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Discussion in 'Clan Center' started by Kota, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Kota Ultima Weapon Wielder

    I'll try and keep this post updated.

    If you're looking to join a clan then you must message a leader of a clan. You may not be in more than one clan. All clans must keep their roster updated as soon as they get a new member.

    The Keyblade Lords - Leader - Rejected Oblivion

    Absolute Synergy - Leader - Arthur

    Noctis Progeniei - Leader - Caius

    Serenity Kingdom - Leader - Dion

    Message them for the password into the clan.

    Kx. (is a butthead)
  2. Willfosho Superman | willienub

    A few things

    1. Clan leaders may only be the ones to post threads in this section looking for recruits etc

    2. Do not spam other clans threads and they will not do the same to you

    3. If you are looking for a clan you may post a thread, but if there is a recruitment going on use their thread

    4. Make sure you know what a clan is, leaders are mentioned here.

    5. No useless posts here, this is for clan business only.

    6. Please remember that whilst Clan Wars is a fun event, no excessive taunting via signatures, posts, or any other form of intimidation will be tolerated.

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