I just couldn't ignore how odd it was that pure, 100% honestly was something she had to mentally force herself to obtain. Then how much it perplexed her when she realized this. It went from this being about her covering up her low self-esteem to realizing she has a legitimate, uh, THING going on here.
    It's okay, it minimally affects things and I can nearly always see through it with my years of practice by now, lol, but I feel bad she has to undergo this bit of unveiling. Now in the process of promising that I will love her despite this because it's not like I haven't known SOMETHING was up for like...ever now. And she certainly hasn't changed at all.

    Haha it's funny, this disorder sounds like one of those things anyone could have in lapses of self-doubt or something but damn, no, haha this is very intriguing. But sad.
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