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    Clan Skirmishes: A Guideline

    While there hasn't been a great deal of questioning on this yet, we here at the Clan Committee feel the need to go ahead and outline certain guidelines and answer questions that may arise in regard to Unofficial Clan Events. These are events where one clan challenges another or internal clan events where judging is handled externally. Please note that both types of events are not allowed to take place while an Official Clan War is in progress. Without further ado let's get on with this.

    Clan vs. Clan Events: How They Work and Where They Happen

    Challenges can be either public or private. If you want to publicly declare a challenge, use the main Clan area as you like. Only Clan Leaders and Clan Co-leaders may do so. Please make sure your clan is actually behind the idea before issuing a challenge. ;D

    The threads where the competing takes place can be put into the Clan War subsection, located under the individual clan forums above the sticky topics here in the Clan Section. Please make sure that the events are in the right spots: GFX challenges go in the GFX section, etc.

    All announcement and schedule threads will remain in each clan's forum – this means that there should be two (or more) copies of this schedule, with each one being where each team can see it. You can have more than one event per challenge, but we ask that you don't try challenging each other in every single field at the same time. If neither side can agree on when and in what order the events take place, the Clan Committee can step in and sort that out for you. Because we're control freaks nice people like that.

    Clan vs. Clan Events: How the Judging Works

    You have three options here.

    Let the Committee Decide: Pretty self-explanatory, right? We judge, and the average score between our individual rulings decide who the winner is. The clan leaders can also participate in this judging as well, if you like.

    A Great Vote: A poll will be put up in the Clan Wars section for everyone to weigh in on which clan's representative did a better job, and we encourage everyone to vote when events are judged in this fashion – especially if you're not on one of the participating sides. Please note that we ask submitted materials to be as anonymous as possible to avoid favoritism and people just voting for their buddies instead of which is actually better.

    Sort It Out Yourselves: These are unofficial events, after all. You don't need us. If both sides can come to some other arrangement that everyone's happy with, then things can proceed as if the Clan Committee and polls don't exist.

    Individual Clan Events

    We actually don't want to control what goes on in each clan, but if you can't decide on a good internal judging scheme (because you don't want to hurt each other's feelings or whatever: we understand), you can use polls in the Clan Wars area or have us decide.

    Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome – feel free to contact us in any way you like. :3
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