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    Eh, that's true, but Ultimate Spidey was basically 616 Spidey 2. They really didn't need to do all of the villains again, and very few of them actually had a new spin. Green Goblin, Electro, and Kraven have a bit of a fresher spin, but even then, Gobby's the only one that's really really different. It's not a bad comic, it's actually really good, the entire thing as a whole just felt like a 2000's Spider-Man, rather than a same-but-different character like everyone else in the Ultimate Universe. Which I think is why I'm enjoying All New Ult Spider-Man a lot more, Miles is interesting as a Spider-Man and not like Spider-Boy or something. It's been pretty slow, and even though it's like 15 issues in now it still feels like he's becoming Spider-Man. But still good.
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    I'm liking it so far. It's a good interpretation of Peter Parker. I'm excited to read more. T.T
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    Everything was at least 20% off. All back issues were half off (unless they were more than $20). Toys and statues were buy one get one half off (some were buy one get one free). It was crazy. If I wasn't saving for a new computer I would have blown every penny but food money there today. But I didn't pick any comics up. I got Marvel Select Green Goblin and an Alice toy from Madness Returns for my sister for Christmas. I'm just trying to find the Ben Reilly epic books, there's like four or five but I want to start at one. There was no one.

    But yeah. So what's on everybody's lists for tomorrow? I'm picking up Amazing Spider-man #693, Hawkeye #1 (hooray reprints) and #2, and Venom #24. CAN'T WAIT BRO.
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    That is so cool. I haven't had a chance to read any more of my comic but omfg. I want to live where you do. :0
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    NORFOLK BABY, SHITTIEST PLACE ON THE EAST COAST. Really Va Beach. But I'm like right on the damn line. And it's not so awesome. I don't like it here but as far as I can tell I'm stuck here for possibly the rest of my life. But at least I have a kick ass comic shop.

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