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  1. Noxty Rumbling Rose Wielder

    So we all know that no one really dies in kingdom hearts they all come back somehow, but I'm here to disprove that fact that there is one person who actually dies in kingdom hearts and never showed up again and that is Clayton, yup just like in the movies, there is no ghost of clayton but there was a ghost of scar yeah I know this is random but just something we all should realize and remember him in memory of being a cheap boss that uses an invisible chameleon and to some people may have died to him while playing kingdom hearts for the first time

    R.I.P. Clayton
  2. Courtland True Keyblade Wielder

    The ghost was a Heartless posing as Scar, I do believe.
    But Clayton wasn't the only one to die. Shan Yu died.
  3. Tairu Shadow

    Ya , there was no possible way now ether. Since Disney no longer has rights on Tarzan. :/
  4. Riku Bookmaster

    Well Clayton definitely died and didn't come back, exactly like
    Shan Yu as Courtland said.
  5. darkhorseD Wyvern

    yup, same for Barbosa in Port Royal
  6. Riku Bookmaster

    Aaaah yes, I hated Port Royal.

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