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Discussion in 'Clan Center' started by Kota, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Roxas[Nobody] Fenrir Wielder

    um pm me to join Hearts Entertwined we'd love to have more members k?
  2. UltimaxWeapon SSFW II - 3rd Place Champion

    TKL only has 4 spots left, make sure you pm Omar or me.
  3. Also if Roxas{N} is not around and you want to join Hearts Entertwined, feel free to PM me aswell.
  4. Phobophobic Fluffy Chinchilla

    cool i wanna join
  5. KHManiac Shadow

    This is relevent to my interests. I hope I get accepted to the clan I want to join. ^_^

  6. you may want to edit that.
  7. Nobody Fan!

    Uhm Which Clan has something to do with a Nobody?
  8. Roxas[Nobody] Fenrir Wielder

    lol Hearts Entertwined was the Namine and Roxas Clan. Now its just Namine. :p since i left uhh so ppl should pm NicoleChristine.
  9. RXS Designing Queen

    yeah the post should be edited
    nicole is leader of whatever
    and im leader of HBRC now

    its changed leaders twice already >.>
  10. UltimaxWeapon SSFW II - 3rd Place Champion

    And only Omar is leader of TKL. Brit just has mod powers.

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